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10+ Shopping Plugins Server You Smart and Quick Online Shopping

The following 12 most popular and helpful shopping plugins are supposed to help you with your online surfing and money saving journey. As online shopping has become a tendency, shopping online is more and more popular right now. According to report, about 96% of customers shop online for bargains. If you are one of these online customers and you want to make your shopping more convenient and comfortable, here shopping plugins are your choices!

Currency Calculator

Currency Calculator This online Currency Calculator has the latest exchange rates of any international currencies for you to convert easily and quickly. It can help you figure out different currency pairs throughout the whole world.

Easy to Get Started:

Just click to open Currency Calculator, input the amount you want to exchange, after you have chosen the leading currency and the second currency, immediately, the result will be shown automatically below.


Currency Calculator is one of the most important shopping plugins during you online shopping journey.

Suppose You are calculating how much money you will spend when you plan to go somewhere abroad?

or You are wondering if it is the perfect timing when you want to buy some foreign investments?

Currency Calculator seems so necessary that you really need one plugin during online shopping. With this Currency Calculator, in additional to real-time exchange rates, you can also browse, choose and even use the latest fantastic coupon codes and special deals on Hotdeals when you click Go To Hotdeals to Find Coupon link. With the currency rate you just checked, why not start your easy and quick shopping journey?

Image Searching

Image Searching The fastest and easiest method to search for image information on Google and get related promo codes and special deals of that goods you just searched for.

Easy to Get Started:

There are only two steps before you get the amazing results. Firstly, move the mouse over the picture and right click, choose Search This Image With Google, and you can get the latest information with Google of that picture. Secondly, if you also want to find related coupons of that picture, right click in the blank space of the page and choose Find online Coupon in Hotdeals, we will automatically take you to Hotdeals for coupon collectives, where you can find plenty of promo codes and special deals here.


If you have just found one picture and you are dying for more information of that image, use Image Searching ! You can search for information on Google by image and most importantly, you can get the latest coupons and deals of that goods on Hotdeals. Meet your desire and save your money at the same time!

Track Your Package

Track Your PackageTrack your UPS, USPS,FedEx, and other packages from this package tracker plugin.

Easy to Get Started:

This package tracker plugin offers convenient web search and reliable results. It gives you access to information about your package status, including current location of your package and according to that, you can even calculate the accurate delivery time.
Easily type in your valid tracking number, you can get all you want to know about your package at once.


• Track the delivery status of your package

• Get reliable information from the most popular shipping carriers

• Range your purchase online on time

Size Comparison

Size Comparison Convert the size of clothes, shoes and rings, especially helpful when you have size problems buying items of different countries.

Easy to Get Started:

Simply choose the category of your pick-ups, and select a size in that category, then the others will change to match. The rest for you to do is just finding out the correct size and using that size as well as coupons to place your order.


When you are finding fantastic bargains in stores from different parts of the world, you may sometimes facing a size problem. Because the size standard you are familiar with is totally different from the size standard the store provides. In that situation,here comes our Size Comparison. If you are just facing that size problem, Size Conversion is just your choice. Don’t ever make that little size problem become the barrier of your way of getting bargains.

Lookup Zip Code

Lookup Zip Code Look up Zip Code for cooperate and residential addresses throughout country.

Easy to Get Started:

Select your state and type in city, if you want an accurate result, you are free to type in your address. Then click FIND, the zip-code is right before your eyes.


When posting an order online, forgetting the zip-code may sometimes occur. To finish your checkout information, you will have to search in your browser for minutes. In that case, we Zip Code Lookup is here to help you save your time in finding your zip-code. With Lookup Zip Code, you can save more time when shopping online and place your order as quickly as possible before these flash sale disappears!


Calculsalesrates Calculate sales tax according to your before-tax price, sale tax rate.

Easy to Get Started:

Type in the before-tax price, sales tax rate, and the tax price and the after-tax price will be shown automatically onto the screen.


The sales tax rate in the United States ranges from 0% to 16% depending on the states and the type of goods and services.  If you are not sure about the exact amount of your order, Calculsalesrates can help you finish your estimates, which will help you choose the proper coupon and make you enjoy the huge reductions !