AT&T Parental Controls

Children are the hope of parents, of a country, and even of the whole world. However, since living in the information era, we’re surrounded by the mass media where growing youths are exposed to violence and pornography that are extremely harmful to their development. Therefore, what you need is to purchase a telecommunication service associated with parental controls, which are designed to prevent the restricted and unhealthy content from displaying in front of your children. AT&T Parental Control for Internet helps you build a clean and friendly online environment for your kids and teens to improve their physical and psychological wellness.

Let’s take a look at how Internet parental control works:

  1. Customize profiles for your children and set different levels of limits for their online activities.
  2. Set strict limits on children’s time for Internet use with Online Timer.
  3. Control access to email, messenger, chat groups, websites, message boards, and more.
  4. Set Approval System – Your children can’t visit unauthorized websites until you give an approval response to their requests.
  5. Monitor what children view and do online including Internet surfing and email history with report cards.
  6. Manage account settings simply from any computer where there is an Internet connection.
  7. Tamper controls alert you if others have a mind to change the settings.
  8. Manage your setting with a master account that can activate parental controls software on up to 10 sub accounts.

U-verse Internet comes with not only Internet parental control, but also powerful online security that is dedicated to protecting your computer all round when you roam the Internet.

In addition to Internet, TV as one of the most frequently used media in daily life, is also a source of addiction and unhealthy content. So, TV parental control is necessary to filter inappropriate information for your children. U-verse TV puts you in charge of who watches what in your home or office. It blocks live programs, recorded programs and videos you find improper. Restrict unsupervised TV viewing, block specific channels, limit viewing time and set spending limits for movies or Pay-Per-View events.

Measures taken by U-verse TV to limit inappropriate programs and time spent on TV are as follows:

  1. Hide or remove channels you don’t want to be visible in the guide or when browsing channels.
  2. Control access to specific shows, channels, U-verse On Demand movies and Pay-Per-View events based on ratings.
  3. Establish a PIN for parental locking.
  4. Set limits and make exceptions all with your remote.
  5. Prohibit users from ordering On Demand and Pay-Per-View purchases.

Get AT&T U-verse to bring secure Internet and TV to your children and family.

Parental Controls are free with an AT&T account. To establish Parental Controls, you should download the Parental Controls Software first. Order U-verse TV and download parental control tutorial.

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