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How much have you gone through to get the body you’ve always wanted? If you’re like most people, you’ve tried diet and exercise and you still haven’t gotten very far. With today’s diet, you need a way to lose weight and inches without so much hassle. You’re tired of failing, and you need an answer to this dilemma. BeachBody can help you. They have all kinds of products you can use to shape and tone your body, and you never knew getting fit could be this much fun. They carry different types of supplements that will help you give your body exactly what it needs. You’ll also find lots of workout options and diet plans that you can tailor to fit your unique needs. It’s depressing when you work so hard to lose weight and don’t get anywhere. Make some changes with BeachBody. Their home fitness programs are just what you need. BeachBody is a store with a lot of returned customers and a renowned reputation. Since its establishment, BeachBody has always adhered to the brand concept of "serving for customers", and has applied practicality and professionalism to every detail of product production. Through years of experience accumulation. BeachBody has been able to create a personalized experience for each customer, truly achieving great value for money! Great products are directly purchased from manufacturers, with unique styles and complete sizes. There must be one suitable for you! Find and use the best BeachBody Coupons, Coupon Codes at HotDeals when you place an order.

BeachBody Customer Service Phone Numbers

If you have any questions, please contact with BeachBody customer service which will provide you with a satisfying answer patiently and in a timely manner. BeachBody will carefully check the goods before each shipping. Additional, If you have some questions about the delivery, or the low reply from customer service, or the color difference problem, you can first check whether the BeachBody FAQ can answer you on these issues. If you can not find the corresponding answer, the following are our various specific contact information and you can contact us at any time. We will try our best to serve you.

  • Toll-Free Number
    (310) 883-9000
  • Official Website
  • Mailing Address
    3301 Exposition Blvd., Santa Monica, California 90404, United States
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BeachBody FAQ

How can I get in touch with BeachBody customer service to solve my problems?

There are a few options for getting in touch with BeachBody customer service. You can find the contact information listed on this page, and you can either call or email the support team.

What are the common reasons behind customers calling BeachBody support?

If you want to get assistance with returns, exchanges, billing queries, available discounts, or shipping and delivery options, you can reach out to BeachBody customer service to get your problems solved.

What should I do if my call to customer service is not successful?

If you are not happy with the results of your call, you can always call back. But before this, you should know where you think the call went wrong from the first call. You can also make use of live chat or contact formula on the store website to describe your concerns.

How to exchange an item purchased from beachbody.com?

You can start with the exchange policy on the website. Find out the conditions you need to meet and make sure you finish the process within the time frame. If you have any issues with your exchange, feel free to get help from the customer service team.

What are the tips for contacting BeachBody customer service?

First of all, you can prepare in advance and make sure you have all the necessary information such as order number and account details. Also, you should call the support team during off hours. If the store offers 24-hour customer service, try calling very early in the morning or very late at night to get through quickly.

BeachBody Reviews & Rating


I've been a member of Beach Body (now…

I've been a member of Beach Body (now BODI) for about 7 years now, I've gone through all of the price changes/merging with Open Fit/Live workouts and its still cheaper and more convenient than going to a gym. I accidently cancelled my membership when i was looking to upgrade and i called their customer service who logged me straight back in - a few people do this and its so easy to fix. Do i like the price increase - no, am i likely to join a gym - no, is BODI convenient with a mass amount of choice - Yes. Simple. I don't buy their extras and i still have plenty of choice in what workout i choose when I'm not sure what i want to do.

Cassandra Almeida

Love the variety of workouts

Love the variety of workouts, and the plethora of nutrition support tools.

Jennifer Estrela

I Have been a member of BBOD for over 5…

I Have been a member of BBOD for over 5 years and I can’t stop! I have transformed my body and fitness and health level beyond recognition. I have 3 children and by the time I was done nursing my 3rd child I was 37 years old and 235lbs. BBOD made working out go from a thing I should do to something I love to do and crave to do. There are so many workouts to choose from, variety of programs and trainers and levels - literally something for everyone at every fitness level. I pick a program press play and enjoy the workout. The trainers are knowledgeable and they motivate you - you feel like you are there with them and part of the crew!

Joe B

Lift 4 is the real deal

Lift 4 is the real deal. I have supplemented normal workouts with beach body and love it. Well worth the money for experienced and beginners.


I enjoy BeachBody programs and more so…

I enjoy BeachBody programs and more so now that they introduced BODi. I am just a regular customer and cancelling or upgrading a subscription has never been an issue for me. Customer Service has been great. I am sorry to hear of bad experiences from other people. But my experience as a regular (not even preferred) has been good overall. The only thing that is taking time is the arrival of my new MYXX bike which I purchased in September. I understand that must be in high demand and I cannot wait to have it at home and enjoy the live workouts! And thanks to BeachBody for reducing your BOD and BODi price! Now I can experience live classes and get to enjoy the nutrition plan included in this subscription. BeachBody, please keep improving in this competitive market and customers will come back or stay. And coaches, this is a service business. This is to help people get healthier, better and enjoy the community that supports them to grow, smile, and become the best versions of themselves:)

Emma L

A very positive experience so far. Thank You Beachbody.

I joined Beachbody in May 2022 and so far my experience of the site, the company and the coaching mentoring and new friendships formed within has been very positive.





I’ve been a Beachbody member for 6…

I’ve been a Beachbody member for 6 months now and I’m happy with the results I am getting with Shaun T ‘s various programs


I love having Beachbody on Demand

I love having Beachbody on Demand. It is convenient to use whether on my laptop or phone.


Love it

Love everything about it


Love it! Keep doing what you're doing.

I've been drinking Shakeology for about 9 years now and have been a member of Beachbody on Demand for nearly as long. Both of these have quite literally saved my life. I was about 150lbs overweight and have lost about 100 of those pounds with those 2 products (along with healthier eating habits and working out consistently). I used to travel every week for work and having access to BOD allowed me to keep consistent with my workout regime during that time. Now, I live on an island where there is access to a gym, but working out from home is much more convenient plus I love the different workout programs available. I sing Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology praises to whoever will listen! I also use energize and hydrate both of which I love to enhance my workouts and allow me to put my best foot forward and replenish lost nutrients during my intense workouts.


Every program I have done has been…

Every program I have done has been excellent. Thanks to all the trainers!


Great website

Great website. programs are great with a great variety. Only issue is seem to not get responses from the person they assign you as your "coach". Otherwise all is fantastic


New to home workouts

I’ve been a gym rat for years and was very resistant to home workouts. Now that I’ve actually committed to the workouts, I don’t think I will go back! Excellent variety and love the workouts!


Continued Satisfaction

I have had an amazing experience with everything Beachbody offers. I didn't think I could love them more, until I tried BOD and it has been an amazing experience. I recommend it to everyone and anyone who tells me they are wanting a lifestyle change for a healthier version of themselves.


I have been a Beachbody Coach for over…

I have been a Beachbody Coach for over 10 years and never have a problem finding a workout program to do! I started Barre Blend a month ago and I have to tell you that I am pleasantly surprised. You list it as a beginner workout... it is not! It should be listed as Intermediate at least... very challenging without all the jumping... which right now is good for me since I had my hips replaced at the beginning of the year.

Mary Jane

I have been with Beach Body for 3 years…

I have been with Beach Body for 3 years and have enjoyed their video workouts. The best I have seen.


Beach Body Never Fails to Meet your needs

Amazing program with choices and the amount of assistance and accountability -whatever you want


Beachbody has changed my life

Beachbody has changed my life! I am so involved in all these at home workouts and have learned so much. I feel like I'm a part of the class and do not even have to leave my house which is even more of a plus! Thank you to Joel, Autumn, Jericho and Elise. I have loved every single workout program I've done. I recommend you to all of my friends!!


I truly love this program

I truly love this program. I am a full time single mother of a 4 year old and 6 year old. I work full time, attend graduate school, and have a part time photography business. To be able to juggle all of that, I need the energy! I wake up at 5am and get to start my morning with some hard and rewarding work through the various programs! I love how I feel throughout the day and I love seeing the results. The results in my physical strength, weight loss, and the positive energy to keep up with my busy boys!! This program truly helps me get through it all!

Akira Regan

I truly love Beachbody

I truly love Beachbody. My only wish would be more consistency with the Firestick app. It freezes regularly.


After we moved in 2013 I spent a couple…

After we moved in 2013 I spent a couple years without much activity. I went from out of shape to obese and out of shape. (6 ft, 225lb, mostly fat). As a physician, I knew I should do better, but just didn't have the motivation and honestly, really didn't know how to exercise well. After getting winded walking up the stairs, but with a very busy job, I saw a 10 Minute Trainer infomercial while traveling. I came back to tell my wife that I thought I might could do 10 minutes of exercise daily. She bought the program in about a nano second. Then 3 months later, she asked me when I was going to start it. Reluctantly, I opened the package, put in the DVD, and sat down in an easy chair eating Snickers mini's while I watched the first few workouts. She came down the stairs, put her hands on her hips and said "This is not what I had in mind!" The next day, September 1, 2015 I started with the first work out and have exercised daily since then. I can say with some certainty that Tony H

Antoini De Medici

Great product and customer service is…

Great product and customer service is excellent!


Amazing program

Amazing program. I have been here for 10 years. and my lifestyle is better.


Love the variety of workouts and the…

Love the variety of workouts and the supportive environment!


Love beachbody

it is so convenient to have all the workouts I could possibly need at my fingertips.

Rachel P

Why Beachbody is the best solution

Beachbody offer the best workouts and nutrition solutions. Their trainers bring out the best in you. They offer a range of workouts from Insanity to yoga and everything in-between. Their products are incredible, fitness options extensive and also nutrition to ensure you are healthy from the inside out. You also have a coach who personally works with you to help you achieve your personal health & fitness goals. The whole 360 of fitness/nutrition/support in one. I can not recommend highly enough.


I love all workouts and variety

I love all workouts and variety, however I don’t like the iOS app. It is very buggy and have many issues

Summers Brooke

Home Workout Gal 4 Life !!!

Thanks to beachbody, getting my work out in has never been easier, more fun, and efficient!! No wasting time driving to the gym. No plateau due to the structure of the programs. Planned workout with proven results is exactly what I needed and I haven’t been disappointed!!!


I love Autumn!

I love Autumn!! 21 day fix, 21 day fix real time, 21 day fix extreme real time, A little obsessed, 80 Day Obsession real time and A Little More obsessed have ALL been awesome!!! I hope that Autumn will do more! She is definitely my favorite!



I love the ease of accessing different programs based on my needs at the time. I started 6 months ago and I'll never stop.


i have used beachbody for over 10 years…

i have used beachbody for over 10 years and love them!


Fantastic healthy programs!

I have had Beachbody on demand for over 2 years now and I love it. I get to work out when it’s convenient for me. I was even able to keep up on my workouts when I traveled to Australia. Things have even gotten better....love the real time programs, the meditation programs and food programs!


BeachBody has changed my life!!

BeachBody has changed my life!!! Amazing, effective & fun workouts, great supplements, and an awesome community support system.


Love BOD 3 years strong and yell it…

Love BOD 3 years strong and yell it from the rooftops!!! There’s something for the whole family !!! Love all the products and will continue to use them for as long as possible.



Been using Beachbody over 2 years now. Love the app and the programs they are always coming out with new programs works perfect for me since I don’t have time to go to a gym


I absolutely love Beachbody

I absolutely love Beachbody! My husband and I have been an avid BBer for 6 years and still going strong! The nutrition and fitness programs are unlike anything I’ve seen. The BB performance line is amazing because they work and don’t add anything our bodies shouldn’t be consuming. Every time there’s a fitness program announced, I just cannot wait to start it!! Every program is different and has its own awesome benefits!!


I love Beachbody

I love Beachbody! The programs are top notch, with so many to choose from. The trainers are amazing, and you feel like they are in your house with you. Shakeology and all the other nutritional products have changed the way I eat, and my whole family eats! Customer service is more than helpful if you ever need their help with anything! I’m hooked for life!


Beachbody continues to evolve thru the…

Beachbody continues to evolve thru the years, constantly adding content and features to the site. I have been doing their programs for over 8 years and have subscribed to bod for over 5. There is truly a program for all lifestyles and fitness levels! Beachbody has given me the tools I need to be the fittest I’ve been at 34 and thru 3 pregnancies. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!



Honestly, I love Beachbody. I found them back in 2013 and haven't always used all of what Beachbody has to offer until COVID really hit but from when I found Beachbody to now, I continue to love them. Every single person, whether it be customer service to your individual coach, has a love for what this company is and it really shows through what Beachbody is producing every single day.


I absolutely love this platform

I absolutely love this platform! This is so much more that a weight loss program! This platform has taught me to stay consistent , more that the weight loss I've learned to make "healthy" a life style more that a quick fix for weight loss. I love the education that it provides with the meals. I've become stronger both physically and mentally. Everyone needs to give it a chance and actually put in the effort.


I love all your programs

I love all your programs. I'd like to see the Blog updated more regularly as I go to it frequently for information. I'd also like to see BodGroups become more available. I am not on social media and don't see options to join groups very often. I'm currently recovering from major shoulder surgery but am looking forward to trying Barre Blend to gain back my flexibility and balance and then it's on to MBF. Good times ahead :)

Kathleen Malas

Can’t Live Without Beach Body

Oh my gosh! I can’t live without Beach Body. The workouts are amazing! From 21 day fix (Autumn rocks!) and Cize (I love Sean T) to 3 week Yoga retreat (which I think I’ve done at least 10 rounds) and when I first started out I did You V (version) 2 and now the added meditation is making my exercise routine complete! Give Beach Body a try! You’ll love it!

Amanda Norvell

BOD for Life!

I started using BOD in February 2019, and it has transformed my life. I am healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. I tell anyone who desires to change their life to do it with BOD. The variety of programs and the flexibility with access is what makes it different than any program out there. Trainers like Tony, Autumn, Shaun, Joel, Jericho, Elise, and Megan have been invited into my home and my heart. I’ll be forever grateful for the new life they’ve gifted me.


Thanks Team Beachbody for products and programs that truly are life changing.

All of Team Beachbody's products and programs are world class. I have achieved results beyond my expectations, and my medical blood work has never been better. From the easier programs like 21 Day fix and Slim in 6, to the more advanced programs like P90X, Insanity, and The Work. All challenge you to become just a little better each day.Thanks Team Beachbody for helping me to be more of a participant in life, not just another observer.


The Best Fitness and Nutrition Plaftorm with the BEST Products

It's the BEST Fitness and Nutrition platform I ever know!Great options for fitness and nutrition. It might be a little expensive but the quality/price is really good.Easy to navigate and when we have any doubt Team Beachbody is always ready to help...!The products are really good and we have all the info we need to know everything about them.

Minniina Abbott

These workouts and nutrition plans are…

These workouts and nutrition plans are brilliant! Super easy to follow, fitness community like no other and products are great too. I have had no problems changing my orders or cancelling them. It is simple and easy. I would recommend this to everyone and it has truly changed my own training and helped me to feel confident in my own skin. Minniina

Susan McKay

For just over 2 years I have used this…

For just over 2 years I have used this company. From nutrition to exercise to full on amazing support it has been amazing. Yes, the mindset has to come from me BUT the accountability and support is on target. Using proper nutrition and education, it fits with my lifestyle goals. This is not an overnight fix; it is a lifestyle change. Can not recommend enough to others.

Jackie Hunter

Great home workout option

I have been doing Beachbody for a few months now and can’t fault it. The coaches are so helpful, there are literally hundreds of workouts to choose from. Every workout has options for beginners and they are 20-30 minutes long so no excuses why you can’t fit them in. A great and much cheaper alternative to the gym plus there is a whole nutrition section as well to help maximise your results.

Vix Jonesy

The best thing I have ever done

The best thing I have ever done. For not just me but also my family. I'm a better person, mama, friend, wife. Everything. Because I'm looking after my health and happiness. Its literally turned things 180 for me. I was in such a dark place before joining. And now want to share that with others. We have to look after ourselves to look after others. Especially right now. X

Gayle Allan

Loving it!

Been using Beachbody since we began lockdown and I’m loving it. I can see results already and am looking forward to what I love onto next. There’s a good choice of workouts and all can be done at a time and place to suit you. My coach is super supportive and in the dealings I’ve had with customer service in this time they’ve been pleasant and helpful.

Robin C.

“This site has a variety of fitness programs and videos,...”

This site has a variety of fitness programs and videos, so you can choose the routine that works best for you. They also sell at home fitness equipment that is affordable and easy to use. I am really happy with the products I have bought, and I feel that I am making good progress.

Robert S.

“I bought the P90X recently, so far so good”

I bought the P90X recently, so far so good. I'm in the reviewing stage, going to start it in a few days from now. Can't wait!


Long-time user of Beachbody…

I am a long-time user of Beachbody (before on-demand). I like their programs and to this date have not found anything that offers what they do. Yes, they are expensive, compared to some others, but you get what you pay for. They have also worked to reduce their pricing for some offerings. I’ve accidentally canceled and/or purchased unwanted options but their customer service is always helpful and quick to respond. Most recently, I noticed I was signed up for a preferred customer, when contacting to cancel, they did so quickly and a refund was issued. It is a subscription service, so you do need to pay attention to what you signed up for but if you mess up, they make it right.

Geoff Weisman

Been using beach body for a long time

Been using beach body for a long time. Great programs and supplements. highly recommend

Gemma Leadbetter

Great programs you will have a good experience if you read the small print and use Facebook during operation hours to address issues.

I have been a beachbody customer for 2 years now. Initially signing up for just BoD annual subscription and a few months later as a coach so I could try Shakeology at a reduced cost (discount coach). I love the fitness programs and I love that my coach (Tawnya) added me immediately to her Facebook accountability group where I regularly see lovely faces to keep everyone motivated. It is true that if you sign up for a bundle pack you will be autosubscribed to Shakeology and if you add a free month of nutrition + to their nutrition programme as well (£20 monthly). I have to disagree regarding the transparency of this, it is clearly stated in the small print. I've signed up to the special deals and managed to cancel them with no issues using Facebook although you have to be mindful that their customer service team is in the US so it's best to do this in the evening. I really like Shakeology as a product however even with coach discount I find it very expensive. I actually mix beachbody


In response to your request for a…

In response to your request for a review of your program, I wanted to share my journey with you.  I have had several incidents of serious back injuries and pain over the years, including back surgery.  As a result, I turned to P90X to help strengthen my core in hopes that I could avoid future back problems.  The workouts with P90X have helped maintain the strength in my core, and to date, I have avoided further back problems.  I have since moved on to other programs offered by Beachbody, including HIT training, weight workouts, and especially yoga.  Last year at age 61, I had a heart attack, mainly due to genetics. Two arteries had blockage, and I have had three stents inserted as a result to clear the blockage.  I have amped up my training regimen and as of today, I am a few pounds away from the weight I was when I graduated high school.  I feel better than I ever have.  I plan to continue with my workouts into the distant future.  The convenience of being able to work out in the priv


BOD Groups needs improvements

The programs are great! But the BOD Group fonctions is still not so good. Synchro never works. To share a cart it would be easier if the system recognized the existent clients.


Overall love BB

Overall love BB, would love discounts/promo on products as a continued customer. Great programs, excited about new stuff in the works :)


Love beach Body and Autumn and her…

Love Beach Body, Autumn and her brother Bobby but please take the price of Shakeolgy down so some of us dont have to do without after we try the sampler and Love it .We cant even order that but one time .makes you feel like if you dont have alot of money then u shouldnt be here.That just my opinion.


I like the videos and trainers but not…

I like the videos and trainers but not into all the extra products being mentioned all the time. If I want to buy Beachbody energise I will. I don’t need to be reminded in every video


BOD fan for life!

I love Beachbody. There are a plethora of choices available to me every morning without ever having to worry about going anywhere! The programs also range in type of workout, impact level and skill level. The trainers are all very experienced, knowledgeable and relateable. In addition, the membership for BOD is cheaper than a gym and comes with amazing nutrition tips and recipes as well as access to a forum where you can get tips, and questions answered. I have been with Beach body since 2018 and I am thrilled with never having to miss a workout even when I travel or if the power goes out because I can link my laptop to hotspot!

Recently upset

There have been several occasions where…

There have been several occasions where products are out of stock and in order to purchase it you must wait for it to be back on stock, plus pay for shipping on top of whatever product you already purchased. You can wait on the product to be in stock and hope it's available when another one returns. Additionally even on my monthly subscriptions I've had to wait an extremely long time for orders to arrived, at time they are out of stock, and on other occasions I'm informed too close to the time of shipment. For example currently I do not have any shakeology and have to purchase an alternative shake product, despite loving my shakeo!


Love the variety of workout programs…

Love the variety of workout programs Beachbody has to offer. I just wish when new programs would be offered right when they come out and not do VIP early access.


BOD app issues

This is the reason I didn't give 5 stars: there are still syncing issues of workouts between devices. Also, when I first log into the BOD app and try to track something, it goes to the same day....but in 2019. I don't get that.


My Two Cents

I love the idea of using the programs and have so many too chose from. My issue is the paying of new programs. I do not like this but will not part with my money to obtain early access. I feel paying a yearly fee one should be able to obtain access at any time.

Amy Jo

Recently viewed videos

Beachbody is great. With the newly added recently viewed videos - it would be better if it showed the last 10 or so not every single video I've ever used since it started. It becomes a much larger list to shift thru and it's a little slow going to each of the videos. Maybe a list view if that was quicker? Just an idea. Otherwise, it's pretty great.


Great programs, difficult website

My wife and I enjoy the workout programs. The quality is outstanding and the variety always keeps things fresh. We enjoy shakeology as well.Only concerns we have are with the website. It is difficult to navigate from workouts to shakeology to any other area. The shakeology portion is also difficult to switch buying options and address changes when ordering.


Love beach body fitness workouts

I Love beach body fitness workouts. I do them regularly especially enjoy Atumnn's workouts. Would love to see some more of them coming up so we don't get bored and can still keep working out with BB.


Overall the website is good and has…

Overall the website is good and has lots of options. Sometimes it gets a little confusing with all these options trying to find something. I’m sure once you get use to it then it’s not an issue. Overall it’s really good.


BOD Review

I feel that the programs are great, but sometimes during busy/peak times some of the programs lag or you cannot get them to load. Overall, I have not had too many issues. I love BOD and the programs they offer. I feel I receive a fair bang for my buck.


I appreciate all of the hard work and…

I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that goes into the development of products as well as the research and development of the programs! The struggles with shipments are completely understandable with the pandemic. The primary reason why I rated 4 out of 5 stars is largely due to shipment quality. I find that my materials are often shipped in separate boxes leading to more waste as well as the shipping costs per item, as opposed to putting all items in one central Box and having 1 shipment price. This would assist in the availability of funds to buy more products as well as decrease on waste.


The app is fantastic but small tweaks would make it more user friendly

The app is fantastic I wish that it was easier to scroll Through the “real time videos” it takes a long time to get to week 6/7 or video 40, 50 etc I wish we could track on the app- not have to print the record sheetsThanks for keeping us fit and healthy!

Destiny Jensen

Great programs

I love how many options there is for working out! I especially like the programs that have the countdown timer. It helps me make sure I plan enough time for that workout. Some trainers move a bit fast for me to learn the moves. Overall a great Netflix of at home workouts


The variety of workouts is phenomenal!

The variety of workouts is phenomenal, I’ve been using BOD consistently for over a year and it is definitely worth the money! My only complaint is that the app freezes up frequently. It is only a small annoyance, and is usually remedied by going out of the app and back in.


The videos are great and I like the…

The videos are great and I like the fact new workouts are being added. I am saddened that the Amazon platform changed. I used to be able to see and access all the workouts, and now I don't. Example: I don't catch all the Morning Melt 100 workouts... I see workouts 1 to 4 in Phase, but then skips through to phase 2, workouts 21 to 24, and so on--basically I see only the first 4; I still have a great selection of workouts to choose, but I am hoping that the platform will be changed back to the way it was.


The only concern I have is the…

The only concern I have is the backorder issues that seem to be happening. I’m sure the pandemic from Covid-19 doesn’t help, but when we have a monthly subscriptions to Beachbody items(shakeology, performance items) and we run out of product before our next shipment arrives is concerning. I know that Beachbody is working hard to fix this issue so that is the reason I rate this 4 stars instead of 5 stars

Jamie M.

“Love this business!”

Love the products. Love the company. My only complaint is that they are super expensive and therefore making it hard to lose weight with this company, because unless you have a super great job, you can not afford it. Other than that, love the company. The Shakeology tastes soooo amazing! Their Energize tastes amazing as well. Will continue to use when I'm not broke!

Lena S.

“Good company”

I've tried their Insanity, P90x and Shakeology. All great products, my only complaint is about their Customer Support.

Jennifer F.

“Great Company!”

This company really is interested in your health and it shows. The customer service could use some help, but in no way does that deter me from using their quality products. They've allowed our nonprofit organization to be a coach so we can use it for fundraising without any cost to us. Pretty incredible!


Some trainings are not available


Beachbody has been a life changer for…

Beachbody has been a life changer for mean. From the ease of using products to how caring the company is about coaches and helping people.


There is a wide variety of exercise…

There is a wide variety of exercise programs to keep me busy and not bored. 160 days in a row of exercise and I still have not tried of all the programs yet. The Yoga Studio keeps me coming back over and over again. The instructions in the yoga program are clear and easy to follow. And the 3 week yoga retreat is a great way to start yoga if you are a beginner or a great refresh for returning yoga enthusiasts like me! I still find the classes challenging after doing them for the last 5 months. Thank you Beachbody for the great resource of exercises. At least I can say I've been doing something productive for myself during covid times.


Best in class

Best in class. Only constructive criticism is to add content a little faster


I started off with P90X in the DVD…

I started off with P90X in the DVD version nearly 20 years ago and fell in love with Beach Body then. Since then, I've been using BBOD for the past several years and it has been especially helpful during COVID. The biggest benefit is now that everyone is home, my husband and kids join in as well. We love Lift 4, Insanity, Insanity Max 30 and Insanity Asylum, 21-day Fix, PiYo, 3-week yoga retreat and P90X workouts. Thank you for always being a click away from a great workout!


Love the variety of trainers

Love the variety of trainers, the programs, and have never had issues with the tech support


I love the choice of workouts offered

I love the choice of workouts offered. I use Beachbody workouts every day. They offer a great mix of all levels and choices of workouts. Thanks!


I sent a message to cancel an existing…

I sent a message to cancel an existing order and it was taken care of immediately with no issue.


I ready love beachbody


I appreciate and like the new design

I appreciate and like the new design, every now and then I still have a hard time with duplicates in the tracking. By that I mean something that I’ve added before will sometimes come up again weeks later asking if I want to record it. Other than that I love the new app. It would be nice that if I start a video and have to stop it in the middle or if I pause it too long it doesn’t pick right back up where it left off you have to start the video all over again. That would be a nice fix! N


I absolutely love beachbody

I absolutely love beachbody, the community, programs and products! It has been a game changer and life changer for me!! The only reason I gave a 4 was because I am not at all a fan of fedex smart post. I wish there were other shipping options ( I would even pay extra) to get my things straight fedexed due to the delay of USPS.


Customer service could be better


Amazing workouts

Amazing workouts. I have never been so motivated to exercice. Insanity, Lift4, The Prep, The Work, 10-Rounds, all the awesome programs that I have completed and changed my life and my body. It is now part of my daily routine.


Beachbody Fan

Have had nothing but great experiences with Beachbody since 2016.


Beachbody is the BEST

Beachbody is the BEST! I’ve been a member for almost two years and I’m on it consistently six days a week. There are so many programs I NEVER get bored with my workouts. And the best part is, I never have to leave home to workout. Love, love, love it!!!


Love beachbody!!


I cannot get enough of Beachbody on…

I cannot get enough of Beachbody on Demand! I absolutely LOVE the variety of programs. Beachbody is constantly rolling out new workout programs and finding new ways to keep users engaged in their health. I will never pay for a gym membership again!


Amazing programs

I love the variety of workout programs being released within the last year - from shadow boxing with to running and strength training. There is a program for everyone.



All 5 love Beachbody

RR In Canada

Love the app and the content

Love the app and the content. Are there any plans for a cycling program to use with my knockoff?


I love Beachbody!

I love the variety of programs offered and the accountability groups. I never get bored like I have with other programs I've tried. I have never been successful in sticking with any other workout program and I used to hate and dread exercising. But since joining Beachbody I have completed 4 programs and am excited to keep going and complete more. I am seeing results that I never thought were possible for me. I actually love exercising now and look forward to it. The nutrition programs are excellent too and easy to understand and follow.


I love all the different workouts…

I love all the different workouts offered and how easy it is to get to each work out!


Two thumbs up

Awesome service always!


I love beach body programs !!

I love beach body programs !!! They really work. I have been doing them since 2016 never had any issues with Beachbody‘s customer service or delivery of any of my packages!


Beachbody has truly changed my life

Beachbody has truly changed my life. The programs are amazing, and the customer service is always top notch


Very Happy With Beachbody!

I became a Beachbody customer ten years ago and never looked back...! The workout programs are more effective than any trainer-based programs that I've paid for at the gym. Now that they offer a streaming subscription, I have amazing variety and flexibility with my workouts. I love having a Beachbody coach (for free!), as this adds an additional layer of camaraderie, accountability, and advice. The Beachbody website has been built up over the years, and I love that they include so many great recipes! I've also enjoyed several of the supplements, including Shakeology, Recovery and the new snack bars. Having an auto-ship option with the supplements is very helpful, although I'm not overly impressed with shipping...the shipping costs seem a bit high and it takes much longer than I would expect to receive the items. I've also had some less-than-stellar calls with Beachbody's tech support when I encountered an issue with the Beachbody-on-Demand app through my Fire Stick. Overall, I am very happy with my experiences with Beachbody - my life has been forever changed for the better because of their workouts and nutritional programs!


Love beachbody online

Love beachbody online. More new stuff would be great.

Sylvia Tones

The best thing I have invested in I…

The best thing I have invested in I love it


Beachbody Programs

Love Beachbody however hate that I have a yearly membership that does not include new programs, that I have to wait for it to be implemented at later dates. Seems very unfair. Same with some of the nutrition/recipe programs. This should all be included. I mean doesn't Beachbody want every member to have a healthy lifestyle?? Seems like money is talking here......


Love ❤️ Beachbody on Demand!

My daughters and I use Beachbody on demand almost daily. Love the varsity and instructors.its a great value for sure.


Beachbody Lifer

Beachbody has changed my life. I have gotten in the best shape. I am healthy, energetic and love life. I have learned so much about nutrition, fitness and business. I am so grateful for everything Beachbody has done.


I am very pleased with Beachbody

I am very pleased with Beachbody! The app is easy to use and so is logging in. The coaches are very well informed on fitness and exercising and make me want to exercise and push myself to do better. I have always been into fitness whether it was walking, running or aerobics but I have never was one to go the gym but I was lacking because I needed some guidance and motivation. Best investment for myself that I have made in a long time.


Love the workouts

Love the workouts, but there’s a lot of streaming glitches that are not internet related


Love Beachbody

Love Beachbody. Its helped me to recapture my enjoyment in life and given me purpose again :)

david david

Great programs and trainers

Great programs and trainers. All good. Very happy with Beachbody organization. Thank you.



Awesome programs! I use it all the time and love it!


Beachbody is amazing

Beachbody is amazing! The best workouts and trainers out there. Customer service is excellent as well.


I love BOD and the ability to enjoy…

I love BOD and the ability to enjoy personalized workouts every day without the mess of DVDs and such. I have had some trouble that when I am not on WiFi I cannot access my downloads, but otherwise great. Thank you.


Highly Recommended

Beachbody on Demand is a great value! Wide variety of options for all levels and interests.


Love my Beachbody!!!

Best program ever im in love with Beachbody! We have the best trainers and best coaches!!!


I’m not sure where I’d be without my…

I’m not sure where I’d be without my online workouts! 2020 has given us a few challenges but I’m so glad to be in peak health drinking my nutrition drink every day and keeping it real in my workouts!


Class act

We have tried many programs and enjoyed them all


I have been using Beachbody for 10+…

I have been using Beachbody for 10+ years. I love the workouts and I especially love Beachbody on demand since you have access to so many different types of workouts. It is great and really has somethings for everyone, from beginner to advanced.


I love the app!!


Great variety of programs!

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