Does Hulu Have a Student Discount

Does Hulu Have a Student Discount?

More and more people around the world are choosing streaming services to watch movies and their favorite series instead of television. This phenomenon, in addition giving the people the chance to enjoy the golden age of the series, is intensified as it is one of the options to reduce expenses in the payment of television services.

Among several platforms, Hulu is one of the well-known platforms which were founded in the year 2007 and not yet everyone can access its content.

Hulu and Spotify have partnered to offer a combined subscription deal which could save some bucks. So do not miss the best opportunity to save money by getting two excellent services at the price of almost one. This discount is not only going to love you, but also love to your pocket.

Last year subscription of Hulu closed with 17 million, a third of what Netflix has nationally, with its service for $ 7.99 per month with ads and one for $ 11.99 without any commercial interruption. With this initiative, they hope to increase their presence in the cake platforms.

Hulu TV

Spotify, meanwhile, hoping to reach 200 million users worldwide before the end of this year. It currently has 157 million of which only 71 million pay for the “Premium” service which gives access to music without limit and without advertising breaks between songs. They are available in 65 markets worldwide.

Both streaming companies seek to dethrone competitors such as Netflix and Apple Music through attractive discounts for one of their base markets: Students. The popular streaming TV server, Hulu and Spotify have come together to give better prices to their customers.

Recently Hulu and Spotify have started offering Hulu student bundle. If you are one of the school or college students, Hulu offers you the best discounts.

Let us find out how to get Spotify student discount in the following article.

Spotify Hulu Student Discounts

Spotify Hulu Student Discounts

At first, the discount was aimed exclusively at students but in good time! Now you do not need to be enrolled in an educational institution to enjoy its best benefits of movies, music, and series from your home.

The music service is attracting new customers to the TV streaming network, How?

Spotify Hulu Student discount offering services for the first 3 months at just $ 1 and after that test time, you can make use of both services for a value of only $ 12.99 dollars.

Do you still think the cost is high? Surely not, if you know that Spotify offers a basic plan of $ 9.99 and Hulu offers its most economical plan for $ 7.99. Everywhere you look is profit for your personal finances. To join this promotion you would be saving $ 5 dollars.

You may wonder, what happens if I am already a Hulu user, I missed the promotion? No, you can still receive this excellent price, just by making your Spotify premium account subscription.


Spotify Premium Discount

Spotify Premium Discount

Having a Spotify Premium Discount account is synonymous with being able to listen to streaming music without ads and without a connection. The situation that makes users choose to pay the monthly subscription and have no interruptions and choose the song that they want.

Another option is to have a family plan, where six people living in the same home can set up their account paying $14.99 each month. Quite economical, if you consider that a premium account is worth.

Alternative service that has those who are not relatives and who do not live in the same home and may not even know each other, but who connect to be able to lower costs. Spotify offers the best plans, all because Spotify decided to end the “traps” of those who are not residing in the same place. Before, all that remained was to put the address in the corresponding box so that the function was enabled, but not anymore.

From the company decided to make this verification by GPS, since it is an exclusive requirement to live in the same place as who is the main subscriber. In the alert sent by the app, it is reported that in the case of refusing to allow access to the location, access to the Family Plan could be lost.

So far these requirements are for some users, and not for everyone. So it is not yet a global measure but it could be extended everywhere to ensure the good use of the family option they have in the streaming music market.

Currently, this offer is only available to the American Population, but the possibility of transferring the model to other countries has not been ruled out. Those students who have already contracted this offer under students but in case if they are no longer eligible for this discount, they must contract separately Hulu and Spotify Premium account of which price of $ 7.99 and $ 9.99 every month respectively.


How to Get Hulu with Spotify?

How to Get Hulu with Spotify

If you are looking for how to get Hulu with Spotify – We are giving here a quick guide for Hulu live student discount.

Step 1: Login in your Students account or Spotify Premium account.

Step 2: Go to your account page and you will see “Activate Hulu” – Click on it.

Step 3: Provide basic details in order to activate your Hulu Limited Commercials Account. In case if you are already a Hulu Limited Commercial subscriber, you will be asked to switch to Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu and do activate both of your accounts.

Step 4: In this way, you are activating and switching both of your accounts using Spotify. Now your Hulu billing has been discontinued. From now, you will get a bill every month through your current Spotify billing method.

If you still want any more information about these packages, eligibility requirements, or registration process, you can visit its official site.

Definitely, if you want to enjoy 4k at the cheapest price, Spotify student discount hack is your best subscription option since it offers many additional benefits.

Isn’t it an interesting offer –  Activate Hulu Spotify now and enjoy many offers with endless TV programs, movies, videos, and music using Spotify Hulu student discount offer.