The Great Courses Plus Coupons

How about The Great Courses Plus Coupons?

The Great Courses Plus is a global media brand and a world-leading learning network platform that provides people with video-on-demand services for courses. Since 1990, the media brand has continued to publish, improve and update courses through research and testing, allowing lifelong learners to rise to a new level from hundreds of inspiring, engaging, and extensive educational content. In addition to basic subject knowledge, the courses they provide focus on lifelong learning and personal enrichment. In other words, those customized and entertaining courses make more and more people feel happy to learn so that they can learn and master more knowledge easily. Besides, the teachers in the videos are professional and experienced, and they can make abstract and complex concepts easy to understand. Generally, people can benefit from their course learning. And now, you can enter their online store using The Great Courses Plus coupons to customize and buy your own courses.

The Great Courses Plus Discount Codes

1. Does The Great Courses Plus Offer Free Shipping?

Yes. On the one hand, if you click on “my benefit” under your account, if you become a PLUS member, you can get free shipping orders. On the other hand, you can also enjoy free shipping when you successfully subscribe to the membership plan. In general, becoming a paid member of the great courses plus and you purchase a DVD or other products that require shipping, you can get free shipping. If you are already a member and you purchase a product that needs to be shipped, you need to note that the free shipping area includes only the United States and Canada. In other words, transportation costs are more or less in other regions and locations. And according to your location, you can know the postage you need to pay.

2. What Benefit You will Get If You Join The Great Courses Plus Membership?

When you register their account and log in, you can move your mouse to your account at the top of the webpage, naturally, the benefits which you have as The Great Courses membership will appear. And then you will be taken to a new page with some information about being their membership and a button written: “get your discount”. Next, click on it and you’ll go to a new page and get your The Great Courses Plus discount code and free shipping. Overall, by becoming a PLUS member, you will not only get a discount when you first choose great courses but also receive an exclusive discount on any DVD, live video, and audio courses later. That is, you can get more offers when you buy courses and other audio. However, the use of this discount is limited to the regular retail price, and you can use it yourself or share it with others.

3. What’s The Great Courses Plus Cancellation Policy for Subscription?

If you have signed up for membership of The Great Courses Plus but want to cancel it, here are three ways you can use. First, you can click “my account” on their webpage and click on it to manage, and you can cancel your subscription in the place of billing information. The second is to use your mobile payment app and choose to cancel the next subscription directly on the purchase record. The third is through your Roku, and you can manage the subscription by clicking the “*” on the remote control. In short, if you cancel the membership plan of The Great Courses Plus, it will not refund you or debit you on the next tariff day.

4. How to Find Your Payment History?

If you have any questions about your payment history or next billing date, you can check it through the store website, the payment mall on the mobile phone, and the Roku app. And the mobile phone payment mall can also view its tariff history, but the specific operation method depends on your mobile phone system. As for the Roku app, you can click on its webpage and log in to your account, and you can see your bill in the subscription options. Basically, your payment history will not go wrong. Even if it is a shop that sells online courses, it also provides thoughtful services, so that if you have any questions after looking at the payment history, you can directly contact its customer service to learn about the situation.

5. Does The Great Courses Plus Offer A Free Trial?

Yes. First, you enter the home page of The Great Courses Plus. There is an orange button below the slogan that says start a free trial. At the same time, there are also the same eye-catching prompt options at the top of the page. Next, you can click any orange button, and you will enter a new page about choosing your membership plan. There are two options here, one is the monthly plan, and the other is the quarterly plan, the relevant prices and descriptions are introduced in the form of short sentences. You can choose according to your own ideas and click any plan. Then you can use your email to create this store’s account, and click “create an account & continue” to complete your personal information, and finally, you can enjoy 14 days of free learning. By the way, your chosen membership plan will be charged after the 14-day trial ends, but you can cancel it at any time. However, once you cancel your membership plan, your account will not be able to experience learning videos for free.

The Great Courses Plus as a learning platform for video courses, it covers all aspects of what you should learn, and it is constantly updating and adding courses for users to learn for life. Just as the old saying “endless learning”, people can not only learn the subject content and knowledge on this platform, but also cultivate interest, improve skills, and broaden horizons. In short, by ordering courses and becoming a member of this store, you can get a lot of learning opportunities and you can learn more about what you don’t understand by watching the expert’s or professor’s courses. In fact, after you become a member of them, you can use a video network to learn which saves a lot of course costs, and you will also be inspired a lot, which means that you will benefit a lot. And now, customers can find The Great Courses Plus coupon via, so that they can save a lot of money while studying.