U200 vs U300

Many customers feel confused about the differences between U200 and U300. They find it difficult to figure out the distinguishing features of the two plans, and have no idea which one is the best or is more cost-effective. Here we compare the two plans in content, prices and their special offers in a list below. See U-verse U200 vs U300:

U200 vs U300 Channels:

  • U200: including up to 280 channels in general entertainment, sports and news, plus in-depth news networks, 46 digital Music Choice channels and more.
  • U300: including up to 370 channels. Besides the channels of U200, U300 includes The Movie Package – STARZ, ENCORE, SHOWTIME, The Movie Channel, FLIX and more.
General Channels 46 digital Music Choice channels STARZ ENCORE SHOWTIME The Movie Channel FLIX

Add-on channels services:

  • U200: Add HD service at the price of $10/mo. Watch more than 180 HD channels, including sports, movies, and more.
  • U300: The same as U200.

U200 vs U300 Prices:

  • U200: $77 per month.
  • U300: $92 per month.

U200 vs U300 Coupons and Special Offers:

For new residential U-verse customers:

  • U200 Package:
  1. Total Home DVR free for life.
  2. HBO or Cinemax free for 3 months.
  • U300 Package:
  1. Total Home DVR free for life.
  2. HBO or Cinemax free for 3 months.
  3. NBA TV and MLB Network included.
  4. Movie Package included.

You would be well advised to get U200 or U300 in bundle with U-verse Internet or/and U-verse Voice. Not only can you get greater enjoyment, but also receive bigger savings.


  1. $84 Bundle Offer with HBO Included + $100 reward card: For new residential U-verse customers. Includes U300 TV, U-verse Internet Max Plus (18Mbps), and HBO. 12-month term required. Offer ends July 5, 2014. New!

Click here to check more U200 and U300 bundles.

Some suggestions for choosing from U-verse U200 and U300:

If you’re a movie fancier, you can choose U200 + HBO or Cinemax, or U300. HBO or Cinemax shows more of the new movies IMHO and is free for 3 months. If you’re not gonna keep it, U300 would be better for it has a greater number of channels. However, if you’re not interested in other regular channels or non-movie channels in U300, U200 + specified package is still a great option.

This post compares U-verse U200 with U300 in details to help U-verse customers get the more appropriate one along with big savings. And we will get updated instantly on this section if there are new changes.

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72 Responses to U200 vs U300

  1. Tim says:

    Undoubtedly U300!

  2. Elvis says:

    Each has its own merits .

  3. Goodwin says:

    You made the differences crystal clear.

  4. ronaldo says:

    As a sport fan, I must chose U300!

  5. Melon says:

    Prominently increased new features in U300.

  6. Key says:

    By comparison, U300 is more cost-effective.

  7. Kolay says:

    370 channels are enough for the quality and performance of U-verse U300.

  8. Kena says:

    U300 is much advanced on many aspects for watching TV.

  9. Dora says:

    By comparing details of U200 and U300, U300 has more advantages in TV packages.

  10. Decol says:

    U300 still has more advantages in definition than U200.

  11. Henda says:

    By comparison, even for the same functions, U300 is much more advanced.

  12. Mercy says:

    What $100 DP card can bring?

  13. Glover says:

    U300 is better since we’re movie fans.

  14. Elia says:

    By comparing U200 and U300, the function and performance at the most usual time of U200 is more impressive.

  15. Shannon says:

    Great, very detailed comparisons.

  16. Goden says:

    i love the music choice channels, it is really wonderful.

  17. Dude says:

    By comparing the channels and price, U300 is more cost-effective.

  18. Tilan says:

    The comparison between U-verse U200 and U300 does a great job for letting me make a choice.

  19. Gemini says:

    I really save $61 on my triple pack, it is awesome.

  20. Gonder says:

    Dose U250 have movie package and sports package?

  21. Tiss says:

    By comparing the two package, I think the U300 is better, although the price of u300 is more expensive.

  22. Andy says:

    The sports and news channels are most wonderful channels!

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