Where did the Word Christmas Come from

Where Did the Word Christmas Come from

The glorious Christmas is celebrated during the fall of the year. To recognize the same, 25th December is declared as the Christmas Day and a national holiday.  The Christmas Day, as the name suggests is celebrated as a remembrance to Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. However, no such evidence exists that 25th December was his birthday. Enlighten yourself with the Christmas history as elegantly described and briefed in the article below. No one can neglect the positive and merrymaking atmosphere of Christmas. The significance of decorations and celebrations are mentioned down below. Explore where did the word Christmas come from. Shopping and giving gift’s are an important custom of this holiday period. Confused with best online shopping stores? Visit Hot Deals for the latest offer on coupons and tempting deals. Buy clothing and dress materials from eBags and Dresswe for quality shopping. Shop anything and everything in the multiple stores available on HotDeals.

Don’t you think festivals and celebrations are a wonderful source of joy and love? Indeed they are. Every beginning of a festive period is accompanied by positive energy and excitement. Each festival stands out for its respective significance and traditions. It is commonly observed that each festival is related to unique religious beliefs. The culture, community and celebration customs differ with existing festivals and the history associated with it.

Which festivals are you fond of? Well, obviously there must be a long list. However, Christmas is one of the most loved, sacred and cultural festivals celebrated worldwide. The Christmas meaning is beautiful, diversified and interpretable. This festival remarks an important event in the Christian community. The festival is a reflection of a central figure of Christianity- Lord Jesus Christ although the essence of Christmas is so pure that it is universally celebrated by billions of people both Christians and non-Christians.

The night of 25th December is recognized as the Christmas Eve, and the world is drowned in the beauty of this festive night. Adults, youth and children are seen rejoicing and showering love throughout the Christmas period.


The real history of Christmas

The Christmas history dates back to the early 17th century. It is believed that the onset of Christmas began before the existence of Jesus Christ. The importance of celebration and ceremonies was induced by the early European civilization. They used to survive the dark winter days and nights with various warm celebrations. A festival called Yule was celebrated from 21 December to the mid-January. It was celebrated in honor of returning of the sun. The men in the family used to collect wood and logs in order to light a bonfire. The bonfire would continue to keep them warm for a few days. Chilling winters became one of the many reasons for celebrations. One of them being harvesting of crops, slaughtering of shepherds and fermentation of beer and wine during this period.

Meanwhile, in Rome, another festival called Saturnalia was celebrated in honor of Saturn. He was regarded as the God of Agriculture. The food resources used to be a handful, drinks were widely available, and the town protocols were changed. The farmers and low caste people used to rule and command during this period. The children and kids were barred from work and study to enjoy the gala. Slowly, the story behind Christmas was unveiling.


Origin of Christmas

Origin of Christmas

The origin of Christmas was during the inception of Christianity years. One of the main events commemorating in winters was Easter. This was a significant holiday period in the late Decembers. Although at that time the birth of Jesus wasn’t the reason for celebration. However, it was during the 4th century when priests and officials proposed to recognize Jesus’s birth as a holiday. Chaos and doubts came along as there was no pinpoint mentioned in the Bible about Christ’s birthdate. The church officials were highly influenced and inspired by the Nativity Feast Custom- the Saturnalia festival. Later in 440 AD, Pope Julius I passed the order of celebrating 25th December as the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus. Since then, the birthday of Jesus Christ was recognized and remembered on 25th December. The evident Christmas information took no time to spread over Egypt, England, and Russia.

However, Christmas didn’t attract much attention in England until the 19th century. After the 19th century, the English Christmas came into the picture. The Christmas meaning and importance were valued only after that.


The existence of the word ‘Christmas.’

People are always involved in the hustle of Christmas celebration. They tend to neglect what a fancy and meaningful collection of letters is the word Christmas. Ever wondered why it is called so? Or where did it find its root? Well, there have been thousands of speculations into this aspect of word origin. For those who heard the word for the first time, relate it with the concept of Christ’s birth. Eureka! That was the actual scenario. The story behind Christmas word takes you back to the era after Lord Jesus’s existence.

It is known to be originated from the English word Cristemasse, indicating Christ’s mass. The research was made back then in 1038. The word Christ is inspired by Christos- Greek word which means anointed or messiah. The second part ‘masse’ has its roots from the Latin word missa. The meaning of missa is still a debatable topic. Blending the essence and vocabulary of the word came into existence the word Christmas.

Words transform, modify and enhance with time. The spelling, pronunciation, and usage vary along with the modernization. The statement is justified as the existence of word Xmas is a perfect epitome.

The late centuries saw the celebration of modern Christmas, followed by a new transformed word Xmas. It is the sweet shortened version of Christmas. Many interpret the letter X as the English alphabet ‘X.’ However, it is not the case. The word Xmas represents the first letter Chi or X in Greek word ‘Christ’ Although the meaning of both the words is similar.


Meaning of Christmas

Meaning of Christmas

The festivals are an essential and vital part of human race. Besides spreading good deeds and love, they are known to bring in the importance of culture and tradition. Exploring and learning the values, religious practices and beliefs all serve as the purpose of a festival. Similarly, the merrymaking Christmas Eve represents the eternal life and love of almighty. Every decorative element of Christmas reflects significant meanings. The festival is a symbol of joy and enthusiasm, but above all, it stands out for the love and respect for humanity. It is an indication of the endless faith in God.


Christmas Celebration

What is the best part of Christmas? Is celebration the popping answer? Well, human beings tend to find reasons to celebrate. The popular events such as jubilee, galas, and triumph are the top reasons. This act of merrymaking is totally justified as happiness is all we strive for. Christmas celebrations and decorations derive the true Christmas meaning. After all, the festive eve is all about spending quality time with family and loved ones, decorating Christmas trees, cooking, shopping, and exchanging gifts and blessings.

The Christmas tree serves as a perfect centerpiece amidst various décor. The evergreen tree stands alone loaded with gifts, tinsels, balls and is illuminated with lights. Besides the beautiful and magnificent Christmas tree, the Christmas feast is the biggest attraction. The family members come along together to garnish the food with love. How can one forget the awaited arrival of Santa Claus? This embarks the gift exchanging ceremony with children and dear ones.

The clubs, streets, shops, and homes are glorified with lights, candles and Christmas tree. The Christmas songs and carols are the perfect rhythms to the holiday period. Mistletoes and Christmas costumes are one of the integral parts of this festive night.


Best holiday period of the Year

Best holiday period of the year

The Christmas celebrations commence on the night of 24th December and are followed until the New Year’s Eve. The mid-December period is the best vacation period to enjoy and rejuvenate with family and friends. The festival is often celebrated for 12 days in many communities. Each community follows their respective customs and traditions. The satisfying part is the purpose and values behind the festival remains the same in each community. So, we hope you understood what does the word Christmas mean broken down. Additionally, if you want to buy some gifts for your relatives and friends on Amazon, you can click here to get Amazon coupon codes and promotional deals.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!