Whatever your business, the way you communicate what you do to the customers you have (and the customers you want to have) makes a difference. Yes, what you say is important--but how it looks when printed is just as critical. Choosing the right font style, design specifications, and other creative flourishes can make the path to success downright beautiful. That's what motivates Extensis. Their more than 20-year-old Portland, OR based company works hard to make you look good. But Extensis is more than just a pretty face; they also design the software that ensures the digital integrity of the fonts and styles they make. So you can know that when you are using their work, it's not going to fail at a critical moment (like in the middle of a presentation or just before printing for your biggest campaign yet). Extensis is passionate about creativity, and that works in your favor.
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November 2016 Save $20 on Your Order
November 2016 Get 20% off All Your Order
November 2016 Get 20% off on All Your Order
November 2016 25% off Your Entire Purchase
November 2016 Save $20 on Your Order
August 2016 10% off
April 2017 10% off Suitcase Fusion 6

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