Does JCPenney Have Military Discount

Does JCPenney Have Military Discount?

About JCPenney

J.C. Penny Company, Inc. is an American retail company, which was found by James Cash Penny in 1902. The company sells merchandise through different department stores. From 1913 to 1924, they were operating under the name J.C. Penny stores company, after that, they rebranded as J.C. Penny CO. The company is engaged in different family apparel, accessories, fashion jewelry, footwear, fine jewelry, huge appliances, home furnishing, and beauty products.

They also provide services that include portrait photography, styling salon, home services, and custom decoration. Since February 2018, they have successfully established 1,100 department stores in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and The United States. They operate their store online and through their website,

They are also successfully running more than 48 Renner Department stores in Brazil. The company proudly brags about owning the Eckerd drugstores, which is considered as the largest United States’ drugstore.

About Company

During 1970s JCPenney faced a difficult period when companies like Walmart and Sears were formed. These companies offered the same services/products at discounted prices. For a long period of time, Sears gave very tough competition to JCPenney through their appliances and hardware items.

The company perspective is to make progress and ensure a common understanding between their customers and lead the industry. They believe to sell top-quality fashionable items at affordable prices.


Does JCPenney Have Military Discount 2018?

Most of the businesses offer discounts for military members and their families. Some of these discounts are valuable and totally worth it.  However, each retailer follows specific policies and deals, so sometimes it gets very tricky to avail these discounts.

Does JCPenney do the military discount? Well, the answer is Yes, JCPenney has military discount 2018 for active military members and veterans.  Military personnel and veterans are eligible to get 20% off on their store items.  Moreover, the family members of retired, active duty guard and reserves can also avail their military discount.

Does JCPenney Have Military Discount 2018

How to Avail the Military Discount?

There is no way to appreciate the military members for all their services in the favor of the country. For that reason, retailers are now stepping ahead to make their life easier. They are doing so to thank them for their exceptional services. Therefore, they offer discounts to the retired, active and reserve military personnel along with their immediate family members. These retailers also allow military members to avail their huge saving deals on specific Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

There are no hard and fast rules to redeem a military discount. All you have to do is to ask the customer representative some details and then show your military card to avail it.  However, few businesses are less likely to advertise their discount policy prominently or on their webpage. There are a few reasons for this. It could be because these discounted deals vary from location to location. Discounts may not be available in-store or are only available on specific days or over the phone.

How to Avail the Military Discount

Some retailers advise military members to avail discounts through organizations like Veteran Advantage or through verified members of (where Troop ID is also available) and SheerlD. You may be asked to provide some relevant documents to verify your military status.

To avail the JCPenney military discount 2018, you need to show military ID as proof of your military services. It is available to all those U.S. military and family members of active duty, retired military personnel, reserves, and guards. However, the discount offer does not apply on the following brands: Nike, Athletic Shoes, Levi’s, Sprout watches, Clarks, Sephora, Converse, Sophie Conran, Vivienne Westwood watches, Lenox, Dyson, Le Creuset, Spiegelau, Gorham, and Royal Doulton/Waterford. While in their home custom decorating items such as service plans, baby gear, furniture outlet purchases, services, and gift cards are not on discount.

Moreover, you can’t avail discount in Puerto Rico on specific items such as eyewear, cosmetic products, accessories, gift wrap, Bassett furniture, and music department.

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JCPenney Veteran’s Day Discount

JCPenney Veteran’s Day Discount

To honor the military personnel on ‘Veteran’s day’, JCPenney provides 5% off to active military members and veterans. The discount is also applicable to their immediate family members. Military personnel can avail discount through valid military ID or VA approved in-store.

You can also combine this specific discount with discounted coupons and special offers.  You can also avail 20% off if you are paying with your exclusive JCPenney credit card.

Shopping on Veteran’s day comes with huge benefits. You can also avail the retailer’s “Black Friday deals. They come with discounted offers on clothing and appliances. You can avail 40% to 80% off with final markdown items.

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Home Depot Military Discount Policy 2018 Vs JCPenney Military Discount Policy 2018

Home Depot Military Discount Policy 2018 Vs JCPenney Military Discount Policy 2018

Home Depot offers a military discount of 10% off throughout the year and the discount is applicable to a maximum purchase of $500. All the disabled and retired, active military members and reserves can avail this discount along with their immediate family members. However, you have to prove your military status by showing your military ID in-store.

They also have a bigger discount policy for veterans on ‘Veterans day’ and ‘Memorial day’. On the other hand, JCPenney offers a noticeable discount of 20%, off to active, reservist, and retired military members. The discount is also valid for their immediate family members.

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Final Word

Redeeming military discounts can be tricky and easy at the same time. This is because each company has different discount policies and their discounts vary from location to location. However, the trick is to ask the customer representative about their deals and discount policies.

JCPenney is a big name in the retail industry and the 20% discount they offer to military personnel is quite attractive. JCPenney military discount 2018 is currently available and will remain throughout the year. So if you are an active, retired, or reserve military member, you should avail JCPenney military discount 2018. This way you will be able to maximize your shopping experience at their store.