U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus

Still feel annoyed about your Internet speeds?

Switch to U-verse Internet Max Plus, which utilizes advanced fiber-optic technology, delivers you incredibly smooth net play experience.

Amazing download and upload speeds:

As a premium-tier plan, U-verse Internet Max Plus brings incredible downstream speed competent to approximately all online entertainment built on AT&T’s advanced digital network. Its download speed can reach up to 18 Mbit/s and upload speed 1.5 Mbit/s. So, convincingly, you can totally be absorbed in your online life without being disturbed by network jitter. U-verse Max Plus is capable of supporting high-requirements net activities such as online gaming, HD movies streaming, big-capacity files exchanging, online conferencing, and more. Besides, uploading files to network drive is also very fast.

National Wi-Fi and extra services:

Additionally, U-verse Internet Max Plus gives free access to more than 35,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots nationwide. So, feel easy to enjoy Internet all on-the-go!

U-verse Max Plus comes with a wireless router and wireless home networking, allowing all Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your home to enjoy U-verse Internet service. Its Wireless Gateway gets rid of wireless dead spots, discourages piggybacking, and brings your U-verse Internet and U-verse TV together. Thus, with a bundle, you can experience Internet features on your TV screen like U-bar and watch U-verse TV from any connective TV in your home.

Moreover, U-verse Internet Max Plus offers various innovative services such as Flickr photo storage, AT&T Mail Plus, AT&T Messenger, AT&T Toolbar, SpamGuard and more.

U-verse powerful online protection:

Certainly, when you are doing all those things, your computer is always under reliable protection from U-verse excellent performance firewall and security measures. U-verse Internet is specialized in defending your family from unhealthy web content and hostile attack. It is able to prevent PC from viruses and spyware, and will intelligently deal with these harmful things if your PC is infected with them. McAfee SiteAdvisor will give alerts if your PC meets with malicious websites. With its two-way firewall, your PC is concealed from hackers. Plus, its SpamGuard and Disposable Email Addresses are convinced as professional assistants to help separate junk email and protect your account. Definitely, with the support of U-verse Internet Parental Controls, you can easily create a clean online environment for your children, avoiding violence and pornographic content, and limit their time for Internet meanwhile.

AT&T U-verse Internet Max Plus Deal:

  • $39 bundle offer: Only valid for new U-verse customers and does not include a promotion card. Order U-verse Max Plus Internet and get U-basic TV with HBO. $39 per month for 12 months with 1-year term required. Offer ends September 20, 2014.
  • $79 Bundle Offer: For new residential U-verse customers. Includes U300 TV, U-verse Internet Max Plus (18Mbps). 12-month term required. $150 back in Reward Cards with purchase of this bundle online at att.com. Offer ends September 20, 2014. New!
  • U-verse Internet intro pricing for 12 months applies as follows: Basic Internet: $19.95, Express Internet: $24.95, Pro Internet: $29.95, Elite Internet: $34.95, Max Internet: $39.95, Max Plus Internet: $44.95, Max Turbo Internet: $54.95, Power: $64.95. Offer ends September 20, 2014.

As U-verse is available among select states in the United States, play it safe and check availability at AT&T.

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