Purdy's Chocolates is the online store of Canadian Chocolates. The founder of prudy is Richard Carmon Purdy who started selling homemade chocolates in 1907 in Vancouver Canada. Now their shops are opened worldwide and serving people with delicious and yummy chocolates. Purdy do not compromise on their chocolate quality and use fresh ingredients like cocoa , milk , butter cream and sugar from local and if needed from all around the world to make their chocolate from one of the premium quality chocolates As Purdy's Chocolate are free from preservatives they have a very short shelf life and are made to eat fresh? Chocolate expertise of Prudy analyzes the taste and quality of the chocolate to serve you with a best chocolate to eat. They also give classes to teach how to make best quality homemade chocolates. Purdy is known for its fantastic chocolate, fantastic people in their kitchen, and the fantastic services provide by them.
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