Pocketmags Discount Codes

How to Get Pocketmags Discount Codes & Turn Them into Real Benefits?

Do you like reading magazines? Now Pocketmags can meet your all needs about magazines. As a magazine website, Pocketmags provides a wide range of magazines at which men and women, young and old, all can choose their favorites. And Pocketmags offers unlimited access to hundreds of digital magazines, which allows you to read anytime, anywhere. If Pocketmags really meets your needs, then the next information about Pocketmags discount codes will certainly comfort you.

Pocketmags Discount Codes

1. How to Get Pocketmags Promo Codes?

Maybe you already want to subscribe to a magazine or periodical for yourself. In order to save money, you need to see how to get and use Pocketmags promo codes. If you’ve already selected a magazine on Pocketmags’ official website, then you’ll need to add the product to your shopping cart. After that, you’ll go to HotDeals.com to search for the coupon. Next, copy the promo code, go back to the product interface you’ve selected, and paste it in the box. And then you can get your preferential price. It’s easy to do, and it can save you a lot of money, so why not give it a try? HotDeals is the best choice for providing coupons, and their offers are displayed on this site, so it is highly recommended that you follow this site.

2. Does Pocketmags Have a Loyalty Program?

Yes! Pocketmags has its own loyalty points. Everyone loves something for free, so that’s the reason they decided to set up their brilliant Loyalty Points scheme which offers you the chance to earn loyalty points as you shop on their website. Each Point is worth 1 penny and they can certainly stack up quickly. These points can then be used to purchase other products on their site. You can buy them from Pocketmags.com or write a review to earn your Pocketmags points. When you have enough points you can use them all and enjoy a free purchase. It’s simple for you to enter the number of points you wish to redeem at the Checkout, and then the value of your Points will be deducted from your purchase price. It is deeply easy, isn’t it? Further details about Pocketmags Points can be found at pocketmags.com.

3. What Payment Terms Does Pocketmags Accept?

Let’s take a look at the payment methods they support so as to ensure your payment goes smoothly. They currently support PayPal, MasterCard, Visa credit or debit card, gift cards or loyalty points and so on. The above are common payment methods. When placing an order, just log in to your online banking details and follow the confirmation process. If you think they still can’t meet your needs, you can go to their official website to have a check. They have a more detailed introduction to more types of payment methods.

4. Does Pocketmags Support Any Gifting Option?

Yes, their magazines are for those who are obsessed with their interests. When you buy a magazine subscription gift, you’ll be chosen a gift they’d love to receive all year round. First, add your magazines to your basket and you can choose both single issues and subscriptions. Then click Checkout and there will be a gift option box next to each product which you should tick before processing to payment. After your payment has been processed then you will be taken to the ‘My Gifts’ page where you can see any gifts you have bought and allocate your recipients. Finally, send your personalized gift card via email or print off to hand deliver in person. The gift card will also include details of the magazine and instructions on how to redeem. The gift can only be redeemed once. If you would like to change the name of the sender on the card go to ‘My Account’ and click ‘Edict Details’.

5. What’s Pocketmags’ Return Policy?

All products in their store are provided to customers in the form of downloadable content. Therefore, no refund or exchange will be accepted for magazines that have been subscribed to by customers in accordance with the chapter. But if the magazines you subscribed to don’t use normally, their after-sales staff will communicate with you immediately, and tell you the solutions. Thus please hold close contacts with them. 

The Pocketmags is a sharing base for high-quality e-magazines, collecting together many of the most popular top magazines in the UK and covering a wide variety of categories including architecture, fashion, photography, finance, cars, fitness, art, tourism, crafts, luxury goods, etc. The digital era allows them to create a green, low-carbon reading space whose advantage is the paper magazines unmatched. Why not try reading magazines in such a simple way? Before you have a try, do not forget to get Pocketmags discount codes to save more through their website and HotDeals.com.