Other Ways to Say Merry Christmas

Other Ways to Say Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and you must be probably thinking of the gifts and greeting. There are millions of ways to wish Merry Christmas to your loved ones. Read along the article to uncover different ways to say happy holidays and other ways to wish a happy new year.

A sweet way to say Merry Christmas

A sweet way to say Merry Christmas

Sometimes words just don’t do enough justice to the feeling and joy of Christmas. So, you can always opt for a Christmas gift to make your loved ones happy. There are numerous gift options available in the market. You will definitely get something for your loved one. Here is a list of some of the Christmas gift:

  •    Amazon has some really great variety of products. You can buy an Amazon gift voucher as a Christmas. If not this, HotDealshave some really great deals. You can go through their website and buy a Christmas gift with great discounts.
  •    Skincare products are a great option as well. Women love receiving skincare products as gifts. So, one can definitely consider skincare products as a wise option.
  •    Greeting cards and a photo book is another excellent option although these methods of gift sound very cliché these days. However, there is nothing sweeter than a bunch of lovely expressive words.

Christmas and New Year are all about spreading happiness in every way. So, the size of the gift doesn’t matter. Your intentions and feeling are all that matters in the end.


Different ways to say happy holidays

There are indefinite ways of sending greeting. Some people find funny ways to say Merry Christmas. Others stick to some great happy holiday quotes. Everybody adapts their own unique way of sending greeting if you are looking for ways of sending Christmas greetings. Here is a record of different ways to say happy holidays:

1. Say it with a Text

This is one of the most common forms of sending wishes. Sending wishes through text messages is the most convenient way of wishing someone. You can use quotes like ‘greetings for the season’ or write Merry Christmas and send. People have loved the messaging facility for many reasons. Firstly, it involves no brainstorming. Secondly, it is extremely cheap. Lastly, it has become tough for people to take out time and visit someone personally or make a call to wish.


2. Say it with a Card

This ancient tradition of sending wishes is never going to die. Greeting cards still hold a beautiful place in our heart. Most try to preserve them for as long as possible. This is really one of the sweetest gestures to make to anybody. If you ever run out of options, a greeting card solves it up to you. You can even DIY a greeting card.


3. Say it with a Gift

Who doesn’t love gifts? Gifts are definitely a much-appreciated Christmas greeting. But, choosing the right gift is a little clingy task generally. However, Christmas is around the corner, and most shops are filling up their stock. So, you will definitely find some or the appropriate gift for your family, friend, and colleague.


If you do not want to go from something ordinary like what has been mentioned above, there are other ways to wish Merry Christmas creative. You can definitely plan a family or a couples Christmas trip. A Christmas away from the house and exploring the beauty of the world is something we wish from childhood. HotDeals has some really great travel deals. So, you must check them out before you make any final booking of your flights and hotels.


These were some of the ways to wish and send people Christmas greetings.

What to say instead of happy holidays?

What to say instead of happy holidays?

You must have seen people getting offended because you say wish happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas. But, the reason has remained a mystery to date. We wish Happy Holidays because the month of November to January is entirely dedicated to a bunch of festivals. Different people celebrate different festivals. Some celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas while others do not. So, in either case, you may offend some or the other. However, there is still a solution to this problem when you are not really aware of the festivals celebrated by a single person. You can definitely go for a term that includes everything within it. Happy Holidays is one of those broad terms. However, when you know about the festivals celebrated by a particular person sticking to the specific terms like Merry Christmas would make the celebration merrier.


Other ways to say New Year and Merry Christmas

Sticking to the ordinary happy holiday wishes have become too mainstream. There are numerous ways of wishing happy holidays. You can take help of phrases and quotes to send greetings over cards or text messages. If not that, you can use the same words but in different languages. It makes your text exciting and unique. So, here are some quotes you can use in your messages.

  •    The Magic of Christmas has begun; Family and Friends are its beautiful gifts. Merry Christmas.
  •    The season of spending lovely times and lighting up the Christmas tree is here. May this Christmas bring you a bucket of happiness and your New Year remains filled with wonders.
  •    Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year.
  •    There are many gifts around the Christmas tree. But the gift of your friendship is the best one. Thank you for sticking by, Merry Christmas.
  •    The music of Christmas is laughter, and the warmth is friendship. The Spirit of Christmas is Love. Merry Christmas.
  •    Christmas is the most engaging time of the year. So, make sure to bake, eat and celebrate.

These are some of the Christmas quotes you can use in your greeting cards and text messages.


Way to say Merry Christmas in Different Languages

Way to say Merry Christmas in Different Languages

Sending greeting in different have become more like a trend these days. It doesn’t matter if you know a particular language or not. Google has made everything possible these days. You can straight away head to a language translating tool, and you will have a solid greeting ready with you. Here are some of the Christmas wishes in different languages:

  •    Joyeux Noël is the French translation for Merry Christmas.
  •    Bada Din Mubarak Ho is a Christmas wish exchanged between people of Pakistan and India.
  •    Felices fiestas are the Spanish translation
  •    Glad Helge in Swedish.
  •    Frohes Fest is the German translation

These were some of the common languages people exchange wishes. You can head to various tools like Google translate to create your own set of unique wishes. You can buy gifts on Amazon and click here to get Amazon promo codes and deals.