U-verse Bill Pay

AT&T basically offers you seven simple methods to pay your U-verse bills. Some of the payments require you to login to AT&T U-verse online account first with your Access ID or Primary Member ID. To reduce your bills, you’re advised to check AT&T U-verse promo codes every time you cash in on.

U-verse Bill Pay Online:

  1. Sign up or login to U-verse online account with your AT&T Access ID or Primary Member ID.
  2. Find the option – Make a Payment. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience all through the process. You can pay your U-verse bill via savings account, credit card or a checking.

U-verse Bill Pay via Autopay:

  1. Sign up or login to U-verse online account with your AT&T Access ID or Primary Member ID.
  2. Enroll in Autopay (The AT&T Automatic Bill Payment), follow the instruction online.
  3. Establish your Autopay and make your month-to-month U-verse bills be paid automatically via your checking or savings account debited by your bank, credit car or credit union.

U-verse Bill Pay via Mobile Device:

  1. Go to m.att.com/myatt and login to your U-verse online account with your AT&T Access ID or Primary Member ID, or make an entry to the myAT&T application after downloading it.
  2. Find the option – Make a Payment to pay your U-verse bills easily and quickly.

U-verse Bill Pay via Phone:

  1. Make a call to 800-288-2020800-288-2020 to connect to AT&T Customer Service. You can choose either AT&T automated self-service system or customer representatives. The former is totally for free, while the other charges an extra fee.
  2. Follow the instructions to pay your U-verse bills.

U-verse Bill Pay via Mail:

  1. Give back your U-verse bill with your payment and write your account number on the check.
  2. Send your payment to the following AT&T U-verse mail address:
  • Attn. AT&T U-verse
    P.O. Box 5014
    Carol Stream, IL 60197-5014

U-verse Bill Pay Personally:

  1. Visit AT&T Pay in Person to get to know the nearest authorized payment location from your home.
  2. See necessary tips and restrictions before you go to pay personally.

U-verse Bill Pay via AT&T Stores:

  1. Find the nearest AT&T Stores from your home.
  2. Get your account number along with your U-verse bill.

U-verse Bill Pay allows you to pay bills with flexibility and simplicity. Choose the best way to pay your U-verse bills and experience the greatest entertainment brought by the 100% digital AT&T U-verse services.

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