OnePlus 6T Release Date, Price, Design & Spec Rumours

OnePlus 6T Release Date, Price, Design & Spec Rumours

For OnePlus fans, the launch of OnePlus 6T must be their most exciting thing. OnePlus 6T remains veiled, and the rumors on the release date, price, and specifications make it more mysterious. I am going to make a summary of various kinds of speculations about OnePlus 6T. And I hope that you can find what you need in this article.

Here is the record of the release date of previous OnePlus phones:

    1. OnePlus 6 release date: 22nd May 2018
    2. OnePlus 5T: 21st November 2017
    3. OnePlus 5 release date: 11th June 2017
    4. OnePlus 3T release date: 15th November 2016
    5. OnePlus 3 release date: 14th June 2016
    6. OnePlus X release date: 29th October 2015
    7. OnePlus 2 release date: 28th July 2015
    8. OnePlus 1 release date: 23rd April 2014

How much Will OnePlus 6T Cost?

OnePlus phone is famous for its high configuration and low price, plus its gorgeous-looking. So the price of OnePlus 6T won’t be much higher than that of the current OnePlus 6 (64GB model at $557, 128GB model at $620, 256GB model at $625 ). Let’s talk about its design and configuration. You may feel that the quality of OnePlus 6T is second to none for this price.

What does OnePlus 6T look like & What are the different designs of OnePlus 6T from the previous OnePlus phone?
Since OnePlus 6T is the tweaked version of OnePlus 6, the overall appearance of OnePlus 6T will not differ from OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 has attracted people’s attention for its astonishing specs like amazing speed, high performance, bold all-glass design, and the 6.28-inch display with 19:9 aspect ratio. So we expect that OnePlus 6T will keep these edges and make some improvements in other aspects.

OnePlus 6T.jpg (1)

You may find that phones from different brands have the similar design – a screen notch. OnePlus 6 shares this design found on other phones, and OnePlus 6T is no exception. But it’s said that OnePlus 6T has a much smaller screen notch than OnePlus 6. As for the fingerprint scanner, it is a little bit hard to be embedded it in the screen. It’s a premium feature for most phones. Anyway, we still expect that OnePlus 6T can be equipped with an on-screen fingerprint scanner.


A set of conceptional pictures of OnePlus 6T has been exposed on the Internet recently. From the picture we can see that the whole shape of OnePlus 6T is very impressive – all-glass front and rear makes this phone more gorgeous and luxurious.

OnePlus 6T.jpg (4)

What Else Do We Expect?

A concept video of OnePlus 6T has been released. All we can know is that there are two major colors (black and red) available from the picture. Apart from its beautiful look, there are some potential new features of OnePlus 6T according to some leaks and rumors.

OnePlus 6T.jpg (5)

1.Wireless Charging

During the launch of OnePlus 6, the CEO Lau had given us a hint that the next T- model would be a bold all-glass one. The new glass back may allow wireless charging. Though it’s just a speculation, wireless charging is a trend that many other phone manufacturers want to join it. OnePlus may well get this function.


2.A QHD and/or HDR display

As for the design of the screen, OnePlus phones always feature full HD resolutions. With the smartphone screen ever changing in size, resolutions, full HD resolutions won’t be a bait anymore. People wonder that whether OnePlus 6T will be equipped with a QHD screen or higher.



OnePlus 6 is splash resistant at best. But in view of that, it’s not fully waterproof, OnePlus may make some improvements to make OnePlus 6T totally water-resist even being submerged in the water of a higher pressure. This must be a sheer edge that makes OnePlus 6T unrivaled.



Let’s talk about the hardware of OnePlus 6T. To keep up with the tradition, it’s possible that OnePlus 6T will come with the best chipset, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Also, there are rumors that OnePlus 6T will be able to support 5G connectivity. So the chances are that OnePlus 6T may be the first Snapdragon 855 smartphone before 2019.


5.Enhanced Photography

Huawei P20 Pro has been a hit in the market for it boasts three cameras at the rear which is unprecedented among other phones. However, from the concept picture, we can see that OnePlus 6T is also characterized by three cameras at the rear, a dual-camera at the front. Such design makes us a little bit curious about its shooting effect. Take a look at the picture, and you will find the lift front camera on the top of the phone, which is similar to the design of Vivo Nex Series. With the function of 3D face recognition, it should support face payment, so OnePlus 6T will provide us with two ways of unlocking the phone.


6.A whopping Storage

When it comes to storage size, most people will be fine with 64GB of storage. But some hardcore users won’t satisfy with a phone of 256GB, they got the high demand for the storage size of a phone. Since OnePlus phones don’t have an SD card slot, people always get stuck with the storage they choose. There are rumors suggesting that OnePlus 6T will bump up to the 512GB storage. So unless you are going to use your phone to store tons of local media and massive games, you will never fill up your 512GB phone.



It’s said that the OnePlus 6T battery capacity would be bigger than the previous generations of handsets, though there’s no clear information about the battery capacity of OnePlus 6T. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, OnePlus 6T won’t let you down – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset can help extend battery life, and OnePlus 6T allows for a quicker charging with an ultra-long standby time.
OnePlus 6T.jpg (6)

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