Top 10 Interview Tips for College Students

Top 10 Interview Tips for College Students

With the development of education system and people’s new cognition of the importance of education, the number of college graduates is increasing. As a result, there are millions of graduates prepare to enter into the work circle every year. However, the high speed of economic development gives rise to the higher requirements for job hunters in all aspects, such as educational background, work experience, cooperation and communication abilities as well as others. Besides, before you send an application letter, you have to make a research about the background of the company, which includes its development history and situation, market prospect, industrial structure, and at the same time, you have to learn about its employee benefits and promotion systems. Therefore, it is not easy for every student to find a well-content job.

What is the key point for you to find a job? It’s the job interview. A successful interview plays a vital role in the success of your job application. Thus, I will share with you the very useful top 10 interview tips:

1. Know yourself and think about want kind of job you want.

Many students graduating from school may become perplexed about their future and job. Don’t be sightless to apply for a job immediately. At first, you can ruminate over your abilities, charters and other subjective reasons related to your job application and then confirm your job orientation, which will help you avoid making some wrong decisions and wasting time in finding a job.

Know yourself and think about want kind of job you want

2. Make a detailed research about the company.

The company you choose, to a certain extent, determines your future. Therefore, a careful research about the company is necessary. You can learn about the development situation and market value of the company, which reveals its prospect. Moreover, its employee benefits are what you need to pay high attention to, as which will directly relate to your salary range and promotion prospect.

Make a detailed research about the company

3. Write a perfect cover letter.

In an interview, a beautiful and delicate cover letter is very important. Under normal conditions, a perfect cover letter may help you defeat some competitors and impress the Interviewers. In the cover letter, you should highlight your advantages, exclusive abilities, work experiences and explicit job intention. Make your cover letter content rich and concisely by providing your job experience in a detailed way like how you successfully help your company make a profit.

Write a perfect cover letter

4. Find out the common interview questions and summarize the best answers according to your conditions.

You search the questions and answers on the internet and write down and adapt to your conditions. Be sure to keep in mind that don’t adopt the common answers, try to find some exclusive but convincing ones. Don’t just recite the answers during an interview. Try to put your emotion into your words and be honest about what you said.

Find out the common interview questions

5. Make a great and distinctive first impression.

For dressing, you can dress up yourself formally and do a light and natural makeup if you are a woman. Don’t dress casually or unusually, such as wearing a pair of slippers, shorts or hats with other decorations.

When you step into the interview room, keep the mind to knock the door at first, and before and after the interview, remember to send your respects to the Interviewers. For wording, remember not to interrupt the interviewers when they are talking.

Make a grea first impression

6. Be careful of your body language.

Interviewers are always mindful of the job seekers’ body language. In their eyes, the body language reflects a person’s character and politeness. When you are required to stand up in an interview, remember don’t try to sit down, don’t put your hands in your trouser pocket, and don’t frequently scratch your head. When you required to sit down in an interview, sit up straight and don’t cross your legs. All these gestures are impolite.

Proper body language

7. Take a good control of your answer time.

The interviewers may talk with hundreds of interviewees a day and they may feel tired and bored especially when you are the latter 50 ones. So it’s better for you to give the direct and concise answers to what they asked. Don’t hang around the questions. Keep focusing on the key points.

Be aware of answer time

8. Arrive earlier than others.

The day before your interview, you should check the route and make sure you won’t late for the interview (Take the factors of climate change and traffic jam into your time of driving to the interview place). Remember to set your alarm clock at least half an hour earlier than your estimated driving time. Job hunters who arrive earlier can not only impress the interviewees but also improve their own confidence. A least, you Don’t need to hurry to the room and start the interview in a rush sweating a lot.

Arrive earlier

9. Show your enthusiasm for the job and motivation to perform well in the company.

Interviewers pay high attention to your ambition and activeness in getting the job and your attitude towards your work. Because in their eyes, if someone is interested in a job, he or she will certainly tries his or her best to do well in his or her work. On the contrary, if the job seeker shows no passion for the job, they can make no progress, let alone supporting the team to go forward.

show enthusiasm for the job

10. Send a thank-you letter or email to the company or make a call a phone back to the company to show your gratitude.

Since there are too many job seekers, it is easy for interviewers to forget any of them. A thank-you letter or email or a phone call is a way to remind them of you and also a polite deed to express your appreciation of their time during the interview.

Send a thank-you letter

In a word, the interview is of great importance for every one of you who want to find a satisfying job. Although there are more and more competitors in your field, some of which may be more excellent than you, don’t be afraid of that. Just keep in mind these top ten interview tips to surpass others. A good job is not far away from you!