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AliExpress, a global shopping platform, you can buy everything you want

AliExpress is a global shopping platform. Here, there are no products you can’t buy, only products you can’t imagine. Whether you want to buy clothes, mobile phones, bags or car parts, you can buy them. In addition to a wide range of products, they are also committed to providing enthusiastic service. Their professional customer service team has always made it their mission to solve all problems encountered by customers. Their express delivery is very efficient, and the secure payment methods provided can make you shop with confidence, and your privacy will never be leaked. In addition, one of their major features is cheapness. They provide a variety of coupons, including AliExpress Promo Code which allows you to enjoy substantial discounts.

AliExpress, a global shopping platform, you can buy everything you want - AliExpress

If you want to not miss the discount, register an account

AliExpress There are too many promotions and activities, so if you don’t pay attention, you will miss the opportunity. In order not to miss these opportunities, you can create an account. The method of creating an account is very simple. You just need to click “Join” on the right side of the homepage, and fill in the information to register an account according to the prompts. After registering, even if you don’t browse often, you won’t miss any of the latest information, because they will push them to you as soon as they release new information. If you want to learn more about them, you can follow their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. They will often introduce some hidden features of their various products and other interesting content. Follow them quickly! If you are fortunate enough, you are able to find out their bonus, AliExpress Coupons, hiden in their social media.

Before you buy something, don’t forget to receive various coupons

Shopping in AliExpress, there are so many coupons that you can’t think of, because one of their goals is to leave more money for customers. So, what are the ways to get coupons? First, please go to the store promotion page first. In the orange part, you can see the discount offered by the seller. At checkout, this discount will be automatically deducted from the total order amount. You can find instant discounts, store promo codes or store coupons AliExpress Coupon Codes. Click to receive the coupon, remember to use it when placing an order. Please note that store coupons can be used together with AliExpress coupons, but store coupon codes cannot. In the second step, you can get selected coupons and seller coupons in the shopping cart. Finally, during major promotions, such as their anniversary promotion and 11.11, you will find different activities or games to win coupons and coins, which can also be exchanged for coupons. You can visit their website or app to view the page or follow AliExpress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and VK to get updates on upcoming and ongoing events.

So how to use the coupon? When you place an order, you can use your coupon or get a discount. Go to “My Coupons” to see which coupons have been added to your account. When using coupons, please pay attention to the minimum consumption, the validity period and the coupon usage rules. If the order does not reach the minimum consumption amount, the price will not be adjusted. Seller coupons are only applicable to merchandise in the selected store. The seller discount is automatically given. To see how much you need to spend to get the discount, just check the drop-down menu or “Get Coupon”. After you find what you want to buy, click Buy Now or Add to Cart to place an order. Then you will be taken to the order confirmation page, where you need to confirm your order and use your coupon. If you have multiple coupons that can be used on the same order, you can select the one you want to use by clicking the “Store Coupon” or “AliExpress Coupon” drop-down list. The total order amount will be updated, showing the final price and the amount you saved. Sometimes, it seems that there are no coupons available. In this case, you can check whether you meet the minimum consumption requirements? If not, you can choose to add more products to your shopping cart. Is your coupon still valid? If the coupon has expired or has not been activated, it cannot be used in the order.

There are a few things you need to know about the use of promotional codes. First of all, how do you get a discount code? Please visit their website regularly to get published promotional codes/coupon codes. So, how to use the coupon code? After getting the promotional code/coupon code, please try to place an order with the promotional code on the checkout page and get the discount. Some customers say that they cannot use the code. This may be due to several reasons. If the purchase does not meet the minimum consumption requirements, you may not be able to get a discount by applying the promotional code; if the promotional code is only applicable to some products or some special users, you may not be able to get the discount; because the promotional code is a limited time offer, if it is out of stock, you The discount may not be available.

Exclusive benefits for new users, the price is beyond imagination

AliExpress has prepared a gift for new users. As long as you are a new user and place an order on for the first time, you can receive this gift. What exactly is this gift? It is to buy a product they specify at a price of $0.01. Although it is a designated product, there are hundreds of designated products. You can choose to buy mobile phone tempered glass, mobile phone cases, belts, etc. at a price of $0.01. How is this different from giving it to you? In addition, you can also get AliExpress Discount Codes, and then enjoy a $1 discount on the first purchase. In addition, you can also choose to give up the opportunity to buy goods for $0.01 and choose to enjoy the exclusive prices of some higher-end goods, such as a watch worth $10. As a new user, you can buy it home for only $5. Please note that the benefits of new users are only eligible to enjoy after you register an account, so please register your account after coming to, don’t miss this benefit!

How to find the right product?

There are too many products in AliExpress. It is a challenge to choose a suitable product. So, how to find the product? If you happen to know the name of the product you want, you can enter the name of the product you are looking for in the search bar. You can search for products by name or function, such as brand, artist, part number, etc. If you have not decided on the product you are looking for, you can try to search for it in their list of promotional products under the category section or the search bar. You can also use advanced search tools to narrow down the scope of your product search. When choosing a product that you think is not bad, you need to carefully check the product details. Detailed product information is displayed on the product detail page, which includes product specifications, seller information, and buyer reviews. All their products are published by seller members. Please click the “Contact” button to communicate with the seller for more details. So, here comes the topic, how to find a good seller? In fact, there are many ways to find good sellers. You can use advanced search tools to filter the sellers with the highest ratings. It’s important to check the seller’s feedback rating because this rating is based on comments from other buyers. Generally speaking, merchants with too low ratings will have various problems. Be sure to check product reviews, service feedback, and other relevant information. You can ask questions on the App. You can click “Q&A”, you can view the questions and answers of other buyers on the “Question List” page, or you can ask questions and wait for responses from other buyers who received the goods. If you still have any questions, please talk to the seller. Good sellers are usually happy to interact with interested buyers.

Download the app to make your shopping more convenient and faster

AliExpress has its own app. After downloading their app, you don’t have to bother to open the browser every time. You can easily click the app icon directly on your mobile desktop to start your shopping. On the app, you can also receive various coupons, and they will also actively send you various discount information in the form of text messages, which may be much more convenient than logging in and browsing after registering on the website, because you only need Log in once, then you will not log out of your account easily, which means you don’t have to log in again next time you use the app.