Do Best Buy Employees Get Discount

Do Best Buy Employees Get Discount?

According to employee reviews, it is found that many of the best buy facilities offer different types of discounts for their employees. It all depends on the type of promotional sale that is currently offered at such Best Buy store. In many cases, usually, the discounts are offered to its employees during the holidays.


Discount on What?

Discount on What

According to the best buy employee discount policy, disclosing information about employee benefits to unauthorized individuals is against policy. However, we do know that a 20%-30% of employee discount is applied only on qualified products. This serves as one of the best buy employee benefits. Products like MIDI Cables and USB drives and other small electronics are qualified for the employee discount. Some reviews revealed that a product that is shelved for $180 bucks can be available for $28 (auxiliary cables) after discount.

The Best Buy employee discount on Apple products is only 10% and hardly makes any differences in the final price. However, Best Buy employees can still get 10% discount on many of the electronic items. The fact that an employee discount can deflate the ROI ratio, it is not suitable to provide employee discounts on branded items. Nevertheless, non-branded items are eligible for a discount that can range anywhere from 10%-30%.

BuzzFeed observed that once the best buy employee is hired, they are to complete the 3-month probationary period. Once done, employees can buy things at its wholesale cost + 10% markup, that normally sums up to a bigger discount.

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Electronics Employee Discounts


If you are a fan of branded items, then you might be a bit disappointed. The only discount that is applicable to branded items is the 10% markup. This might not make much of a difference. However, a 10% best buy employee discount on a PS4 can make all the difference.


What can I Buy?

What can I Buy

Many employees of best buy often think that whether they should disclose their ID while purchasing or not. To help you out, here is a suggestion. If there is a huge sale for branded items but it is for the general population, don’t show your employee ID card. If you are determined to do this, ensure that it isn’t the branch location where you happen to work at. The following is a list of some of the best discounts that best buy employees can avail anytime:

  • USB cable
  • USB drives
  • Universal Remotes
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Musical equipment & Accessories, etc.

However, a 10% employee discount on an item like the iPad may not be so effective.

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Currently, best buy stores are preparing for the craziest and the busiest season of the year.  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New Years are holiday’s when people shop the most. You can expect big discounts on entertainment systems, kitchen appliances (big or small), and electronics.

If you have shopped online with Best Buy in the past, then you may already be aware of the notifications that are updated regarding discounts.

Every day a new update is posted on the homepage. Notifications for the “Deal of the Day”, “Clearance”, and other offers are generally updated. Best Things to Buy with Best Buy Employee Discount?

Usually, most websites have categorized items for which discount is applicable. Some of the discounts are Smart Home Offer, Small Appliance Savings, My Best Buy offer, Hottest Deals, etc.

My Best Buy offer is only for those who have a best buy credit card. With the best buy credit card, you can pay bills, track account activity, get exclusive offers and activate notifications.  The credit cards that best buy offers are Visa cards, that are accredited by Citi bank. Depending on the branch, some employees of best buy may get a store credit card, while others may be required to apply for such.

If you are interested to learn more about the Best Buy City Credit Card, simply follow the link:

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What if I am Not a Best Buy Employee?

There are more promotional offers for non-employees then there are for employees. Discount rates and other special sale items are offered throughout the year and exclusively promoted during the holidays.

Try the Financing Options

Too Expensive? Try the Financing Options 

With better and advanced technology, the prices are touching skies. Nevertheless, best buy offers special discounts and financing plans for those who can afford to pay in small investments. People often opt for smartphones, laptops, and smart tablets with supporting financing options.

Branded smart devices can be the most expensive products in the bunch. A perfect example is the

Google – Pixel 3 smartphone that is priced at $800 in total. However, through financing, a customer would have to pay just $33.33/ monthly for the next 24 months. Usually, no one really pays off the phone. After about 6-7 months, people commonly replace the phone or simply switch the plan for another better brand or the next-gen version.


Final Word

Best buy employees who have served the probationary period can redeem an employee discount on items that are non-branded. If you choose to buy branded items then you would only get a 10% discount. But you can still avail best buy employee discount on laptops and best buy employee discounts on cameras.