Does Home Depot Credit Card Give Discount

Does Home Depot Credit Card Give Discount?

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, most of us love to reward ourselves on Christmas. Some of us plan to purchase a new car while some plan a getaway trip until it’s warm again. Not to mention, there are several who also like renovating their homes, this is why they look for a professional retailer.

Being one of the authentic retailers, Home Depot offers credit card discounts for all their loyal customers. Home Depot credit card discount memberships are exceptionally beneficial. With these credit cards, you can build, accredit for a loan or even avail discounts on promotional selected items. In this post, we will be discussing some of the types of credit cards that Home Depot offers for customer gains, apart from what you spend.

Like many depots, availing a membership offers benefits and promotional discounts. Home Depot memberships offer more than just discounts. One of the most unique and out-of-the-box services that they provide is the Home Depot Commercial Credit Card Benefits membership.

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Home Depot Commercial Credit Card

Home Depot Commercial Credit Card

The Home Depot Commercial Credit Cards comes in two different categories, each of which is providing its own benefits.

Regardless of which account you get, the following is featured in both categories:

  • Easy Purchase Tracking
  • Online Account management
  • 1 Year for returns
  • Pro-Xtra Membership

Enrolling your account for additional perks includes:

  • Fuel Savings
  • 60 Days with no interest on every purchase.

The Differences

The Differences

Commercial Revolving Charge

There is a thin line that distinguishes the differences between these two. A Commercial Revolving Charge offers:

Payment Flexibility – This feature allows for low monthly payments or full payments.

Authorized User Cards – The authorized user cards allow the comfort to assign multiple users to make purchases on behalf of your business/commercial account, online or at the depot.


Commercial Account

Pay in full monthly – The happy customer is required to pay in full amount each month.

Buyer ID Cards – This feature restricts the cardholders for limited purchases. A detailed transaction history record is provided for users’ references.   

Pay by Invoice – This characteristic permits individuals to itemize and pay specific invoices from being at home.

Consumer Credit Card

Consumer Credit Card

Every homeowner isn’t a business owner, therefore they have the option to opt-in for a Consumer Credit Card. This type of an account works like a Home Depot 24-month financing coupon, only in a credit card form. The 24-months financing is active for promotional sales only.

Additionally, the Consumer Credit Card also offers exclusive cardholder credit offers and 1-year hassle-free returns.

One thing to consider here is that the Consumer Credit Card works just like a real credit card that you would get from a credit card provider.

There are certain Home Depot credit card requirements in which customers must pass in order to qualify for the credit. In addition, a credit check is also prompted. To see if you qualify, you can simply visit the website today and check your eligibility.

Save $25-$100 Right Now!

All the new members who want to save $25-$100 bucks, can surely do so. But for that, you must pass the credit approval check to make purchases above $999. You can save $100 on your purchases. For purchases that are below $999, customers can save up to $25.

Home Depot Project Loan Credit Card

Home Depot Project Loan Credit Card

The project is also another innovation that gives rewarding benefits to its users. The Project Loan credit card has a basic 7.99% fixed APR, so you never have to worry about APR’s fluctuations.

Regardless of your aim for house renovation – remodeling a kitchen, adding a new room, or replacing your roof – the Project loan credit card can be the go-to membership helping you to run your big or small projects sufficiently. Not to forget, you can also get plenty of time to pay back your debts.

  • Maximum $55k credit line approval
  • Get 6 months of buying timeframe
  • 84 months to pay off your loan
  • There is 0 annual fee


Home Depot or Lowe’s Credit Card Easier to Get?

For over a decade now, Home Depot and Lowe’s are two of the biggest and dominant companies under the industry for home improvement. They are trusted by many and have loyal customers too. However, many people still believe that Lowe’s and Home Depot are one entity. Although, this isn’t true. Both of them have similar industries and commonly share similar products and services.

However unlike Home Depot, Lowe’s actually just offer one specific type of card for their customers. Lowed Advantage Card.

Home Depot VS. Lowe’s Card

Home Depot Vs. Lowe’s Card

Lowe’s advantage card offers special promotions and daily exclusive deals on sale items that can save you 5% or more on your order. Just like Home Depot, Lowe’s criteria of eligibility requires a credit background and requirements check for the account holder.

The Lowe’s Advantage Card offers up to $25 or more on your very first purchases that are a value of $25 – $500. Though, this is for a limited time period only – 10-11-18 till 1-30-19.

However, for online purchases, an advantage card cannot get you a better discount. In order to get a discount for an online purchase, customers must incorporate a promo code during checkout.

The best benefit that seems to catch customers’ attention is the $500 purchase. For example, $25 or a 5% discount applies after all other applicable discounts including general store discounts. Apart from the Lowe’s Advantage Card, there are other types of memberships that interests individuals.

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Final Word

It is always ideal to avail memberships that return rewards. Saving a few extra bucks make all the differences, especially during those busy days of the holidays.

Don’t miss your chance to make the most out of your holiday budget, become a Home Depot member today and start saving.