AT&T Reward

Save on AT&T services only with AT&T coupons? No!

AT&T Reward is coming along with your purchase.

AT&T, as a market-leading telecommunications company, provides wireless devices, cell phones and innovative family entertainment services. AT&T U-verse includes U-verse TV, Internet and Home Phone. Purchase any of these packages and you can get access to AT&T Reward that is designed to help you save more with extra rebates apart from AT&T coupons. You can check and redeem your AT&T reward at AT&T Reward & Rebates center.

  • How to get AT&T Reward?

The process of getting your reward is simple and easy. Just 4 steps before your extra savings:

  1. Activate your service or product you bought from AT&T.
  2. A letter informing you that your AT&T reward gets ready for redemption will be sent to you within approximately 30 days of service activation (Activation date is the date when the product or service you purchased from AT&T was installed or connected).
  3. Visit AT&T Reward & Rebates center to redeem your AT&T reward after remaining active of your service for 30 days.
  4. Receive your reward/rebate in the mail.

Actually you need to remain active of your U-verse product or U-verse service for at least 2 months before you get the reward.

  • How to redeem AT&T reward online?
  1. If you’re a customer of AT&T Wireless, enter Wireless telephone number to receive the rewards.
  2. If you’re a customer of AT&T DIRECTV, enter your AT&T account number to receive the rewards.
  3. If you’re a customer of AT&T High Speed Internet Direct, enter your AT&T High Speed Internet Direct account number to receive the rewards.
  4. If you’re a customer of AT&T U-verse (U-verse TV, U-verse Internet, U-verse Voice), enter your U-verse account number to receive the rewards.
  5. If you’re a customer of other AT&T service or product, enter AT&T home billing telephone number to receive the rewards.

Another Way to get AT&T reward Refer your friends to AT&T!

Joining AT&T Refer-A-Friend program is another way to receive AT&T rewards. Refer new customers to
any AT&T service like AT&T U-verse, AT&T High Speed Internet, Wireless voice and home phone, you’ll enjoy up to $575 one year.

If you expect to find more U-verse special offers and U-verse coupons, check AT&T U-verse Coupons & Promo Coupons Updated 2015.

This post helps you learn AT&T Rewards and gives you instructions to get your rewards and rebates.

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