How to Speed Up Your iPhone

How to Speed Up Your iPhone

Many of us may have the same feeling – the speed of our iPhone is getting slower after using for a period of time. But this is an inevitable thing. The sluggish performance of iPhone will influence our daily experience on it. Thus, finding an effective way to solve this common problem is vital for iPhone users. While for some new iPhone users or people who pay no attention to the functions of mobile phones, it is a little bit tough to get the right solution to deal with the slow running operation of iPhone. However, you don’t need to worry too much about that. I will give you 10 useful and simple methods about how to speed up your iPhone.

Here are the best ways to speed up your iPhone:

  1. Delete unnecessary apps
  2. Hide the reset
  3. Close down the background applications
  4. Clear Safari cache
  5. Turn off automatic update & automatic download options
  6. Delete old and useless photos and videos
  7. Delete old SMS texts
  8. Restart your phone regularly
  9. Block usefulness notifications of apps
  10. Upgrade and restore the system

Method 1: Delete unnecessary apps

Many of us like to download different kinds of apps on our iPhones whether they are useful or not. Gradually, our space has been occupied by these apps, which makes our iPhone run slower than before. Thus, delete the unnecessary apps for you. You will find that your storage space becomes larger and your iPhone runs quicker than before.


Method 2: Hide the reset

This method is simple for everyone. Firstly, long press the power button of the iPhone until the Slide-to-Shutdown button appears, but don’t click it. Secondly, press on the HOME button directly for 10 seconds, which will make the interface automatically jump back to the HOME page. At the same time, a wiping cache partition is finished. When you open the iPhone apps again, you will feel that the iPhone operates quicker.


Method 3: Close down the background applications

Once you open your apps, they will refresh content automatically in the background with the help of the network. But in fact, it is useless to update the app content while you put your iPhone aside. There is a background task cache mechanism in IOS memory. And ordinary apps do not need to refresh in current time. Therefore, shut down the background apps to make room for other apps that you currently need to use, which can speed up your operation.


Method 4: Clear Safari cache

If you spend a lot of time browsing the web with Safari, there will be a lot of cached data saved on your iPhone. So you need to clear the Safari’s cache data at regular intervals to keep your iPhone running smoothly. To do this, you need to go to Settings – Safari and click Clear History and Website Data. What a simple way! So, why not have a try?


Method 5: Turn off automatic update & download options

If your iPhone runs laggardly when you’re using it, it is probably that it’s experimenting with app upgrades in the background, which can be executed entirely by hand. To change the settings for the auto-upgrade applications, you need to go to the Settings – iTunes Store and App Store to close the automatic download and update options.


Method 6: Delete old and useless photos and videos

Removing unnecessary files is one of the simple and direct ways to speed up your iPhone. If your iPhone stores hundreds or even thousands of photos and lots of videos, you can upload them to your computer or iCloud and then delete them from your phone. After all, with limited memory, your iPhone is not a good place to store daily photos and videos.


Method 7: Delete old SMS texts

A large number of text messages also occupy much space, which is one of the reasons why the speed of the iPhone becomes slow. Sometimes when there are too many text messages stored on your iPhone, you have to wait for a moment to access the information application. If you can’t figure out why your iPhone runs sluggishly, you can try to delete all those meaningless text messages.


Method 8: Restart your phone regularly

Most users stay on their iPhones all day, which will lead to the phone become slow as time passes by. Although you release enough space, the phone may still run sluggishly. You can try to restart your iPhone to upgrade its speed. Turning off the iPhone can help it get rid of something that has been hogging system resources, which brings you more smooth operation.


Method 9: Block usefulness notifications of apps         

Many apps in the notification center are constantly pushing messages. But do you really need all of them? Maybe most of the answers are no. Each notification consumes a little power, so you probably do not pay attention to it. But the continuous notifications pushed on your phone not only take up your limited space, but also influence your operation. Just go to “Settings” and “notification center” to turn it off. And don’t forget to turn off sound alerts and icon markers as well, because these displays may also influence the speed of your iPhone.


Method 10: Upgrade and restore the system

If you have tried kinds of methods but still can’t speed up your iPhone, you can try the ultimate solution – refreshing and restoring the system to the factory state. This is the most effective way to delete the usefulness storage on your iPhone and recover the performance of the phone.

The above 10 methods are common but unknown to most of you. You don’t need to worry that your new iPhone will become slow in the near future anymore. Read this post carefully and pick up the most suitable way for your iPhone.

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