Do GameStop Employees Get Discounts

Do GameStop Employees Get Discounts?

GameStop Corp is an electronics retail company that specializes in the gaming industry services. They have been catering some of the most demanding brands for an extended period of time now. Apart from just offering robust consoles that are designed for dynamic game-playing experience, GameStop takes the special privilege to provide exceptional employee benefits enhancing the value of being employed at GameStop.

Many companies follow specific types of guidelines when it comes to payroll and taxation provisions. However, GameStop trade secrets are slightly different and do not specifically follow the standard guidelines of such business structures. The payroll cycle is dependent from branch to branch location. The ROI is one of the factors that help them determine such payroll cycle. As a corporate entity, all operational GameStop facilities follow the same payroll policies.

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GameStop Employees Payroll Structure

GameStop employees are required to open a separate account that is standard to the location’s banking branch. The Employee is required to open the account(s), where all amounts are transferred to the company’s issued employee ATM/Debit card. As per the banking terms that are set by GameStop, all employees’ ATM cards have a $2 charge for each transaction. Regardless of what you are withdrawing, charging or transferring, there will be a $2 charge against every transaction.


As per many reviews and employee feedback notes, it is understood that such structure that has been set by the company is not in too much favor by the employees of the company. Multiple requests and complaints have been equally reviewed, yet no action nor any changes within the GameStop structure has occurred till then. Usually, companies that offer employees banking facilities, employees expect discounts, promotions and special offers from them. Sadly, such a structure is not associated with GameStop yet.


Why GameStop Haven’t Changed Its Employee Benefit Layout Still? 

As many speculations continuously stir around the endless internet, the most logical reasoning for GameStop for not changing its employee’s benefit plan and structure is because GameStop owners are considering to sell out the company to another leading brand that may be able to revive and further build upon the very foundations of GameStop.

The ideal would be to revolutionize the industry’s gaming experience by simply selling out to a company that is much prominent and dominant, who would be able to innovate beyond the goals that were originally set by GameStop visionaries. Therefore, this very idea of “sell-out”, was the main reason why employees of GameStop suffered from claiming total employee benefits.

Still, the idea lingers and the decision has not been made. According to the data from Business Insider, it is understood that as soon as GameStop revealed the idea for a buyout and made it known to the public knowledge, the stocks tripled.

So far no further updates have been reported nor were any insights revealed in any of the latest press releases that were issued by GameStop. As a result, only time can determine what the next move is for GameStop.

Current GameStop Employee Discounts

Current GameStop Employee Discounts

“Do you get free games if you work at GameStop?” Many people wonder and may even believe the fact that working for a famous gaming shop would mean that you would get free gaming merchandise. That is actually false. You do not get free games if you work at Gamestop. Also, it really depends on branches as all businesses do not operate the same, regardless of being under one umbrella.

GameStop employees can reserve games that are soon to be released before anyone else can. However, they are required to pay a discounted fee. Depending on the type of game and its popularity, such valid discount (10-15% off) can be applied.

As we mentioned before, it all depends though it varies from each branch. However, as per to some of the reviews and ex-employee feedback messages, it is understood that employees do get discounts in the following:

All Employees Discount % Managers Discount %
Used Games 10-15 % off Used Games 15-20% off
New Games 10% off New Games 15 % off
Used Console 10% off Used Console 15%
New Console Not Eligible New Console Varies store to store
Used Gaming Accessories  

10-15% off


Used Gaming Accessories  

20% off

New Gaming Accessories  

10% off


New Gaming Accessories  

15% off


Unfortunately, due to restrictions and confidentiality, the GameStop employee information is not disclosed and not many details are revealed apart from the data that has been retrieved from exclusive interviews. In order to obtain further details about GameStop employee information, you would either need to get employed at GameStop or contact an upper management of GameStop.


GameStop Employee Discount Online

Unlike many other companies that offer exclusive deals, discount, and other offers through their online portal or website, GameStop does not facilitate such requests. In order to obtain any type of discount, you would need to obtain the employee discount code or coupon voucher directly from a store only.

A quick verification and authentication process is required for a discount code or coupon voucher. It can be generated for you. The authentication process is a verification of your employment at GameStop, and the set preferences according to your discount qualifications. Based on employment stats, a GameStop employee discount is applicable.

Best Employee Discounts and Awards

Best Employee Discounts and Awards / Gifts

Some general managers actually take pride in creating fun activities for employees. Some example consists of excellent attendance for an award or discount of some sort. Although this does violate the policies of GameStop, according to some general store managers, an exception of such activity is allowed and accepted. Other general store managers focus on generating the most sales in a month, so they would create a sales scheme to help achieve the target and award those who contribute as an exchange, regardless if they are hired to do so or not.


Final Word

Do GameStop employees get discounts? Yes, but such discount or promotional sale really depends on the location of the store and on the revenue it produces. Secondly, the condition of merchandise is also a factor which should be determined. For GameStop, new merchandise is neither discounted nor promoted for at least 5-6 months, unless it has been directed to promote by higher authorities from the main corporate office.

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