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The Allegiant air offers you to travel cheap because it is one of the low-cost airlines with 1,800 employees. Their market share is 3.1 million and they are publicly traded. The Allegiant air enables you to get the advantage of a comfortable journey. If you want to get the advantage of convenient travel at a low rate, then Allegiant air will be a great choice for you. The Allegiant air was started under the WestJet Express name and now it is famous as Allegiant air. It is really easy to travel by Allegiant air because you can visit their website, check their deals and get the advantage of one perfect deal. The Allegiant air will simplify your travel because they offer discounts and numerous facilities. Despite wasting your time and money on substandard airlines, you can get the advantage of Allegiant air. This will prove helpful because they have the best deals and comfortable planes to travel. Purchasing at Allegiant air, you will boast the most satisfying and comfortable consumption experience. High-quality products are provided along with ideal after-sales service so that you can place an order at ease to the most extent. Allegiant air regards it as a great honor that you choose its products bursting with trust, so Allegiant air will also make a commitment to you and its commitment to doing its best to make you have a pleasant shopping journey will never fail. Before paying for its products, please check Allegiant air Promo Codes and Coupons on HotDeals.com to get the best deal! So why wait?

Allegiant air Customer Service Phone Numbers

If you have any questions, please contact with Allegiant air customer service which will provide you with a satisfying answer patiently and in a timely manner. Allegiant air will carefully check the goods before each shipping. Additional, If you have some questions about the delivery, or the low reply from customer service, or the color difference problem, you can first check whether the Allegiant air FAQ can answer you on these issues. If you can not find the corresponding answer, the following are our various specific contact information and you can contact us at any time. We will try our best to serve you.

  • Toll-Free Number
    (866) 719-3910
  • Official Website
  • Customer Service
    (702) 505-8888
    (702) 430-3283
    (702) 719-8111
  • Mailing Address
    1201 N. Town Center Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada 89144, United States
  • Social Media Contacts

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Allegiant air FAQ

Can you tell me how to get in touch with Allegiant air customer service if I have problems with my order?

To contact Allegiant air customer service, you can use the information provided on this page in the upper section. You can either call or email them directly. Or you can send them an email by using the email address.

How can I return an item purchased from allegiantair.com?

First of all, you need to check the return policy on the website to make sure your item is eligible and the return period has not expired. Then you can contact customer service for further instructions. You may make your returns by mail or in stores.

What is the process for canceling an order at Allegiant air?

To start with, you can get in touch with the customer support team for instructions. If your order has been shipped, you may still be able to cancel it, you just need to return the items once you receive them. For further information, you can go through the related policy on the website.

How do I exchange an item at allegiantair.com?

To process an exchange, you need to check out the return policy first. Or you can contact customer service for more instructions. If the store does not offer exchanges, you can make a return and request a refund.

How do I file a complaint at allegiantair.com?

If you are not pleased with your experience at the store, contact customer service and let them know what the issue is. The store has a team that can look into it and helps get it resolved. Also, you can go through the store's complaint resolution process to file your complaint.

Allegiant air Reviews & Rating

Marie Matteson

Bundle Deals

Looked for a good deal to Vegas, airfare and hotel. Read the fine print. RESORT FEE was charged to me when I checked OUT. The amount was not disclosed at booking, after booking or check in at the partnered hotel. Flamingo. imo it's deceptive a practice.

Clifford Sacks

What an awful experience trying to book…

What an awful experience trying to book on the Allegiant website : every trick in the book to try and upsell- and then at the last minute -suddenly the fare I selected was no longer available and the price 20% higher. What a scam. Awful experience




Ian Burke

You get what you pay for....

My wife and I flew Allegiant to go on our honeymoon in Las Vegas. The flight from Appleton to Las Vegas was uneventful, which is all one really expects from air travel. The attendants were engaged and pleasant, and the flight was on time all around. We had a wonderful experience.


Flight cancelled 3.5 hours prior to…

Flight cancelled 3.5 hours prior to boarding time.

Isabel Berry

Buyer/flyer beware

Buyer beware! Pay for your luggage AFTER you are packed and 100% sure of what you are taking with you! I changed my baggage the day before my flight from 2 checked bags to 1. In the end, I was charged for 3 bags. The "refund" for the baggage was issued in the form of a voucher that expires in 10 months NOT a refund to the credit card. I don't expect to fly anywhere they fly for another year, so they get to keep my $164. UNFAIR business practice!!!

Scott Linscott

A dog crapped on us! Seriously.

Flying from Tampa to Portsmouth, a woman in our row took her cute dog out and had it on her lap. She ignored the stewardess telling her pets must remain in their bags, twice. The stewardess did nothing to insist on compliance. The dog had diarrhea all over the place, ruining my wife's tennis shoes and bag. I contacted Allegiant asking for reimbursement or vouchers. Agent Ben told me there would be no reimbursement or vouchers as Allegiant "has no control over the behavior of passengers."

Mi B

Simply terrible and a disgrace how they…

Simply terrible and a disgrace how they treat their passengers. Had a 4:35 departure and the plane was there and ready to board us. However, another group of passengers had been delayed for 2 hours. They said they would do a simple plane switch and we would just have a 1 hour delay. This then turned into a 3 hour delay and then a 7 hour delay departing at 11:00 pm. Eventually, gave us $8 food vouchers good for 24 hours at a restaurant that had been closed for hours. Even the employees were embarrassed as how this was ran. Zero compensation for their complete lack of caring and mis-management. Stay far away.

Victoria Mikiewicz

My flight was suppose to take off at…8:55 pm

My flight was suppose to take off at 8:55pm. Flight delayed until 12 AM. Left in the Rochester NY Airport. No food

Cory Trucksess

Allegiant is actually horrible

Allegiant is actually horrible. I understand delays due to mechanical issues, but they offer ZERO customer service at the gate. The flight was delayed 3 times and the personnel left the gate for 2 hours without an explanation or update. Try to get a CSR Rep on the phone…… good luck. I would give Allegiant less than 1 star if that was possible. Avoid at all costs.

Steve Bagby

Get what you pay for

We should all know that you get what you pay for and Allegiant Air is exactly that. They nickel and dime every add on that you'd like from luggage, seat selection, when you board and even bottled water. Their planes are refurbished older models with seats that are uncomfortable and don't recline. The ticketing staff is usually not the most pleasant (my experience only) and the flight crew are also not the best you will find in the air. HOWEVER, you do save a little money. You just need to decide if the constant delays, cancellations, poor service, uncomfortable seating, and overall poor experience is worth it for you.

Alex Garcia

Nobody Answering Their Phones

Good luck trying to get someone on the phone for customer service & try to get a refund even when you book one day before cancelling. E-mail is the preferred method since they got back to me at a decent time with that.

Arrio Hoffman

Cancelled our flight and offered no compensation or reimbursement for lodging or transportation

Early evening flight was initially delayed to roughly 9:30pm, so I asked what the likelihood was that they would cancel it and was assured it wouldn't be cancelled by the Allegiant attendant in the airport. Then they told us that they were having trouble staffing the plane; they couldn't find enough flight attendants. After another delay until around 11pm we were finally told that it was an "extended delay" and we could return the following morning at 7am to fly out. Even though it wasn't weather related, we were not offered any compensation for transportation from the airport or lodging for the night. Worst experience with an airline.

david janes

The flight to where I wanted go went…

The flight to where I wanted go went without issue. The flight back? What flight back? Oh you must be talking about the flight they kept delaying then ultimately canceled. Forget about calling them to get some kind of answer or update. I eventually had to spend another couple hundred dollars on another airline just so I could make it home before the following f*ckn'friday.. f*** allegiant

David Vasold

Had a family death in my family and…

Had a family death in my family and called customer service to get help with canceling a flight. Flight was due to depart in 3 days. Spoke with Austin with no regard to my issue. Finally was able to cancel with a voucher only later when try to use voucher the next day to use the voucher was told it expired. Long story, gave up on voucher booked another flight after debating this Paul Smith and Gary Morgan and threaten to sue. Allegiant has good pricing but doesn't care one bit about customers or posted policies.

Luis Useche

Flight missed for shows 15 minutes early

I book with them a whole vacation package, flight supposed to depart at 7:30 am, I showed at gate at 7:15, ai beg lady at the front desk to let me in, she just said NO and doesn't even speak with me.


Excellent carrier

Excellent carrier. Cannot best their rates. Staff is friendly. Highly recommended!

Robert Taylor

I fly Allegiant at least twice a year

I fly Allegiant at least twice a year, I have never had any problems that were to big to handle. In the past 4 years I have flown out of Punta Gorda to Westchester airport, Allen town. South Carolina and back to Punta Gorda 2 times we were delayed once was plane trouble (was glad they delayed us for safety reasons, other was weather -beyond their control. I live with in 10 mins of the Punta Gorda airport and am glad we have Allegiant there. I am hoping they add a flight yo Pensacola fl so I could go to friends and business on weekends.


Flights cancelled. No options.

Flight was cancelled with no explanation. Email message gave a website and phone number. Tried website first. After almost a dozen attempts to revise travel -- in which I made it past the payment option -- I only got error messages saying something unexpected occured. Next, I tried the phone number. It took more than 20 calls to the number before I was connected to the automated systems. I've now been on hold for almost 2 and a half hours.

Shakila Razack

Allegiant Air my domestic Airline❣️

Allegiant Air is one domestic Airline, I frequently use for my domestic travels !! They have direct flights to certain destinations on specific days from CLE .It is a no frills Airlines , but it gets you from point A to point B directly. Wonder why they stopped their direct flights from Cleveland , Ohio to Austin , Texas . It was always full 🤷‍♀️

William Nelson

Affordable pricing, no issues.

Affordable pricing, no issues. I see a lot of people complaining on here, seems like entitled people who think the airplane is just sitting in the airport for no reason. You think the pilot enjoys doing nothing too? Be a little more patient. I feel Allegiant is great for the price and it was no different than JetBlue which cost 2x more. I will use Allegiant whenever possible, and hope to see them expand to further airports in the future.


Jonathan was awesome he helped me with…

Jonathan was awesome he helped me with making a reservation for my sister and helping me with my voucher. He was friendly helpful very knowledgeable and courteous Can’t say enough good Things about him he is an offset for sure to allegiant people Like himself are the reason I fly your airline thank you so much Jonathan did the best job and was so patient and understanding I am an old senior citizen and he help me through the whole process thank you Jonathan

Mike K

I fly with Allegiant about twice a…

I fly with Allegiant about twice a month and have nothing but good things to say about them.

True American

Allegiant was the last airline to…

Allegiant was the last airline to implement mask. There is absolutely no science to support mask wearing. In fact studies shown the don’t work in stopping viral spread. Masking people who are not sick is useless. I pay to fly and the government with our tax dollars subsidize airlines. So if doesn’t end I will not fly any longer and will be utilizing RV. Mask aren’t meant to ever be touched and you are supporting the spread of containment face coverings by doing this.

lin friend

I had purchased a flight before the…

I had purchased a flight before the “Great American Shut Down” (aka COIVD-19). I was able to resolve my original flight with WONDERFUL customer service (S/O to an employee named Suzanne). This airline really does take into consideration with each individual & their circumstances. The managers/support staff are what keep the people coming back. (As well as the pricing). #TeamAllegiant


Better than you first think

I had to give them the full 5* as the scathing Google reviews I had read before travel gave me a terrible impression of them. The flight was great. On time. Comfortable. The crew were lovely. I was more surprised as I was expecting hell. They did good.

Melissa Miles

Great "No Frills" Option!

We live in Savannah, and love having the option to fly direct to BWI. It's great and affordable. My husband recently had a to change a reservation due to expected bad weather (Hurricane Dorian), and even before decision was made to cancel the flight, they worked to reschedule him without fees. Very good service.

Terrance S.

“Great Value for your money”

I know, I know the tickets are inexpensive but they nickel and dime you ad nauseam on the add-ons. Well get over it. Don't pick your seat, don't check luggage and don't buy a coke. If you are a Active Military or a veteran or a family member you can pick your seat for free and you can check up to 3 pieces of luggage at no charge. Flight attendants and pilot were fantastic.

Monique Davis

Excellent service by Sylvester with my…

Excellent service by Sylvester with my reservation.


Great value to many destinations

Great value to many destinations. Non-stop flights! Their fleet of planes are new!

John M.

“Safety Focus Always”

We were seated and ready to taxi and the pilot came on and informed us the ground crew saw a spot on the wind that they did not like, possible lighten hit. After a careful inspect they decided that the plane was not going to fly. They had us de-plane and moved us to gate 6. After an hour and a half we boarded our new plane ( Air-Bus 320) We felt very safe. I hold a high standard to Allegiant Airline for high standards in safety for me, my Love Kim and every other passage. Great Work Allegiant. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g1-d*******-r*******-Allegiant_Air-World.html#

Robert Lindsay Thomp

Had read negative reviews and was…

Had read negative reviews and was skeptical. Long term fan of Southwest Air. Allegiant beat them in all categories: on time, inexpensive, easy app, better notifications; whole experience. Direct flight from Nashville to Savannah and Myrtle Beach back. Five star.

Monroe Smith

Excellent customer service but the…

Excellent customer service but the plane flights can sometimes be delayed and they will text all information if delayed and etc. I am talking about catching a flight from Greensboro, NC to Tampa Bay or Orlando FL.


I love Allegiant!!!

I love Allegiant! they are truly transparent in letting you know EVERYTHING. I also like the way they text and email your check in time a day before your flight.Staff and pilots are friendly and helpful!.


Cancelled our flight out of Las Vegas …

Cancelled our flight out of Las Vegas and rescheduled​ us for a flight 30 hrs later. No explanation. Completely uncaring counterlady named Christy. Cost us approximately $1200 in lost wages animal Care, food etc. There is a problem with Allegiant out of Vegas. Friends on another Allegiant flight that same day was delayed over 12 hrs. I've had good luck with Allegiant going in and out of Florida. However they have really bad issues getting out of Las Vegas!!!



Great price and no hiccups at all. Will definitely fly with them again!


Great service and price

Booked our tickets to Florida for the holiday disney trip and realized after that we had clicked, and paid, for something we didnt need to. In our panic we called and they were courteous and helpful. Great prices and staff, we have flown with them before and it has always been pleasant! Cant wait for our trip soon!

Rebecca Strawn

Pilots&Crew great! But telephone people 👎

I don't think the crew, and the pilots especially, are anything but extroidinere. My problem is with the office folks and those manning the phones. If they could actually have managed to take my call, they would have been able to know my husband had to back out this flight, and they could have sold his seat. Nobody wants to go on a website and start canceling half the party on the flight, for fear they somehow cancel out themselves. This needs to be done by a representative.


I have no problems with Allegiant…

I have no problems with Allegiant flying non-stop short flights, although flights are limited. Don't expect free refreshments/entertainment considering the cost.

Maryann Johnson

My ticket was entered clearly

My ticket was entered clearly, correctly and quite quickly. The agent spoke clearly and made sure I understood everything he said.


not bad at all!

they handled hotel air and car for a great deal. would definitely fly with them again.

Bea C.

Great prices and easy experience

I bought my family tickets to come and visit us in Florida and was impressed with the great prices and my son said the airport and flight were easy and smooth. I have also used them and again great price, the only thing i would say is to clean up a bit. The plane made me nervous when the trays and seat were not well taken care of. It makes it seem like you skimp on the details. All in all a good experience.

4.0 (152)

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