HotDeals Giveaway


HotDeals is a place where anybody can post information about what they think is a hot deals, as long as they are registered with the site. The idea of HotDeals is to create a platform sharing deals with one another, so we can all save our money.

Activity Requirement

1. Help HotDeals to write a review about shopping saving in your blogs or any other review sites (except social medias )

2. The article should be 300 English words at least and original ; and it should be added coupon codes,promo codes or HotDeals with text link inside

3. When you finish above and please contact [email protected] or fill in the submission in the bottom of the page.

Activity Date: Jan 15th, 2018Feb 6th ,2018

Rewards & Prizes

First prize: $ 80 ~ $ 100

Second prize:  $60 ~ $ 80

Third prize:  $ 30 ~ $60

Fourth prize:   $ 1 ~ $30


1.The average traffics monthly of the English site you post should be up to 1K above.

2.First prize: $ 80 ~ $ 100    ( The traffics of the site 1M+/month

   Second prize:  $ 60 ~ $80    ( The traffics of the site 100K-1M/month

  Third prize:  $ 30 ~ $ 60  ( The traffics of the site 10K-100K/month

  Fourth prize: $ 1 ~ $30 ( The traffics of the site 1K-10K/month


1.On Feb 8th, we will announce the winning results in

2.The winners will be informed from us.

3.The cash will arrive at winners’ payment account within 48 hours.

4.The articles from winners cant be deleted or revised in the websites permanently.

5.All copy rights of winners posts belong to