Professional Animoto Plan comes at $22/month only.
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At a minimal price of $22/ month only you can get access to unbelievably beautiful videos style, professional and customizable both, 2000 music tracks. You can add your own logo to it as well.

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Animoto is a famous web application that helps produce creative videos from your already created videos, photos and music. The Animoto online service analyzes the pictures or videos you provide to generate a new video trailer adding the effects, theme and music, which suit your video or picture the most. Animoto has a team of professionals, who have honed their skills working in the post-production department of various TV channels and hence, are able to produce professional content that is on-par with the content we find on TV and films. The service was started in 2006 and became available as a website in 2007. The service spread like wildfire and in a span of only two years the Animoto website roped in 1 million registered users from 150 countries around the world.