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When it comes to your cell phone, your tablet or your computer, you know that accidents are bound to happen. You’re drinking coffee at your computer and suddenly you spill it all over your keyboard. You’re doing your hair in the morning in the bathroom and your cell phone slips out of your pocket and lands in the sink. While these are just accidents, your electronics can be very expensive to replace. Perhaps you’ve had insurance plans on your electronics before, but you didn’t realize just how much you were paying each month. Square Trade offers insurance plans for electronics that are very affordable, and they’ll cover any of your electronics, including your iPhone, your iPad, and even your television. Filing a claim when you have an accident is really easy and you can take care of it right through their website. Make the smart choice and switch to Square Trade.

SquareTrade Promo Codes last updated on March 21, 2017

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SquareTrade Promo Code Archive

Issued Code Description
March 2017 20% Off Warranty
March 2017 10% Off Tablet Plan With Accident Protection
March 2017 20% Reduction on any Plan
March 2017 20% Off Warranty
February 2017 10% off MP3 Player Insurance Plan
February 2017 10% off hometheater insurance plan
February 2017 10% off camera insurance plans
February 2017 10% off televisions