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It’s really amazing what your iPhone can do. Perhaps you’re aware of all of its most innovative and exciting features, but you might not realize that there are companies out there developing products that can really bring the best out of your iPhone. That’s exactly what Netatmo is all about. They’ve come up with some really amazing products that can help to improve your health, protect your home and do so much more. Their Weather Station is a great complement to your iPhone because it can help you to maintain temperatures in your home, alert you to any toxic air in your home and a host of other operations. Welcome is a facial recognition home camera that learns the faces of everyone who lives in your home, and it will send you alerts when your children arrive home safely or when your elderly parents are home. It can even alert you to strangers or intruders.
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Issued Code Description
November 2016 Black Friday Sale: 25% off all technology
August 2016 $30 Off Any purchases
June 2016 Father's Day: 15% off Netatmo Welcome
March 2017 25% off Rain Gauge for the Weather Station

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