Travelocity Promo Code, Coupon Code Updated October 2014

Travelocity is an online travel agency based in Southlake, Texas, and is wholly owned by Sabre Holdings Corporation. It is ranked the sixth-largest travel agency in the United States and the second-largest online travel agency. Committed to being traveler’s champion throughout the whole trip, Travelocity is the only online travel company that guarantees the entire travel experiences as well as the price.

Created in 1996, Travelocity is one of the pioneers of web-based disintermediation. It was the first giving customers not only access to Sabre’s fare and schedule information, but also to reserve, book, and purchase tickets by themselves, without the help of a travel agent or broker. Apart from airfares, it also allows customers to book hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and packaged vacations. “The Roaming Gnome”, introduced in 2004, has been a staple in Travelocity’s advertising ever since. Regarding “You’ll never roam alone” as tagline, Travelocity devotes to helping you find the most smashing travel deals. In 2005, Travelocity acquired, taking over 30 brands under its banner. In addition to its primary US consumer site, Travelocity operates Travelocity Business, which is a full-service business agency. What’s more, it also has comparable websites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries, Canada and India.

Be on the hunt for Travelocity promo code, saving offers, check our updated Travelocity coupon codes & coupons below:

Travelocity Coupon Code & Travelocity Promo Code

1. Travelocity Flight Coupons

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Adobe Creative Cloud Coupon Codes, Promo Codes Updated October 2014

With the continuing growth of Adobe Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud members now are entitled to many new enhanced tools like Adobe Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Illustrator CC and so on. This subscription-based service comes with more flexibility and higher cost-performance than purchasing boxed Creative Suite 6, especially by using Adobe promo codes. Adobe Creative Cloud makes every effort to gather Creative Cloud offers to help you save more as well as create convenient and comfortable shopping environment. This post gets updated on a daily basis, please feel free to use all new Adobe CC offers.

Creative Cloud Offers in October 2014:

Popular Hand-picked Adobe CC coupons:

Below are all detailed Adobe CC Coupons in October 2014:

Being a subscription-based service, Adobe Creative Cloud owns exclusive member plans. With the membership, you can get all-new connected apps and services, cloud storage, plus access to new features and products the moment they’re released. You can select either single-app or complete membership. Education and team plans are also available.

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AT&T U-verse Coupons & Deals Updated September 2014

It’s our pleasure if you could benefit from the up-to-date AT&T U-verse coupons listed below for savings of your purchase of U-verse services. This post gets updated immediately upon new AT&T promotions are available. Keep yourself updated on the latest promos and find the best deals.

The Hottest and Latest AT&T U-verse Coupons in September 2014:

Below are Detailed AT&T September 2014 Promos:

U-verse TV

TV Coupons for New Customers:

  • $29 + $50 card TV offer (U-verse TV with 6-month discount): Price for U-family TV. DVR included. Add HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months. New residential U-verse customers only. Offer ends October 31, 2014. New!

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U-verse U300 + Internet Max Plus Bundle

The double pack – U-verse U300 TV and Internet Max Plus becomes massively popular among subscribers, because it brings excellent visual delight and net play experience.

U300 is designed for movie fans for it has up to 360 channels and the specialty of The Movie Package. You can watch The Movie Channel (TMC), The Movie Channel (TMC) – West, Encore Love, Encore Drama, Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Showtime, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Family Zone ect..

Meanwhile, Internet Max Plus is a higher-tier package with downstream speed up to 18 Mbit/s and upstream speed up to 1.5 Mbit/s. It is capable of supporting you playing large-scale online games, downloading movies and music, holding video conference and more. Additionally, it’s free for you to get access to over 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and enjoy online interaction on-the-go!

AT&T bundles the two individual packages into one for common entertainment use, with the special bundle price of $89/mo for 12 months, and the $50 reward cards are available. Offer ends October 31, 2014. New!

Special Offers of U300 + Max Plus Bundle:

  • The Movie Package.
  • NBA TV and MLB Network included.
  • HBO for 12 months for a limited time.
  • $49 off/12 mo with Total Home DVR included. 1 yr term required.

As U-verse is available among select states in the United States, play it safe and check availability at AT&T.

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U200 vs U300

A great number of customers feel confused about the differences between U200 and U300. They find it difficult to figure out the distinguishing features between the two plans, and have no idea which one is better or is more cost-effective. Here we compare the two plans in special offers, content and prices in a list below. See U-verse U200 vs U300:

U200 vs U300 Promos and Special Offers:

For new residential U-verse customers:

  • U200 Package:
  1. Total Home DVR free for life.
  2. HBO or Cinemax free for 3 months.
  • U300 Package:
  1. Total Home DVR free for life.
  2. HBO or Cinemax free for 3 months.
  3. NBA TV and MLB Network included.
  4. Movie Package included.

You would be well advised to get U200 or U300 in bundle with U-verse Internet or/and U-verse Voice. Not only can you get greater enjoyment, but also receive bigger savings.


  • $89 Double Play Bundle + $50 back offer (U-verse TV + High Speed Internet with 12-month discount): For new residential U-verse customers. Includes U300 TV and U-verse Internet Max Plus (18Mbps). 12-month term required. The SEC Network is included. Offer ends October 31, 2014. New!

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U-verse Coupons & Deals for Existing Customers Updated October 2014

Some AT&T U-verse customers say that they don’t know whether U-verse coupons for existing customers are available or not, and they always mistake new customer offers available for them. Here we collect all the coupons & deals for existing customers below, put them together and update them as soon as possible to help you clearly distinguish what promos are available. View the latest offers and get the coupons you want.

Coupons for Existing Customers in October 2014:

  • U-verse Internet

Pro Internet: $41/mo, Elite Internet: $46/mo, Max Internet: $51/mo, Max Plus Internet: $56/mo, Max Turbo Internet: $66/mo.

  1. U-verse Internet intro pricing for 12 months applies as follows: Basic Internet: $19.95, Express Internet: $24.95, Pro Internet: $29.95, Elite Internet: $34.95, Max Internet: $39.95, Max Plus Internet: $44.95, Max Turbo Internet: $54.95, Power: $64.95. Offer ends December 13, 2014.
  2. AT&T Consumer Broadband Pricing: U-verse Internet (in bundle): Basic: $28, Express: $36, Pro: $41, Elite: $46, Max: $51, Max Plus: $56, Max Turbo: $66.
  3. AT&T Consumer Broadband Pricing: U-verse Internet (no bundle): Basic: $33, Express: $41, Pro: $46, Elite: $51, Max: $56, Max Plus: $61, Max Turbo: $71.

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ACE Cash Express Promo Codes

ACE Cash Express is one of the best providers of financial services, including payday loan, check cashing, bill pay and prepaid debit card services. It manages the largest check cashing stores in the United States. In business since 1968, ACE Cash Express has been being devoted to serving customers who mean to find easy and instant solutions to meet their financial needs instead of traditional banking services.

Save big with ACE Cash Express promos and promo codes:

Why choose ACE Cash Express?

In addition to the promos and codes, ACE Cash Express has following advantages for you to benefit from:

  1. Best online Payday Loan lender – ACE Cash Express has specialized in cash advance for more than 40 years, holding over 1,700 locations. It is committed to offering lending services of great responsibility and reliability.
  2. Secure and Easy application – It takes you only a few minutes to fill out the online form under the protection of their professional safeguard, no faxing required.

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Tax Season Coupon Code

Every year, Tax Season is a business battle among all kinds of professional tax return companies, tax return software producers, advertisers and sellers. Although there is a detail instruction of Form 1040, most family or individual wants the specific company or agency to serve them in case of the false report. Therefore, you can find the professional tax return software or tax return coupon code, tax return promotions and tax return discounts from some professional and hot merchant.

Special Deals and Discount Offer

During the whole season, some professional tax return companies or products also meet their new life and bright days. These hot merchants offer all kinds of tax return coupons, promotions deals, and special offers for customers.

Deals from H&R Block

FreeTaxUSA Tax Return Coupon Codes

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Adobe PDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating system. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it.

Invented by Adobe Systems and perfected over 20 years, PDF is now an open standard for electronic document exchange maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). When you convert documents, forms, graphics, and web pages to PDF, they look just like they would if printed. But unlike printed documents, PDF files can contain clickable links and buttons, form fields, video, and audio — as well as logic to help automate routine business processes.

It’s easy to share ideas and information with PDF.

  • Trusted — Businesses and government agencies around the world use PDF as a standard format for exchanging documents more securely. You can, too. With security features, including password protection, you can help prevent people from accessing, copying, editing, or printing PDF documents. You can also permanently delete sensitive information from PDFs by redacting visible text and illustrations or removing hidden information.

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Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter

Raw file formats are extremely popular in digital photography workflows because they offer creative professionals greater creative control. However, cameras can use many different raw formats — the specifications for which are not publicly available — which means that not every raw file can be read by a variety of software applications. As a result, the use of these proprietary raw files as a long-term archival solution carries risk, and sharing these files across complex workflows is even more challenging.

The solution to this is Digital Negative (DNG), a publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital cameras. By addressing the lack of an open standard for the raw files created by individual camera models, DNG helps ensure that photographers will be able to access their files in the future.
The camera raw converter functionality in Adobe Photoshop software provides fast and easy access to the raw image formats produced by many leading professional and midrange digital cameras. By working with these “digital negatives,” you can achieve the results you want with greater artistic control and flexibility while still maintaining the original raw files.

The Adobe DNG Converter, a free utility that converts files from more than 150 cameras to DNG, enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files to a more universal DNG raw file.

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Create a Dial-up Connection

AT&T U-verse Internet is able to deliver higher downstream speed and upstream speed up to 24 Mbit/s and 3 Mbit/s (U-verse Max Turbo) compared with other Internet service. It satisfies almost all your requirements for net play. To enjoy those fabulous entertainments, you need to connect Internet at first.

The steps below detail how to create a dial connection on a Windows 7 computer.
1. Select the Start button.
2. Select Control Panel.
3. Select Network and Internet.
4. Select Network and Sharing Center.
5. Select Set up a new connection or network.
6. Select Set up a dial-up connection.
7. Select Next.
8. Enter the access number in the Dial-up phone number field. Enter *70 before the number to block call waiting. If the phone line being used has voicemail or MemoryCall, enter ,,,, before the number to avoid messages interrupting the detection of dial tone on the line.
9. Enter the primary Member ID ( in the User name field.
10. Enter the password in the Password field. To verify password spelling, check Show characters to see the password.
11. Check Remember this password.
12. In the Connection name field, enter AT&T.
13. Select Connect. The dialer will not be created unless Connect is selected.
14. Once connected, select Browse the Internet now to open the default Web browser, or select Close.

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Q&A: Non-AT&T provided router connection


Non-AT&T provided router connection?

I currently have a Motorola 2210 single-user modem and I would like to set up a home network, what should I do?



Non-AT&T provided routers are not recommended for use with your U-verse connection. You should Contact AT&T about upgrading from a modem to a Wi-Fi gateway.

If you don’t have a Motorola 2210, you already have the ability to home network with your existing AT&T provided gateway. Learn how to connect computers to your Wi-Fi gateway at

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