FamZoo has developed a unique online service that helps parents teach their kids the value of money. FamZoo is an online virtual family bank that allows parents to take on the role of a banker. The system enables parents to control their children’s allowance spending habits and encourage them to save. It can also be used as a means of teaching them how payments and the banking system work in the real world. As the banker you will manage your child’s IOU accounts and prepaid card accounts. You get to set the terms and they follow them like any bank customer would. FamZoo makes it a point to offer families safe and secure system they keep all their personal information away from prying eyes. With the FamZoo family bank your kids will be planning their monthly expenses and working hard to earn their allowance. Not a single penny will be taken for granted again.
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March 2017 Its America Saves Week ...
February 2017 FamZoo's prepaid cards and award winning app & extra free month
August 2016 Teach your kids the money skills they aren’t learning in school! They’ll learn good spending, saving, and giving habits with FamZoo\'s prepaid cards and award winning app. Use Coupon code BTS2016 for an extra free month. Offer ends 9/30/16.
August 2016 Back To School: extra free month of FamZoos online family banking system
January 2016 Free 1-month Trial On Prepaid Card Accounts
January 2016 Extra free month of FamZoo online family banking system
April 2017 One-month Free Trial on Prepaid Card Accounts
April 2017 Two-month Free Trial on IOU Accounts

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