Does Netflix Have a Student Discount

Does Netflix Have Student Discount?

With all the schoolwork, lectures and endless classes, it can get pretty rough and stressful. Not to mention the annoying chores that await students in their households that they have to carry out in a limited time period before proceeding to complete their assignments.

Students barely get the time for the day to relax before snoozing. However, Netflix has intervened in their lives as a part providing them with a schedule with which they can take out some necessary free time and strategize accordingly.

For a student, there is hardly a better replacement for having a good time than having to sit back and relax while watching your favorite Movie or TV Series with popcorn. Netflix has turned into a critical requirement for every student seeking to stream on-demand videos and has become by far the most popular entity available.

does Netflix offer discounts

Owing to its popularity, you may ponder over “does Netflix offer discounts” or to be more precise, “is there a Netflix student discount available?”

To put it bluntly, the answer is no. This might take a lot of its users by surprise for good reason.  This is because many companies do in fact offer multiple discounts which include student discounts.

Student discounts are normally introduced to attract the student demographics that are the most receptive target audience base for the discount providers.  But as it stands, there is no Netflix Student Discount available as of yet.

However, there is some good news in all this. Despite Netflix not being a part of the discount providers, there are still alternative streaming services with student discounts that are as popular as Netflix in general among the student demographic. Some examples will be discussed later on.

An Introduction to Netflix

An Introduction to Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service of videos that utilize a delivery network and broadcast movies and TV series. Netflix in its generic sense is basically a movie or TV Show library. Through it, you can watch your favorite movies anytime anywhere regardless of the location. You can stream any movie on your computer, TV, Xbox or even your cell phone.

Thanks to the exclusive services it has retained a loyal customer base that has since grown and expanded. Naturally, it has its own share of competitors aspiring to overthrow and replacing it. But so far none have reached the same status.

Netflix, according to the data gathered was estimated to account nearly one-third of internet streaming traffic in the U.S.A. Hence, it continues its unchallenged streak in its current mechanism despite not offering a student discount.

But many of its rivals have in fact offered their own student discounts in order to take a good chunk of that base.

Netflix Student Discount UNiDAYS

Netflix Student Discount UNiDAYS

Students and other millennials can download the UNiDAYS app and sign up online to acquire an ID. They will receive a one-time code, depending on the brand they use, that they can use in stores or online.

While no Netflix Student Discount UNiDAYS exists in its present state. Students still have a myriad of options available on the app that they can utilize depending on their preference.

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Netflix VS. Other Alternatives for Student Discounts

With the knowledge that there is no current Netflix Student Discount. Some other streaming companies have sought to seize on the opportunity and try to secure fierce competition with Netflix by offering their own student discounts.

Netflix VS. Amazon Prime Video

Here are two of the well-known alternatives:

Netflix VS. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a video streaming service that is very similar to Netflix. It offers endless streaming of movies and TV Shows.  By comparison to its rivals, Amazon Prime has a substantial amount of content that can be viewed in 4k resolution or HD. Owing to their collaboration with different TV Series providers, Amazon Prime can provide updated content at a quicker pace than the rivals.

Among its key success stories lies in its student discount. Given no such discount, a Netflix Student 6 month free discount does not exist.

This is not the case with Amazon Prime that provides for a unique membership program for its student base. Under their discount, its users can experience a free trial for a 6 month period. The trial covers songs, movies and TV Shows of multiple genres. The student trial can be canceled and discontinued anytime.

To top it off, students can gain a photo storage ability of an unlimited amount and pre-order new games and stuff. Students have the chance to use their two-day free shipping on numerous items as well.

The membership trial also offers textbooks which the students can buy or rent at an affordable rate. These come with their own exclusive deals and coupons. If there is no Netflix Student trial available for you, you can opt for the Amazon prime option.

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Netflix VS. Hulu

Netflix VS. Hulu

Hulu is another Netflix like entity providing for streaming of movies and TV Shows. It is unique for its ability to stream movies and shows in your device directly without any individual having to pay for them on their own. With Hulu by your side, you wouldn’t even have to miss out on Netflix.

Known for the own modernity and high tech devices, the natural question that is asked would be “Does Hulu have a student discount?”

It surely does, and an attractive one at that. Hulu has collaborated with Spotify, a popular digital music service to unveil a student deal geared towards its student customer base.  The students can use their Premium services by opting for the streaming bundle titled as “Spotify Premium for students, with Hulu”. This can be used on a $4.99 budget per month.

The mechanism of the student discount package operates in the sense that if a student has applied for the Premium service of Spotify, they can also garner easy access to the Premium services of Hulu.

In that regard, students can save a significant amount of money by not having to subscribe to the two sites separately. That makes the package a lot more appealing to its target base. This is a sweet deal where its users can enjoy the best of both worlds for the sake of limitless entertainment. All at an affordable rate. This is an offer no student can say no to.

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Simply Put

A Netflix Discount for students presently does not exist. It barely has a platform in a Netflix student discount Reddit. This is because of its unchallenged popularity with its student audience. While many of the archrivals have taken favorable measures to turn the tide with its student discount offers. It remains to be seen whether Netflix comes out invincible in its prime or whether the competition finally overtakes it inevitably.