What are the differences between U-verse TV and DIRECTV?


What are the differences between U-verse TV and DIRECTV?

I have used DIRECTV for couple of years, but my neighbor says that U-verse TV is better. What is the difference between them? How about their picture quality, sound quality or other features? Does anyone tell me their pros and cons?


U-verse TV is a 100% digital television service using advanced fiber optic and IPTV technology, delivered over the Internet connection. It provides 8 levels of packages whose main difference concerns the numbers of channels. For example, U-basic has local channels while U450 Latino has up to 480 channels including 150 HD channels and 55 Spanish language channels. Most U-verse TV plans contains a Total Home DVR which allows you to record up to 4 programs at the same time, and store up to 233 hours SD content, 65 hours HD content, or any combination of the two. U-verse TV is now available many areas of the United States. You can check availability first.

DIRECTV provides television and audio services to customers via satellite transmissions. It offers three plans which are CHOICE, XTRA and ULTIMATE. All of them have premium movie channels and HD DVR capabilities. Most areas in the United States are allowed to install DIRECTV.

Both of the two TV services include a DVR. However, U-verse DVR is better than DIRECTV’s for it is capable of recording 4 shows at once and is free for most its packages, while DIRECTV DVR charges an extra fee for all of its plans.

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4 Responses to What are the differences between U-verse TV and DIRECTV?

  1. Ben says:

    Digital television is a conbination of U-verse digital.

  2. Anby says:

    Give us the final result of the comparison, which is worth buying?! :!:

  3. Carl says:

    I have heard from friends who all say Uverse really let them enjoy a wonderful movie night.

  4. PATRICK says:

    DirectTV is old-fashioned, U-verse will be mainstream in the future.

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