Free Online Courses With Certificates

Free Online Courses With Certificates

The Perks of Technology

The most recent advancement in innovation has made it simple for students and people around the world to get an education. The internet is in everyone’s reach these days. Businesses are moving to e-commerce. Everything is becoming technology-driven. There are hundreds of institutes and websites providing free online courses to students and people around the world. This is a golden opportunity for those can’t afford expensive education, or cannot travel. The Internet has made it possible for them to get an education while sitting at home. This capacity to study on the web and gain the required information and aptitude has helped various students over the globe to advance their profession and enhance their activity prospects.

This article talks about free online courses with certificates of completion. This article will help you guide where to look for free online courses. While there are numerous degrees and additionally free courses on the web, not very many courses really give certificates to their students. Free online courses with certificates are offered by colleges and are to a great degree valuable for students hoping to add weight age to their education portfolio. These free online courses are additionally perfect for students who can’t go to school because of monetary confinements yet have the tendency to take in more. In this article, you can find names of various websites/colleges providing free online courses.

 The Significance of Online Courses

The Significance of Online Courses

There are various providers of online courses who set up together college course materials in the type of recordings, writings, addresses, and online classrooms. These courses are free and open for anybody intrigued. Such courses have revolutionized learning and a huge number of understudies are profiting from them. All students need to do is to get themselves enrolled online and after registration, they are provided with log in details of their free accounts. The online classroom works like physical classrooms. Students are provided with daily lectures in shape of the video. They are provided with course materials and tasks.

These online courses are suitable for students from low salary places who can’t generally bear the cost of specific courses from first-rate world colleges can profit by the free courses on the web. Moreover, these courses are additionally useful for the individuals who are as of now doing a job; yet don’t have sufficient time to go to school. These courses are additionally taken up by understudies seeking after different fields or by housewives who wish to expand their ability levels. Online courses have much significance especially when the certificate of completion is provided; it can add to your educational portfolio.

 Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

There are many free online courses with certificates. University of Cambridge Free IELTS Preparation Course is a free online course offered by the University of Cambridge. The online course prepares students for IELTS. IELTS is an English language proficiency test. The course is availed by non-native English speakers in UK, Australia, and New Zealand for admission purposes. The next course is the TOFEL Test Preparation course by ETSx. It’s a free online course for the TOEFL exam preparations. Students through this course can improve their chances of getting financial help in the United States based universities.

The famous British Council Free Online Course for Understanding IELTS is a 6 week English language course which is aimed to improve English speaking skills of non-Native English speakers so that they can communicate well when studying or doing job abroad. This course is one of the famous online courses. Museum of Modern Art, also known as MoMA, is also offering a free online course on fashion as design. The course is for open for everyone interested in studying art and design. The course starts in October every year. These mentioned courses are free online courses with printable certificates.

Best Platforms

Best Platforms for Online Courses with Certificates

There are various platforms providing free online courses with certificates to students and people all over the world. The platforms may/may not be associated with colleges and universities. You can Google and find various such platforms. As mentioned above that there are numerous sites providing online courses but they do not provide students with certificates. This article makes it easier for you to find platforms that actually provide individuals with certificates of completion. Some of the best platforms which provide certificates are listed below. Here are the platforms providing free online courses with qualifications.


Harvard University in collaboration with edX is offering a wide range of free online courses to students in a variety of subjects. Anyone from around the world can get enrolled in this course, and after they complete the course they can get a certificate of completion for a small fee. The subjects range from Science to arts to Humanities. The platform is open 24/7, and students can get assistance anytime.

Best Platforms 2

Yale Online

The well-known Yale University has jumped into the online learning world by launching the Yale Online initiative. The program offers various courses and resource materials to students for free. All the listed courses under this program are not free. Some of the courses charge fees, while others do not.


They provide standard-based certified courses in a wide range of subjects. After enrolling yourself for the course, you get material. The online instructors and assistants are always there to help you. Once you finish the course, you can either download the certificate or you can request for a certificate.


It is another platform providing free online computer courses with certificates and free online management courses with certificates. There is a total of 49 courses provided free of cost. Once the course ends, enrolled students can download the certificate of achievement.

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Free Online Courses in UK & India

Free Online Courses in UK & India

There are various online free courses available for the residents in the UK and India. The Internet is restricted to a boundary. Any internet user irrespective of country or boundary can avail the free online courses. The above-listed courses can be availed by both residents of the UK and India. Free certification courses on edX, android basics courses on Udacity, online certificate courses by Udemy, online courses on Coursera and free training courses on Skillshare are some of the famous free online courses with certificates in the UK.

The above-mentioned courses can also be availed by Indians. LearnIndia and Chalk street are two other famous free online courses with certificates in India. The platforms offer free online courses to the Indian residents. Students can get enrolled. Once they complete the course, they are provided with a certificate of completion.



The trend of free online courses is taking up space. Today everyone has access to the internet; hence it gets easy for individuals to sign up for courses online. There are many universities and colleges providing free online courses to students. The significance of online courses is much; as it enhances educational record and improves skills. If you are looking for free online courses, then go to the above-mentioned platforms and avail the opportunity! And keep checking updated news on Hot Deals.