How to Get a Student Discount on Amazon

How to Get a Student Discount on Amazon?

A life of a student is typically dedicated to studying, apart from all the partying. The most amazing thing that can ever happen to a student is getting a discount on their academic utensils. One excellent resource is that students can always refer to Amazon for exclusive deals, hot discounted prices and build new resources for further educational purposes.

Amazon is an amazing innovation in terms of creating the perfect open online market platform. It’s the only place where you really don’t need a license to operate in. Amazon caters thousands and thousands of consumer items from a handful of diverse brands.

In this post, we will be discussing some of the best ways to get a student discount on Amazon, whether it is for academic or for personal purchases. Amazon provides exceptional services that are decisive, relative and crucial for every student.

Setting up The Account

How to Get Student Discount on Amazon?

In order to get the best discounts and the best rates offered by Amazon, you have to become an Amazon Prime Student. This can be done by simply creating yourself a free account with Amazon Prime Student. The following are the steps to creating a new Prime Student account.


Setting up The Account

The first thing you want to do is navigate to Prime Student sign up the portal. The sign up is quite simple and easy, nothing too complicated. New Sign up member can get qualified for a 50% on any item they wish to purchase, through Amazon. Over 100 million different items already approved, Amazon Prime Student package offers the best deals with the most amazing prices. For those who are Prime Student account holders, get notifications and other promotional discounts notifications.

Once you have submitted your sign up forum, you have successfully created your Prime Student account.

Benefits of Prime Student Account

Benefits of Prime Student Account  

Account holders get a free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items, unlimited streaming, access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music, and access to unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. Unless you cancel, after you graduate or at the end of the fourth year of your Prime Student membership, whichever comes first, your subscription will automatically renew on its anniversary date into a full paid subscription for Amazon Prime at then-current rates.

For those students who are heavy online shoppers and are looking for Amazon prime discounts, can avail the offer and pay a yearly fee of just $49 every 12 months.


Back in School Tech Gadgets

Back in School Tech Gadgets

As the world slowly shifts its hinges towards a paperless environment, every student nowadays utilizes a laptop. We all know that laptops at a new condition can be very expensive, especially if you are considering an Apple, Microsoft or Dell. Luckily, if you opt-in to the Prime Student account, you will be getting the best deals from Amazon regarding discounts on a wide range of products.

With Prime Student, students can avail exclusive deals that may be offered in a package. Some discounts may pertain to Amazon Student discount on laptops. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that Amazon also provides student discounts on educational books, especially text-books.

When you get offers, you will get Amazon Student Prime discount codes in your inbox notifications. Those codes can be utilized at its respective dealers/sponsors.

Ideal for All Students


Ideal for All Students

The Primary Student account option is specifically for real students, and if you get caught faking it, you could be flagged as a fraud and may even ban you from shopping on Amazon in the future. In order to avail the Prime Student account, proper and authentic information must be given during the time of the signup.

  • Attractions & Features Included

There are so many benefits from signing up for a Student Prime account. For the first 6 months from the day you successfully log into the account, you will be entitled to the full following benefits of all features for just $6.49 monthly. Cancelation can be done at any time.

  • Super Lightning Delivery Speed  

With Amazon fulfillment and dispatch sectors scattered throughout, students can buy any item that is qualified to be delivered in two shipping days. Check Student Prime specifications as per to what items are qualified for the free two-day shipping.

  • Make Your Weekends Spectacular Again!

When students graduate from high school, they tend to get busy with more things on their plates. That’s why Amazon Student Prime account is set up in the most unique and interesting way for students to make the most out of their time. Enjoy instant access to video streaming, popular movies, and TV shows!

  • Handpicked deals

School supplies are technically purchased frequently throughout the duration of each semester. Depending on your needs and requirements, Amazon proactively sends seasonal notifications that are smart-opt by the filters and the algorithm that is projected based on your frequent searches. Now you can get Amazon Prime education discounts for all your academic requirements from some of your favorite supply stores.

  • A Library at the Palm of Your Hands

Why buy expensive reading materials when you have a library at the palm of your hands? Amazon has also included books and magazine store, offering Student Prime account holders unlimited reading on any device!


  • Original Audio Series from Audible

Audible provides original audio series for entertainment or educational purposes. Again this depends on what type of original Audible you are searching for. They have from visionaries to comedians, to mysteries to even stories. They are ideal centers for when you are on the go!

  • Photo Album

The membership further provides free, unlimited photo storage. Now you can save all your photos in one place. Sync your albums in categories ranging from family, friends and the love of your life.

  • The Early “Eye”

Student Prime provides one of the most unique features, it’s called the “Get Early Access”. The Get Early Access provides helpful news, insights and a 30-minute early access to review and select some of the most relevant deals that you think are hot enough to cart. Usually, all items that are prime qualified items are marked with the Amazon Prime logo, so just look for that logo when you are shopping.


Final Word

Join Amazon Student Prime account today to get the most relevant deals that are specific to your needs. New members are highly encouraged to start as soon as possible to get 50% off all Prime deals. Start today and save with Student Prime on Amazon!

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