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Suzanne Hudson

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Like any great story, the historical backdrop of Benihana starts with the descendent of a samurai warrior and a little Tokyo coffee shop. Soon after the war, Yunosuke Aoki (a samurai descendent and well known performer) chose to begin a coffee shop with his better half, Katsu. Needing to offer something else than other coffee shops in the zone, Yunosuke Aoki rode his bicycle more than 20 miles to buy genuine sugar to serve in his shop. This energy for accomplishing something other than what's expected grabbed the attention of his child, Hiroaki. As did the shop's name: Benihana. After school, Hiroaki (or Rocky, as he would wind up known) moved to the U.S. to seek after his fantasy of opening his own particular eatery. One that joined his dad's style for accomplishing something other than what's expected with food that was genuinely vital. However, with minimal expenditure to his name, Rocky's way was not a simple one. He begun by offering dessert in the city of Harlem while examining eatery administration during the evening. The frozen yogurt business ended up being extremely productive, thanks to some degree to the brilliant Japanese mixed drink umbrellas he added to the treats, and he figured out how to set aside $10,000 for his first Benihana eatery. With his seed cash set up, Rocky applied for a new line of credit and utilized it to begin America's first Japanese teppanyaki eatery on West 56th road. Named after his folks' Tokyo coffee shop, Benihana opened in 1964, highlighting a bona fide Japanese farmhouse inside and food arranged on steel teppanyaki barbecues directly before customers. His exceedingly prepared teppanyaki culinary specialists pleased customers with complex blade work and showy behavior. Also delicious food. In any case, it wasn't until unbelievable food pundit Clementine Paddleford gave Benihana a rave survey that the eatery truly took off, paying for itself in only a half year. Before long, Rocky opened a second Benihana in New York and a third Benihana eatery in Chicago. By 1972, there were six Benihana areas in the United States, with additionally opening each day. Tragically, Rocky Aoki kicked the bucket in 2008 at 69 years old. In any case, his heritage lives on with in excess of 70 Benihana eateries in the United States, Caribbean, and Central and South America, and in excess of 100 million suppers served.

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