Adobe Illustrator CS6 for Your Graphic Designs

Adobe Illustrator CS6 (Now Illustrator CC) is the latest vector graphic manipulation software from Adobe to hit the graphic design market. The software is an advancement of Adobe Illustrator CS5. It is powered by the new Adobe Mercury Performance System which makes it possible for designers to work with ease, flexibility and speed even when manipulating complex designs. It has incorporated the use of a modern updated user interface with a combination of new set of advanced creative tools that make you be able to come up with unique designs.

This software allows you to create and edit vector graphics images on a computer and be able to save them using a variety of vector graphics formats for instance EPS, WMF, PDF, SVG, or VML. It is very good for creating design works that are small in size yet stretchable. Resizing of these images is no problem because you will still be able to maintain high print quality. Adobe Illustrator CS6 is very good in designing things like company logos, layouts, illustrations, adverts, signage, brochures, billboards, business cards, web design, wedding cards, calendars, invitation cards, greeting cards and many more.

Availability and cost

You can be able to buy Adobe illustrator CS6 from either as a download or a boxed version. You will get it at a cost of US $ 599.00. It is also available from other sources like local resellers, Adobe direct sales and other online stores for example:

• Software Tech Stores – US $ 474.00

• Royal Discount – US $ 543.99

• Vio Software – US $ 545.98

• – US $ 564.54

How to upgrade

One of the best things about Adobe Company is that it gives its customers an upgrade support at a reduced price. If you have any of the following products then you can be able to easily upgrade starting from US $ 248.00.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 – US $ 248.00.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 – US $ 248.00.

Adobe Illustrator CS3 – US $ 248.00.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 and CS3 will be discontinued by Dec 31st 2012, so you should hurry up to get your upgrade now before it is too late.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 trial

Adobe provides trials of its products so that customers can test drive them before committing themselves. The trial has almost all features making it easier to convert to a full version without the need of reinstalling the software. To get the trial, go to, products and click on product trials. Locate Adobe Illustrator CS6 among the featured product downloads, click on the try link. There is a direct download link button or you can join creative cloud where you will be able to try any CS6 product anytime, enjoy free levels of services and access and share files anywhere you are using a device with syncing capability.

Newest features of Adobe Illustrator CS6

Once you acquire Adobe Illustrator CS6, you will find lots of new features like Adobe Mercury Performance System, new un-embedded images, new image trace, pattern creation among others.

So be quick, and upgrade to Illustrator CS6!

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  1. Ferry says:

    Excellent software to edit vector graphics images.

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