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Are you being dogged by credit score drama? Followed by bad money decisions that you just can't shake? Are you ready to make a change and find something different than the financial roller coaster you've found yourself on in the past? Then Lend Up is ready to give you a hand. With an approach that is different than traditional lending institutions, Lend Up has as its philosophy the determination to provide every person with an opportunity for better financial health. They offer many ways to help that happen, including short term loans, longer-term loans, and the L card (their own specially formulated credit card for those who either have new credit or damaged credit). They are also dedicated to offering education, so that you and others who find themselves in situations similar to you financially can find their way out of the hole and into a brighter tomorrow.

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Issued Code Description
April 2017 500 Points On New Credit
April 2017 500 Points On New Credit

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