Beachly Discount Codes

How about the Beachly Discount Codes?

Beachly with the aim of appealing to people to protect the coastal environment, selling beach-inspired products, provides you with a wide variety of choices. You can go to its official website to buy Apparel & Accessories, Skin & Hair Care Product, Jewelry, Healthy & Active Living, Beach Essentials… In addition, Beachly mainly prepares a box of apparel and accessories according to seasons which sells well and also has good reviews. More than that, the contents of the box are different according to men and women. It is worth mentioning that when customizing the box, there are many options related to your own situation, such as the size of clothes and shoes. Especially for women’s boxes, you also have the choice of skin color and face shape. Therefore, you will find it is dedicated to product selection and attentive to customer service. Recently, Beachly discount codes can be found on the web page.

Beachly Discount Codes

1. Does Beachly Give Coupon Codes to New Customer?

Beachly now provides a coupon code to attract more new customers so that everyone can buy their first box at a cheaper price as a reference. And the operation of using the discount code is very simple, the content is as follows. New customers can first select the conditions according to their own size, and next order the first box this store provides. Then, when final checkout, new customers only need to enter the code to get the price reduction. However, the activity of coupon codes for new users is not permanent. If customers are looking forward to more discount activities from these merchants, they can browse the website, such as, to find more Beachly coupon codes.

2. What Coupon Code You Will Get After Becoming Beachly’s Members?

You should know that becoming a member can usually get coupon codes. For instance, members will receive exclusive access to its members-only online store where they can shop in between boxes for a discount. What’s more, if you become a member of all four seasons, you can also gain a curated box of premiums. There are namely annual membership and seasonal membership that you can choose according to your options. Once you choose to be the membership, you will receive a box every three months before you cancel your renewal, and the contents inside remain the same regardless of your membership options. The way to become a Beachly member is logging to your account and then going through the process about filling in your information (will not be disclosed) or contact with their Membership Services Team. Meanwhile, if you want to upgrade to annual membership, the method is the same.

3. Does Beachly Supply Referral Offer?

Yes. Firstly, you should share the supplied link with your friends to get rewarded. Then, you will get a big discount in your next box for each friend you successfully refer to. By the way, your friends can also enjoy the benefits, that is, they have a big discount on their first box and a $75 voucher to spend in the Member Market as long as your friends shop at Beachly through your invite link. Here are the steps of how you get the invitation link and share it. After entering the homepage of this online store, you can click “get rewarded” on the gift icon in the lower-left corner of the page, and fill in your email and name. Next, click “start sharing”, and you will receive a personalized invite link. After your personalized referral link appears, you can copy and paste it to your friends or share it on social media with others. Overall, your friends and you can enjoy Beachly referral offer.

4. What’s Beachly Shipping Policy?

If shipping within the U.S. (including Hawaii & Alaska), the freight you will pay is $4.95. While,  if you’re located outside of the U.S., your shipping and handling cost will range from $14.95 to $21.95, and you may be charged additional fees by customs. And the final cost will be displayed at checkout. But you need to pay attention to that men’s box is only available to ship within the United States and women’s ships within the U.S. and Canada. As for the delivery time, your first box will ship within 4 business days from when you first buy products. For the next time, you will receive an order every three months, and your box will be received within 4 working days after receiving the order. If the time has passed 4 business days, in fact, shipping times vary per country, and you can go to the website checking your courier.

5. What’s Beachly Exchange Policy?

The first exchange is always free, and there will be a fee of $7 for future exchanges. Usually, it offers exchanges for sized-apparel and sized-accessories which do not fit as desired. If a sized item does not fit as desired, you can ask for an exchange. However, the exchange must be requested within 7 days of receipt of the item. When you fill out the exchange application, you’d better indicate that you would like to make an exchange and state which item you would like to exchange and the desired size that you would like to exchange your item for. If you can’t exchange the goods that fit your body due to inventory, you can communicate with their  Member Services team until you get a satisfactory product. And the new item will be shipped to you along with a return label and extra poly mailer so that you can check where you have questions. 

The beach-inspired and high-quality products bring customers a sense of leisure and comfort. Especially, the mysterious box is a fun and cost-effective choice and it can evoke your curiosity and delight easily because all the products of good brands are good value for money. So far, they have provided satisfactory products and services to many customers and received a lot of praise, so that they will continue to bring more valuable products at a good price to customers. It is worth mentioning that Beachly supports beach cleanups, and you can also join by buying products or promoting this store. By the way, you can visit before purchasing goods, and enter the name of the merchant, you will receive the Beachly discount codes so that the price is automatically deducted.