U-verse U-basic

You are getting high definition and brilliant clarity that are totally lacking in analogue television viewing with the development of digital television technology. AT&T U-verse digital TV supports 720p and 1080i in regular and offers you remarkably crisp visual resolution.

U-basic, costing $19/mo, allows you access to a wide range of local and U-verse information channels, which are listed incompletely as follows:

Popular Local and U-verse Information Channels Popular Local and U-verse Information Channels Popular Local and U-verse Information Channels U-Basic
Flickr from Yahoo! AT&T Yahoo! Games U-verse Games Channel
Film Awards Interactive AT&T U-verse Front Row AT&T Pay Per View Schedule

AT&T U-verse TV packages have various Premium Add-on HD channels – AT&T U-verse Buzz, CBS Sports Network HD, GolTV HD, SportsTime Ohio HD, HBO Family HD, Cinemax HD – West etc. When together with U-verse TV My Multiview, your family and friends can select their favorite channels and watch up to 4 programs simultaneously. U-verse TV is committed to bringing you greater visual experience. You can enjoy its integrated features, like U-verse Phone on TV, Uverse.com and U-verse App, Built-in Picture-in-Picture Browsing, Weather On Demand, Photos and Music on TV etc.

U-basic Offers:

U-basic comes at a great value as its cool watching experience and low price. If you would like to benefit from the flexibility and convenience it brings, you might as well take U-verse TV Point Anywhere RF Remote Control into account. Compared with traditional infrared remotes, AT&T U-verse TV Point Anywhere RF Remote Control has better sensitivity and wider range, and it only charges $59.

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