U-verse U200

U-verse U200, containing up to 280 channels, has more channels related to sports, news and movies than U-family. Apart from the equivalent of the U-family package, U200 offersyou more popular entertainment digital channels, sports and outdoors channels, news networks, 46 digital music choice channels and more. It costs $77 per month and new residential U-verse customers can get $30 off per month when you order U200 for 6 months. Partial channels in U200 are listed below:

Popular Channels Popular Channels Popular Channels U200
Justice Central CNN (Cable News Network) CNN Headline News
Fox Business Network MSNBC Bloomberg Television
AT&T U-verse Sports ESPN ESPN Classic
Longhorn Network NFL Network NBC Sports Network
LMN Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Fox Movie Channel
AMC IFC Sundance Channel
KXLN-45 (UNI) KHOU-11 (CBS) Home Shopping Network (HSN)
KTRK-13 (ABC) KETH-14 (TBN) KFTH-15 (UniMas)
LifeLock Flickr from Yahoo! AT&T Yahoo! Games

If you demand HD channels, adding HD Tech Fee would be a good choice. It just costs $10/mo and enables you access to over 175 Premium HD Channels.

Plus, with Total Home DVR included in U-verse U200, you could catch a hit program you missed a previous night before or a couple hours ago just by recording it. The Total Home DVR is powerful enough to store up to 233 hours of SD programming, you can even record up to 4 TV programs at once. Also, U-verse TV gives plenty of innovative features such as My Multiview which permits you to watch 4 TV shows together in 4 viewports, Built-in Picture-in-Picture Browsing, AT&T U-bar, Weather On Demand, Seasonal Applications, Photos and Music on TV!

Here is the special offer of U200 package:

As U-verse is available among select states in the United States, play it safe and check availability at AT&T.

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  1. Mesy says:

    Not my need.

  2. Ellsworth says:

    Why don’t we buy a bundle of this price?

  3. Cesy says:

    For free!

  4. Reid says:

    It’s more cost-saving to buy a bundle.

  5. Marquis says:

    My multiview shines.

  6. Palmer says:

    Is there any discount?

  7. pesly says:

    Maybe your info is not so professional.

  8. Lacey says:

    Oh, beyond my budget.

  9. Qioy says:

    So wonderful product.

  10. Viesy says:

    Thanks for your great posting.

  11. Fowler says:

    It is said customers can make their own bundles?

  12. Maynard says:

    Dont need that many channels.

  13. Fleming says:

    Do you have bundle of this plan?

  14. rito says:

    I need this one.

  15. Backman says:

    My no.1 choice.

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