Vampire Vape Discount Codes

How about the Vampire Vape Discount Codes?

Vampire Vape was established in 2012, and after many years of effort, it has become a global company with more than 60 flavors of E-liquids. And their Pinkman and Heisenberg, the most notable E-liquids as well as the most recognized signature flavors, have received multiple awards from prestigious events. Besides, in order to meet the needs of customers and build long-term working relationships, they also sell some E-Cig related products. Now they are constantly looking for opportunities to expand and grow, such as regularly trialing and releasing new flavors, and ensure that all E-liquids produced are in compliance with international certification standards, the ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, and the flavors are food-grade. By the way, All E-liquids are created by a team of experienced mixologists and manufactured in advanced clean rooms. Now, customers can enter their store homepage to buy E-Cig and related products and use Vampire Vape discount codes.

Vampire Vape Vouchers

1. Does Vampire Vape Offer Vampire Vape Vouchers?

Yes. Firstly, customers can get points by entering the online store to buy products, and the points on their account can be collected and accumulated. And then, customers use the points to exchange money for their next purchase when they get enough points. In other words, customers can use the points to deduct some of the purchase amounts. Recently, the store updated the points system so that customers could get more points for consumption. Now, everyone can earn 5 points for every £1 spent, means customers will collect 5 times points as fast as before. In addition, customers can earn some free reward points through challenges, games, and other ways. If the products anyone buys are the Vampire Vape’s Flavor of the month launched by the store, people can also get double points. As for consumption, now every customer’s order (excluding shipping) can be deducted by using points. 

2. How about Cyber Week at Vampire Vape?

Vampire Vape launched its own store’s Cyber Week events as an extension of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which usually takes place on the last weekend of November after the American holiday, Thanksgiving. So, every customer can get discounts to save money on E-liquids and other products sold in this store during this period. However, the sharing time of each deal is limited and depends on the popularity of the product and the inventory. So customers should pay attention to their social networking sites to get instant information, such as sales items on Facebook and Twitter. By the way, the offers are applicable to both online and physical stores. If anyone has any doubts about  Cyber Week at Vampire Vape, customer can also consult their high-street shops for details.

3. Does Vampire Vape Offer Free Shipping?

They offer free shipping on all orders over £20 in the UK, and they don’t charge any extra postage fees for orders of significant value or heavy items. As for other places, international delivery starts at £9.9 and costs will vary from country to country. However, customers can use their shipping estimator for the checkout to get specific prices. As the time frame of delivery, customers can also check before ordering. And customers’ telephone number or e-mail address to the nominated courier will be provided so that customers can track purposes and receive notification about the approximate delivery time. If customers want to check their latest logistics, check it before 3 pm during business days or before 6:30 pm on the weekend. By the way, customers must ensure that the delivery address, telephone number, or e-mail address are correct because it will guarantee a successful purchase and reduce many unnecessary problems.

4. What’s Vampire Vape Return and Refund Policy?

If the contents of the customer’s package are lost, or if they receive damaged or defective goods, customers must inform the store via email or phone call within 48 hours. And then, the Customer Service team at this store will contact the customer and may ask for the lot number of the product, the original order number, any evidence of damage, etc. After that, the customer needs to return these items to the merchant and wait for the results of the store’s tests and inspections. Finally, if the merchant detects a defect in the product, they will provide a refund to the customer within 30 days while apologizing to the customer, or if the product is no longer available, the store will issue a refund and include the customer’s postage or provide the customer with the option alternative products. Remind here, the store only accepts DOA(dead on arrival) atomizer returns, and also offers the same return and refund services.

5. What Time Does Vampire Vape Work in Physical Stores?

Vampire Vape also has physical stores to bring comprehensive and thoughtful service to customers. And they have three brick-and-mortar stores in the UK, each high street store is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.(except for Oswaldtwistle, which closes on Wednesdays) and it is closed on Sundays. 

From only 12 flavors in 2012 to now Vampire Vape has formed a more mature enterprise, providing customers with a large number of brands and flavors and the choice of related products. Not only that, they have won awards for many flavors, and have also received favor and praise from many customers. And now the store is also constantly creating and launching new products and updating its online store activities to meet the needs of more customers. In addition to the flavors developed and produced by itself, this store also provides personal customization, that is, customers can DIY their own exclusive E-liquids flavors according to their preferences, which makes E-Cigs and E-liquids more interesting and attracts more users. In short, they offer customers a wealth of products, attentive service, and quite preferential policies. By the way, customers can visit before purchasing goods, and enter the name of the merchant, they will receive the Vampire Vape discount codes so that the price is automatically deducted.