Q&A: Partial-month or prorated charges


Partial-month or prorated charges?

I have no idea why my bill this month is larger than last month. I did nothing, it just increased.



Prorated Charges are partial monthly charges incurred anytime you make changes to the products and services on your AT&T account.

Things to remember:
• Your monthly service bills one month in advance.
• Your first bill reflects charges for a partial month of service as well as a full month of charges for the upcoming month.
• Adding a new service or changing an existing service shows as charges for the current month (i.e., a partial month of service) as well as a full month of charges for the upcoming month of service.
• Although prorated charges may result in a larger than normal bill, please be assured that future bills should be consistent with your expectations.
• When combining bills, your first bill may have prorated charges to adjust for the timing of two different bill cycles into one bill.

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  1. Oven says:

    It is really annoying to receive prorated charges.

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