Best Travel Tips and Tricks

8 Best Travel Tips

Are you tired of busy urban life? Do you want to fly away from your invariable life? In my view, travel is definitely a good choice. You can embark on a new adventure around the world and leave your old life behind while traveling. At the same time, more and more people go on trips whether they are traveling to a foreign country for several days or a near place just for a few hours.

However, it is never easy to be a savvy traveler. In the beginning, you make a lot of mistakes, such as taking too much luggage, getting lost, behaving foolishly, etc., so I write this guide to avoid them. And I also hope this guide gives you some travel tips and help you travel as smoothly as possible.

I want to share travel tips from the flowing aspects:

  • Travel Time
  • Package
  • Hotel
  • Flight Ticket
  • Money Exchange
  • Scenic Spots
  • Local Language
  • Food


Travel Time

Travel time is always vital. Imagine that you are surrounded by people and you can’t even take a step forward when you visit some scenic spots. Why is that? Because the travel time you choose is wrong. What a nightmare! Obviously, avoiding some grand festivals and celebrations of your destinations is necessary.



As for the package, the first thing is that you should take as little as possible. There is a common problem: package. You pack nearly everything you own because “you think you will need them”. Actually, most of them are unnecessary. Let’s take clothes for instance. Most visitors take too many clothes for changeable weather when they go to travel. In fact, a few t-shirts, pants, and one or two comfortable dresses are quite enough. And you can buy a light jacket when the climate really changes. Please do remember that you won’t need as much as you think and only take the essentials. There is another trick of the package. You can only take some unwanted clothes and throw them away when you journey ends.



Booking hotel in advance can largely save your money. Please do not book a hotel today when you are going to travel tomorrow. You can enjoy many hotel deals and coupons when you book hotel one or two months ahead of the traveling date. There is another way to order a cheap hotel room. You can make the call or write an email to a hotel and ask if they will give you a discount or a package deal for booking directly. By the way, please don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade when you check in to the hotel. Many hotels will accommodate you if the hotel isn’t full. Just remember to be nice.

Where to buy and How to Save Money:


Flight Ticket

Booking flight ticket is different from booking a hotel, which the cheapest way to order flight ticket may be the last minute deal. A lot of airline companies will release some special airfares when their seats are not full and the departure time is close. Thus, keeping checking the flight tickets is really useful. Researching flights on more than one sites is the second way to get a cheap flight ticket. You can compare different prices and choose the most suitable one.

Where to Buy and How to Save Money:


Money Exchange

Money exchange means a lot in your travel. So if you don’t want to throw money away, you really should take a look at this tip. It is convenient to buy foreign currency from banks and credit unions before you leave. And then, if you don’t have enough time to exchange money before your trip, you can withdraw money from local ATM. But be careful, or you will get a poor rate and could also be charged with high fees. Purchasing traveler’s checks is also a good choice, which you can buy some traveler’s checks from American Express, bank, and credit unions with small fees.


Scenic Spot

It is necessary to do some research on the place that you are going to visit. First, you can make a list including all the famous sightseeing. And then, you choose different places and activities according to different people you go with. For example, romantic and lovely places would be nice for couples, like a Ferris wheel or cruise. If you go with your whole family, you can go to arboretums to get relaxed. If you are looking for something exciting with friends of your age, you should try bunny jump, bar, or a casual night out.


Local Language

Knowing a little local language becomes useful when you are going to a place where people speak a different language. For most of the time, local language can save you from an awkward situation.  You don’t have to speak the local language very fluently, but some common expressions like “Hello”, “Thank you”, and “Bye-bye” are great.



Food plays an important role in our daily life. It is interesting to try some local food when you travel to a new place. You can ask local people to show you the best restaurant, or find some snack bars by yourself through the internet. You probably don’t know what you are eating when you sit there. Just put it in your mouth and enjoy it. Local cuisine always surprises you.

Where to Order Restaurant and How to Save Money:


These are all the useful travel tips that I want to tell you. I do hope these tips can truly help you. And I will add some new contents to this travel guide continuously, please keep checking it regularly.