Does Home Depot Do Military Discount Online

Does Home Depot Do Military Discount Online?

Historically, Home Depot offered a 10% discount to veterans and military members on holidays like the 4th July – Veterans Day and Memorial Day. This is given as a form of gratitude and appreciation for all veterans’ services. However, the Home Depot Veterans Discount 2017 was discontinued effectively.

But now the company comes bearing an even better replacement for the previous system. Now veterans can access their Home Depot Military Discount 2018 every day of the week. It does not matter if it’s St Patrick’s Day, Christmas Day or a Sunday. Any member of the military is welcome to access their own Home Depot Military Discount Online.

The purchasing policy applied in the Home Depot Military Discount Online 2017 has since been replaced by the new Home Depot Military Discount Online 2018 version with its new everyday offers to veterans and military members.

The Home Depot Military Discount online 2018 section of its website has been upgraded for this very reason. It is easily accessible once the system verifies your military background. Veterans are encouraged to sign up and get their due benefits in stores and online. Delivery services are also available over the phone. You can purchase up to $5,000 with 10% off meaning that in your Home Depot bill, you can avail about $500 off.

Keep in mind that 10% of the Home Military Discount Policy 2018 is applicable specifically to sale items. Furthermore, you need to remain updated through your phone line usage. It is important to call in advance for verifications before making the purchase. The details regarding the products vary by location.

Who Can Access The Discount

Who Can Access The Discount?

The discount is geared towards military members who are either on active duty or retired. For the Home Depot Military Discount Registration, the members must show their military IDs for verification purposes.

The following IDs that are generally accepted are:

  • Veteran Identification Card from the VA Medical Center (the card must be “Service-connected”)
  • The United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card:
  • Blue: Retiree
  • Tan: Retiree or duty member
  • Red: reservist dependent and retired reservist
  • CAC card (Common Access Card)

It should be worth noting that military members cannot receive an added 10% discount on holidays. However, if they do not have one of these cards they can still take advantage of the discount on public holidays. Specifically, on the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. The discount is not offered for any other public holiday.

These Home Depot offers are accessible to all military veterans whether they are active or retired.

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Home Depot Online Discount Policy

Home Depot Online Discount Policy

The Home Depot Military Discount Policy 2018 system has been revisited and upgraded accordingly. It is now easily accessible to any concerned party.

To access the discount online a member must primarily go through the Home Depot Military Discount Sign Up process. Then he must present evidence of his Military ID and verify his status in order to receive the following benefits.

  • Veterans are offered a full 10% discount in all its US store branches even if he is disabled.
  • He can benefit up to a maximum of $500 through the discount
  • The Year-round Home Depot policy is offered strictly to military members throughout the year. Nonmilitary members are not applicable to the benefits.
  • Action will be taken against any attempt of fraud or providing with falsified documentation.

The representative of the Home Depot services has stated that:

We proudly offer Active and Veteran military a 10% discount on their online or in-store purchases.  Please contact Online Customer Care at 1-800-430-3376 and place your online order over the phone for an immediate discount or bring your ID to your local Home Depot. However, this may not be used in combination with any other sale prices or discounts.

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Home Depot Military Contribution

Home Depot Military Contribution

Home Depot has also donated generously of over a quarter of a billion dollars to veterans. Thank these donations, many veterans have rebuilt their homes, facilities and their lives. Home Depot has been producing these donations since 2001.

The goal of the contributions according to the representative of the Home Depot services it:

to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe… too many of our veterans and their families face major housing challenges, aggravated by issues like unemployment, age, and service-related disabilities.


Exceptions to the Discount

The Home Depot Military Discount Exclusions to the discount include some items that cannot be discounted owing to manufacturing limitations. This is, in part, because of their pricing that does not provide leeway for discounting. Another reason could be that they have other discounts applied or are already on clearance.

This is most common for drywall, lumber and other such items that have small profit margins.

The prospects of combining the discounts are not applicable nor are they accepted. For example, you cannot combine a military discount and a contractor’s discount. Same is the case with combining a military discount with a senior’s discount.

Added Information

Added Information

Veterans have voiced concerns regarding the Home Depot Military Discount Registration process online. If they are experiencing such technical difficulties, they are encouraged to contact the Home Depot customer care services on the phone and still benefit from the 10% discount. They can also voice their queries at the Home Depot Website.

In addition to that, the discount cannot be applied to installation products, gift cards services or buying appliances. The validity of the discount is restricted within the U.S only.

If any member or client has more questions or queries regarding the Home Depot Military Discount Policy 2018, they can refer them to the store manager.


Takeaway Words

The point of the discount as Home Depot stated is to express their support to the military for serving their country honorably. Home Depot has never wavered in its patriotic duty to extend privileges to citizens who carry out their own patriotic duty. Also, they will continue to pursue this tradition and support its veterans anyway it can.