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Mobiles are the trend currently going on and nobody is without a mobile. With mobiles, it is also essential that one may get the option of cheap plans of recharge. Consumer Cellular has an industrial experience of more than two decades and offers the customers with an option to choose their own talk time plans with data based services too. The time it started was very small family owned business and then on grew due to the investments it got and is assisted with a great customer based services which is accompanied with it. Consumer Cellular operates in the mainland USA and its 48 contiguous states. Consumer Cellular is a store with a lot of returned customers and a renowned reputation. Since its establishment, Consumer Cellular has always adhered to the brand concept of "serving for customers", and has applied practicality and professionalism to every detail of product production. Through years of experience accumulation. Consumer Cellular has been able to create a personalized experience for each customer, truly achieving great value for money! Great products are directly purchased from manufacturers, with unique styles and complete sizes. There must be one suitable for you! Find and use the best Consumer Cellular Promo Codes, Coupons at HotDeals when you place an order.

Consumer Cellular Customer Service Phone Numbers

Sometimes you have to reach out to Consumer Cellular Customer Service in face of tricky issues about your order, account, shipping at Consumer Cellular. Customer service will accompany you all day. Therefore, you can be in touch with customer service at any time to place an order or ask a question through the following ways. Due to the large number of inquiries, the customer service may not reply in time, please wait patiently. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to know more details about our products, please feel free to call for more details. Our customer service number is as follows:

  • Toll-Free Number
    (888) 345-5509
  • Official Website
  • Customer Service
    (888) 548-6490
    (800) 686-4460
  • Mailing Address
    12447 SW 69th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97223, United States

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Consumer Cellular FAQ

What are the steps to get a refund at consumercellular.com?

First, take a look at the refund policy on the Consumer Cellular website to make sure the store you purchased from has a refund policy. Then check if your item is eligible for a refund. Also, pay attention to the deadline to send your request in time.

What are the steps to take if my call to customer service is not successful?

Don't worry if your call with Consumer Cellular was unsuccessful. First of all, you need to review what happened during the call. It can give you information about when to call back. Or you can use live chat or consider sending an email to the online support team.

How to return an item at consumercellular.com?

First off, check the website and find the return policy. Some online stores will only accept returns of unused and unopened items. So go through the policy to make sure you are eligible. Then you can follow the steps and select the reason to process your return.

Can I exchange something I bought online from Consumer Cellular?

To start off, verify if the item can be exchanged. You can contact the online store customer service department to inform them of your intent to exchange the item. They will provide you with the necessary information to process the exchange.

How do I track my order at consumercellular.com?

First, sign in to your account at consumercellular.com. From there, you can select the 'My orders' tab to see the status of your purchase. If you need additional information, you can also contact Consumer Cellular customer service.

Consumer Cellular Reviews & Rating


CC is great

CC is great. It has been vey easy to order my new phone. Service is great and the cost is great for our budget and needs. I’ve had service for several years now and don’t want anyone else. Thank you!!

Sharon Lewis

Better service-better price

The rep was patient in answering my questions. Her English was easy to hear and understand. The price was great and I received my SIM quickly. My service is better now than with my previous carrier and I'm paying less. Win-win!

Sandra Maguire

Quick and complete service

Quick and complete service. Quality product at great price

Susan Gore-Dorado

It is always great with CC

It is always great with CC. I have been with them since 2014 (I think) and have not once had a bad experience with anyone. That is something great in this day and age.

Roderick Kiser

Excellent customer service

The customer service rep was very helpful in helping me complete the activation of a new iPhone. The wait in the queue was short, and overall my interaction was very positive.


Amazing deal

Amazing deal. The product shipped very quickly. My phone was already activated since I was being assigned a new phone number. I'm thrilled with my phone, the service etc.

Barry Carle

Everything works fine

Everything works fine. No other comments

Brian Leahy

All good

All good, easy to order and set up


Quick delivery

Quick delivery, nice phone for a good price, easy to set up.

Jodie Baker

Received my product and am very pleased…

Received my product and am very pleased with the overall experience. Thank you.

Michael Camosso

everything is to my greatest…

everything is to my greatest expectations!

Les Mitsuoka

Happy first step

From the purchase process to delivery was fast and efficient. I was notified by email and text every step of the shipping process using the USPS tracking app

Thomas Hampton

The people

The people. They truly care about the customers

james bond

Fast service

Fast service, easy transfer from old phone. Happy here.

Mark Colangelo

The new company and new handler even…

The new company and new handler even gives me 5 bars on the reception...


The customer service employee was very…

The customer service employee was very knowledgeable about what I was wanting done and courteous also.

James Conklin

Great Support People!!!

I overlooked a step to activate my lines. Both of the support people helping me were personable and knowledgeable. They told me what info I needed and later talked me through the switch. It was all rather comforting!


Best service money can buy.

I've been with Consumer Cellular for a couple of years and have not been disappointed. They are constantly innovating and increasing service (AT&T network, one (1) sim card for domestic and internaitonal travel). If they would provide "mobile hotspots", they would be even better. I don't like using my phone as a hotspot; I prefer having a mobile hotspot that I can leave at the campground. Also, they've recently added the Apple Watch service, so I don't have to have my iPhone with me at all times. Just an all-around great carrier.

Bill Jones

Very Satisfied Customer

Everything worked as advertised. No problem with delivery and activation was flawless. Once again Consumer Cellular did an excellent job!

David Higginbotham

What can I say I had a very good… experience this was my wife's new phone

What can I say I had a very good experience got my new phone it was fairly easy to get everything in it wish it had a little more instructions but all is good now

Kristen Bowman

Customer service was great

Customer service was very polite and helped me get all my lines activated quick and easy

Jill W

Long time customer

I've been a Consumer Cellular for 20 years - just ordered my husband a new phone to replace his six year old phone. The new Moto came quickly and data from the old phone was transferred to the new one. It works perfectly. Now I'll be shopping with you to replace my five year old phone. Consumer Cellular is a great company to do business with. Thank you!

mike slevin

Love the Phone

Love the Phone, love the price of your service plans. Thanks

Melissa Sell

I can get what I want

Great customer service and easy to make the phones and plans fit my needs.

Carl Smith

Easy to transfer 3 lines from 2 different providers

Very simple to add lines. I didn't notice a difference in coverage from my current "big name" providers. Installation was fairly simple. I did have to call customer support for one issue. But it was resolved quickly.

Connie Nelson

Up graded phone

Easy to compare phones and purchase. Delivery was quick. it was very easy to transfer my data to the new phones.

david marcoe

very help full. Consumer Cellular rep

Consumer Cellular rep. help to set up phone number transfer to new phone because i was having a hard time to do myself.

Mrs. Patricia Temple

The experience was great

The experience was great, thanks to the CC rep that I spoke with.

Bob Henault

Galaxy S23

So far enjoying my new phone as I just sync it with my new BMW and working well!

Glenn R. Collins

easy to use

easy to use , alot better phone than the phone i had before


Very happy with my new phone

Very happy with my new phone. It was easy to set up and synched perfectly with my iPad. No complaints!


I received my order had to call an…

I received my order had to call an active phone very pleased with your service

Monica Newman

Product was delivered on time

Product was delivered on time. Consumer Cellular has excellent customer service. Representatives are always so helpful in resolving your requests.


Quickly received upgraded phone in the…

Quickly received upgraded phone in the mail. Transfer of data was completed without issues.

Ron Ryan Rebos

Needed help in choosing a phone

Needed help in choosing a phone that would work with my hearing aids. Customer service rep was very patient and helpful

Kathleen H.

“Best Customer Service EVER!”

With the recent 5G upgrades to our national cell towers I recently lost cell service at the worst possible time. My sister had just died and I'm in Memphis, TN where the brutal killing of Tyre Nichols occurred. I contacted Consumer Cellular from another phone and they worked with me Endlessly and Patiently (given my emotional state) to get my Cell Service restored. Turns out I needed to upgrade my phone and once I did that, these same Awesome Representatives restored my service in minutes and even Credited my account for the time without service. I can tell you, I am not a fan of the way the gov't rolled out the 5G, but I can tell you that CONSUMER CELLULAR was Definitely up to the task! To ALL the Wonderful Associates with CONSUMER CELLULAR, You were present when I needed you the most and you Truly Delivered The Best Customer Service EVER. Please Don't Ever Change!

Richard S.

“Best decision I ever made!”

Was with another company paying $39.71 for unlimited talk and text only. Now with Consumer, I am paying $22.31 for unlimited talk and text PLUS 1 GB of data. Helpful staff.

Dennis Uhrmacher

Didn't use service, but CS was great.

Disclaimer: I didn't use the service. It never worked, but it wasn't their fault. Eventually, I saw all the horrific reviews on this site, was glad I didn't go with them, and requested a refund.Why am I doing this review? Because I got the refund and it was zero trouble at all. Their CS was incredible.I have been dealing with Straight Talk's HELLISHLY HORRIFIC BS all day and having a customer service rep from CC complete all requests with no trouble at all and all online (because I have no service, thanks ST) was a breath of fresh fudging air.

Juan Derful

Consumer Cellular phones

Consumer Cellular phones and service are excellent for low volume users.The customer service is s l o w to very little.A Perfect Phone for people like me who are not attached/addicted to their phone.

Jade S.

“Good customer service”

Caitlin was especially helpful today. Very attentive and professional. She went the full nine yards to offer us better service.

Joy Joy

Way better prices and cell services…

Way better prices and cell services than Verizon. Customer service is honest unlike Verizon. I went into areas where I lost service with Verizon and did not with consumer cellular. Way cheaper plans. No hidden fees. No lies on prices and not ripping you off like Verizon. Highly recommend. I refer everyone.

Verne Tyler

Best Cell service EVER!

Consumer Cellular turned out to be the best deal ever for me. I started with Verizon at $119.00 a month in MA. I moved to North Carolina in 2014 and signed on with T-Mobile for $49.95 a month. I discovered Consumer Cellular after being aggravated trying to pay my T-Mobile bill online every month. It took a half hour! Consumer Cellular costs me $20.00 a month for everything I needed (3 gigs per month data), and I got a brand new Galaxy A12 phone for only $7.00 a month. I was so happy that I did a free video review on my YouTube channel at jtylermusic.John Tyler

Gwendolyn Williams

If you’re with Consumer Cellular don’t…

If you’re with Consumer Cellular don’t let any other company persuade you in to leaving. Consumer cellular is the best ever. Customer service is the best. They are reliable and fast in helping you with what ever your problem may be. Don’t switch. Consumer Cellular is the best ever. Keep up the good work CC. I will recommend to all and everyone. Stay Safe


Jarrod at the store in warren,Ohio got…

Jarrod at the store in warren,Ohio got my fiance"s phone back up and running in no time. Good man. Only one problem he's by himself and there's always a lot of people waiting. For the well being of your consumer cellular customers there needs to be two people. Too much for one person. Kudos to Jarrod though. Thank you Sally


My Verizon V40 LG stopped working I…

My Verizon V40 LG stopped working I can't make calls and no one can call me either it goes to voice-mail. I had a Consumer Cellular phone for bagup, now it's my main phone. I refuse to pay thousands of dollars for a phone again. The A21 works the same and service is great right now. They do need to hire more people in cust. service 🙄 so the wait time won't be so long.

Agnes Holmes

My experience with Consumer Cellular

I've had Consumer Cellular for several years and haven't had any problems with customer service or phone service or billing. I bought an IPhone 6S from the company and haven't had issues that were not promptly and efficiently,and with courtesy handled by a customer service rep or a tech. I'm pleased with my service and have no intentions of cancelling it.

David Nastasia

Terrific service at a great rate

I am just reading the reviews after having been a customer for 5 years or so. Many negative ones which I am truly surprised at. I have nothing but praise for the ongoing service, help with troubleshooting and the products that they offer. I LOVE Consumer Cellular and have nothing negative to say. My wife and I each have a phone on one of their plans and it has been great customer service.

Lana Della

Great service

I've had for about a year now. I'm using my phone and when I first started had a hickup with the connection but easily corrected with a great phone agent. Very nice and helped me quickly. It was really a simple fix. For a year I have had them with no problem except I can't get service in my sisters town 30 miles away. But besides that, everywhere else it's great.

Roger Wass

Switched plans from Verizon to Consumer…

Switched plans from Verizon to Consumer Cellular at the Taunton, MA Target. Max the Technician was fantastic, knowledgeable, and very customer oriented. Made my first experience with Consumer Cellular a pleasurable one. Consumer Cellular is lucky to have such a personable and knowledgeable employee. Thanks Max

Janny Pezaro

I was given a cell phone when a friend…

I was given a cell phone when a friend upgraded. I had been using an obsolete IPhone5. We went to the Target to switch equipment. The young woman who helped us was pleasant and efficient. She obviously knows whats she is doing. I had been very happy with my CC service for over 2 years and was happy too be able to switch phones so easily. Activation date 11/23/19. Activation code 6208-3621

Melissa Stanton

I have been a consumer cellular…

I have been a consumer cellular customer for a year . They are helpful they tell you exactly what you have ,what you need, what you don't need . I dropped my phone hundreds of times fell down the toilet and it still works .Their phones are great. The associate that helped me was extremely nice and helpful.Patty thank you so much .

Cindy Hetue

Purchase of an iPhone was great and love my service

Purchase of an iPhone was great. Service and coverage great. Purchased the T-mobile international card, worked great in Mexico but horrible coverage in Fl. My husbands coverages, no change in sims card, remained great, so it was the T-mobile. Since, I damaged my old one I called for a replacement. Hoping to regain the good service I had before and I can’t beat the price. So, I am a happy customer with a better monthly bill.

Scott A.

“I think they're great”

Low cost, no bs cellphone service. Service quality is excellent. If you're a senior like me, and are not surgically attached to your phone, these guys are great.

Kevin S.

“Affordable and reliable”

I've been with CC for awhile now, and I have never had a problem with my phone or service. Actually for the last couple years with them, I have received extra mins, data, and text for the same price. I believe they have boosted my plan 3x since I have signed up. If your just a normal phone user and want to create your own plan, this is the company to get a phone. I have plenty of mins, text, and data for about 35.00. Thats a decent deal.

Kenneth Newstead

Good on consumer cellular side

Verizon made it difficult to switch over and port number consumer cellular would have gotten 5 stars had the explained the prossess better and not needing to make 3 phone calls to CC to get information to switch


Fast service but no luck setting it up.

Order went fast and easy and it got here fast.

Judy Bye

Fast delivery

Fast delivery. But I kept getting spam emails from consumer cellular to complete my purchase after I had placed my order. That was very confusing - I wasn’t absolutely sure my order was placed and final. It was.

Leigh Taylor

Easy shopping

Shopping for a new phone was easy -- all my options, and all their details, were available, and I was able to balance certain features I wanted with price to choose the right phone for me. Shipping was fast. My only issue was in transferring data from my old phone to the new one; I took it to an Asurion-associated repair shop and they kindly did the transfer for me as I was not making much headway on my own.


everthing was fine

everthing was fine. chat room, very helpful.

Pearletha Barlow Cox



Wayne Harrison

Converted iPhone 13 to eSIM

Converted iPhone 13 to eSIM. Ran into re-activation issues - couldn’t call out, no visual voicemail. Took 2 calls to customer service but all issues resolved within 10 minutes.


Easy but would have liked to have…

Easy but would have liked to have instructions on transferring contacts to new phone

Stephen Brim

Fast response time

The time between when I ordered their service and when I received the SIM card and instructions on how to install it was very quick. I would recommend their service too. Reasonable price and Quality Service.

Sheryl Eldridge

The phone came quickly and safely

The phone came quickly and safely. My main problem was that I didn't realize the QR code needed to activate the eSim was on the back of one of the papers accompanying the phone. It took me hours and several frustrated phone calls and chats with Consumer Cellular to figure out how to set up the phone.


Anytime I have called everyone was very…

Anytime I have called everyone was very helpful


My new iPhone 14 Pro Max

The employees of Consumer Cellular were so very helpful. The issue was my new phone had difficulty finding the signal from the cell tower. Strictly my location. Spent 9 hours working with it. By the next day the phones appeared to have transferred the pertinent information.

Theresa Elliott

Paying $12 for shipping was price…

Paying $12 for shipping was price gouging. Was supposed to have signature required, was just left in my mailbox.



Well I didn't want an esim. I installed it anyway but the email instructions for doing that were not working so I had to call in to customer service. The lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Roy Cain

Yes received order and phones are ready…

Yes received order and phones are ready to switch over

John Lampi

Great service but have to call in today…

Great service but have to call in today as cellphone has no color don't have red, blue, yellow


Registering my iPhone SE

I had a terrible time trying to get my iPhone SE registered even after following instructions, but Reina was a tremendous help and was very patient and got me through it successfully. She is a real asset to your company, and I look forward to using Consumer Cellular!

Patricia Langford

Great phone, good customer service

Love the phone and fast delivery. Instructions said to insert SIM card which I did but it didn't work. When I called customer service I was told this phone uses eSIM. I would have given 5 stars if instructions were accurate.

Brenda Conway

This is my second consumer cellular…

This is my second consumer cellular flip phone ,supposedly updated, but has no flashlight!!!! No happy about that


CC helps in this complicated world

My spouse and I moved wireless service from Verizon to Consumer Cellular about 3 months ago. Bought new phones (at a really good price) and got CC help moving our numbers over. A few trials (non-working SIM card, finding best service provider, some confusion with big-box store counter assistance) raised the frustration level a bit. At the same time the chat and phone service staff were GREAT at helping figure out ways to remedy problems. And we had good service at an excellent price (with discounts, we paid 1/4 the monthly bill we suffered from the big V). We've had to make a few more call to clarify bills or find some hidden switch deep in the "Settings". All in all those were excellent experiences - friendly, courteous, and useful. I'll be sticking with them

Ron Warkentine

I switched to CC to reduce the high…

I switched to CC to reduce the high cost of AT&T. I read reviews stating that they provided Full LTE download and upload speed. However I find that this is not true. At my house LTE speed is nearly cut in half by Consumer Cellular but still ok. Setup was pretty easy and normal service is adequate. Overall if you don’t need full speed LTE and don’t use lots of data Consumer Cellular is worth consideration


I've had consumer Cellular for quite…

I've had consumer Cellular for quite some time I added the roadside assistance and I'm glad I did on Saturday jan 22 my vehicle needed a jumpstart and after 1 phone call to consumer they had a company close to me come and jumpstart me for free. The roadside assistance really came thru for my family. Glad I decided to add this to my account.

Pat Cooney Jacobs

Very happy with Consumer Celluar for over 5 years

I have had Consumer Cellular phone service for over 5 years and have very little complaints. I find the customer service reps to be informative and helpful. Yes, I did have to wait on hold over 30 minutes but, in today's world, that seems to be the norm. First, I had a flip phone and then last year upgraded to a previously owned MOTO 7 android phone. CC could not get the previous owner's name off the called ID list because it was listed with AT&T. It was a problem at first because people did not have my number on their phone to get my name on the caller ID. But, it has all worked out. I love the phone, I am very happy with the Customer Service and I love the pricing.

Cameron Blum

I have 4 lines with consumer cellular

I have 4 lines with consumer cellular. They charge me about a hundred dollars a month and have always treated me fairly. The only gripe I have had with them is that I have had cell reception issues. Usually hold times are short, not right now with Corona virus issues. They have never tacked on extra charges on my phones though which has happened at every cell phone company I have been with previously. T-mobile, sprint, I am looking in your direction with that statement.


Love Consumer Cellular. Find a good Target Tech to help you get set up!

We switched to Consumer Cellular in December. We bought our CC Sim card from Target from a very knowledgeable Target Tech agent. There was a glitch importing our numbers from Verizon and we had to return next day to get that worked out. Target Tech rep called Consumer Cellular to work out the glitch, and had us all set up within 30 minutes or so. I called Consumer Cellular about 3 times re the glitch, and also for help to set up Voice Mail account. Yes, I had to wait on hold for awhile (free call, I just put it on speaker phone and did some other chores) - but with every call the service agents were very nice, very helpful, easy to understand, and got the issue resolved very quickly. Once we were connected, we love Consumer Cellular - excellent clarity with phone calls (better than Verizon that occasionally dropped calls or had poor signal). Plus, we're saving well over $100 dollars from our prior plan now that we can tailor exactly what we need, and no penalties for exceeding c

Kensi Blonde

Great for its purpose

Wow, if I'd seen all these one-star reviews, I probably never would have bought this phone for my mother. But I've had a decent experience with CC. Let's face it, these are uber-cheap phones and plans. My mom is in a nursing home and basically calls the same 3 people, and talks for 15 minutes a day, tops. Nor does she need excellent service as she never goes anywhere. I didn't want to spend $50 a month on a plan for her. She also can't figure out smart phones. So I bought the DORO, which has large numbers and pad and is easy for older people. I got a $15 a month plan for 300 minutes. Granted, the phone completely dies every few years, but I buy another one for $30. The customer service is excellent - I've always gotten a human being on the phone almost right away, and they are nice, and speak English. It's hard to find a company that caters to this kind of clientele - someone who isn't going to spend $50 a month and buy an expensive phone every year. So I'm glad CC is around.


Way better than when I was with the Big V.

Seriously, I don’t know where all the neg reviews are coming from. I had some complications getting signed on initially, but CC & Target staff got it fixed. Since then, I have had much less trouble than when I was in the clutches of the Big V (disclosure: I am a Verizon stock holder). I also have some knife wounds from earlier dealings with several other Big Cell companies and have no intention of leaving Consumer Cellular. Ignore the hatchet-job 1 star reviews & give them a try. If only to (mess with) the big 4.

Stan from Michigan

My experience with Consumer Cellular in…

My experience with Consumer Cellular in the U.S. was good. The phones worked and the data service was good. The cost was very competitive. And we were able to change the plan online.Our only issue was international coverage. We travel to Europe often and there is no meaningful plan available. In addition our sim cards were not able to be used in Europe.We finally changed to Google FI, which works really well in Europe and not very good in the U.S. If Consumer Cellular ever offers a reasonable plan for Europe, I will gladly return to CC.

Jim Bigham

I have had this service for several…

I have had this service for several years. It is a basic phone plan for text, data and phone calls. It gets you going. The connection is not always great but overall it works and keeps you in contact. Pricing is terrific. If you go over your allotted time for calls or data it automatically moves you up to the next level for the month. Phone options are also terrific with easy pay. You can have better coverage with Verizon, but you pay for it. Consumer Cellular works for us with minimal concessions. For what you pay this is well worth it.

Yalich Clinic

Other than the occasional text message…

Other than the occasional text message hiccup, the service has been spot on for the last 4 years. It works for me but I'm not a heavy user away from wi-fi. I have no reason to complain as the price point, as how I see it, is how it should be...

Julie V.

“Inexpensive senior cell service, Great service”

I have been with Consumer Cellular about five years, now. I previously had Tracfone. My husband had Great Call. I like the Doro phone. Very simple, but loud enough and the emergency button is great! My hubby bumps his "5-Star" [Great Call] constantly! Mine [Consumer Cellular] must be pressed three times, making it far better, in my opinion. Their customer service is really great! It's one place that you are not charged for a SIM card. My bill is always under thirty dollars a month. I can't find anything better, and I have looked! Square Trade was worth it to me. I fouled up my phone and had to have a new, refurbished, one sent out. Definitely glad I pay for square Trade. My husband just received his new phone and he is beyond thrilled! It has been easy for him to get used to, and he transferred his old Tracfone number. We highly recommend the Doro phone over the less expensive one. It is worh the extra $20.00.

Ron Parachino

Had a great experience setting up my…

Had a great experience setting up my new phone on this service. Knowlegable customer service, personable and even gave a call back to make sure everything was OK.

Anita Burkhart

FaThis was the Best money savings…

This was the Best money savings decisions I have made in some time! Was with T mobile..... paid 469.00 for the phone and 65.00 for service! Okay I switched to C.C. and for 50.00 a month I got fantastic 5g phone with all the glitz and unlimited talk, text, And 3megs! Anyway I never run out of anything and I am saving 15.00 bucks a month and getting a whole lot more! Thank you C.C. I am extremely happy with my service.

yeshaya gluck

They have great and helpful costumes…

They have great and helpful costumes service

Ken Dawson

I absolutely love Consumer Cellular

I absolutely love Consumer Cellular. They have the AT&T network at a discounted price, and the plans and phones available are tough to beat. The customer service is second to none. I have never had a bad call in nearly 3 years as a customer for my personal mobile devices.


When I first became a Consumer Cellular…

To update this review, I wrote the initial post in frustration, since then the issue with product service has been resolved to my satisfaction. The issue was not wholly the fault of Consumer Cellular, however their technicions, should have been aware of what the problem was and advised accordingly. Again I feel the product they sell is a good value, they just need to work on customer service. When I first became a Consumer Cellular customer the quality of the customer service was excellent. The quality of the service for the price is still good, however if there is an issue with service or equipment be prepared for a frustrating outcome. Over 2 days I have been on hold for over 8 hours only to be told the problem could take up to 24 hours to resolve. One of these times after an hour and 10 min. on hold the agent put me on hold and disconnected the call she made no effort to call me back. I gave up. The price of the service makes it attratctive to stick with them, but not sure if the frustration is worth it.

Pizza Beer

I've been with them for 5 years and…

I've been with them for 5 years and have multiple phones through them. I buy my own unlocked phones online, plop in a SIM card and off I go. Never had a problem with them and have gotten exactly what I wanted, all for less than half of what the competition offers. Reading all the hate on here is interesting but doesn't generally shed light on "problems" with them other than spotty customer service. All the 1 stars just makes me think there was a campaign to trash them.


Good service Great Prices

This is my 3rd and last review. We have had the service for about 3 months. Our phone service has been as good as it was with AT&T. I expected as much as they use the same tower. The cost is around 60.00 a month for 2 phones unlimited text and talk Since we have wifi at the house we went with a low data plan 3GB. We have never gone over it but if we did the plan automatically slides into the next plan up. A few dollars more. Not bad. Spending 1/3rd the amount on cell phone costs. Overall a very good experience. Expect a litlle difficulty switching over because your current company may want to slow it down. Hang in there it is worth it.


Cheap Phone Plans

We really like their customer service. Live people in the USA and short wait times. Prices are very good and coverage ok. Obviously not as good as verizon but we're not paying $110 a month any more!

Mike Russell

Good Service Good Price

After a couple of months the service is as good as AT&T. My cost was cut in half for our two phones. I waited for my first bill to write this 2nd review.


Switched from Verizon 2 Consumer Cellular

I switch from Verizon to Consumer Cellular and to be quite honest this is the best switch I've ever made in a long time. Not only is their coverage better in the places that I visit, without a doubt Consumer Cellular has the best trained customer support Representatives that I have ever run across. Very polite enable go to extremes to solve your problem. On top of that their price is structured so you pay for what you use. I don't get a lot of the poor reviews for this company,


Great Service

I've been a customer for over 4 years. Great phone service. In our area CC uses AT&T and T-mobile resold carrier services. Great coverage. Worth the money.

Judy Bowman

I have been with Consumer Cellular for…

I have been with Consumer Cellular for about six years, never had any problems. My service is affordable and I have experienced excellent service when needed. My cell service is great. I would and have recommended them to friends and family.

Wynncraft Arts

Competitors don't seem to like CC very much.

The folks giving bad reviews must have been competitors; I have used CC for years with no problems. Rates have been great, coverage has been good (most carriers share the same cell towers), phones have been great, and service has been as good as any other cell service provider.

Mike Russell

Expect a little time to get at&t account phone lines changed over to C.C.

So far the service has been good. If you are keeping your phones changing over from AT&T to C.C. can take a little time. Before dropping in the sim card it is a good idea to give C.C. a call so they can make sure there is no problem porting over the number. Customer service were helpful even if they didn't quite understand the problem initially. They kept me informed and in a couple of days the transfer was completed. Hold times can be a bit longer than AT&T but I expected that. Like I said the phone service seems to be as good as AT&T so far. We are using the same cell tower. I will keep an eye on my billing and write another review on that when it comes in.

Mike Stahl

All these reviews are bull

All these reviews are bull, best customer service, not talking to george in africa, best cost, best company in the us

David L.

Why are people giving bad reviews

I have been a customer of consumer cellular for several years now. Every time I had a problem, they solved it quickly. The wife and I both have consumer cellular phones and plans, never had a problem. I can't understand why anybody would give this company only one star. I'm glad I'm with CC I will stay with them.

Lynn McGuigan DeRaimo

I want to send a huge complement to…

I want to send a huge complement to your customer service supervisor Melody for working with us on our new phone setup. On June 7 we ordered/received the Samsung Galaxy A21 and did the activation but your reps could not get the Wi-Fi calling feature to work. So that first rep advised we change phones, which was very upsetting and annoying. I had wanted to keep the Samsung since that was a phone I knew how to work and loved their phones. So with hesitation we went with the Moto G Power 2021. Well when that arrived once again the Wi-Fi calling would not work, the rep had advised they didn’t know why and they don’t really work with the Wi-Fi calling feature. We asked for a supervisor and Melody after working with us for 1 hr. and 44 minutes we got the Moto G phone to work with Wi-Fi calling. Had Melody not worked with us, we would have sent both phones back and went with another company all together because the first couple of people were no help. Melody showed a dedication to her job in solving our issue like nothing I have ever encountered before. We remained a customer of consumer cellular due to Melody’s work ethic and problem solving.


I made the switch no regrets

I was with AT&T for 20 years and I made the switch to Consumer Cellular and I'm so glad I did. I would say it's the cheapest and best service available by far. I use on average only 50MB per month because of Wi-Fi but everyone else charges you for their unlimited data weather you need it or not. So unnecessary and unfair when you don't need it. Their customer service and network is excellent! Also unlimited towing for three dollars a month you can't go wrong with Consumer Cellular.


We have been using Consumer Cellular…

We have been using Consumer Cellular for over twenty years. Have never had a problem that has not been attended to promptly and professionally.


I am a huge fan of customer service

I am a huge fan of customer service. Today I received possibly the best! Brenda with CC was friendly,professional,helpful,and answered all my guestions. Fabulous! Highly recommend CC,you will not be disappointed.

Brian Pawlak

Fantastic Company

I'm reading the reviews on this site, and I honestly can't believe any of them are legit- I have used Consumer Cellular for almost 2 yrs now and have never had any of the problems I see posted here. I always have a signal, have never had a problem with billing, always fast uploading/downloading internet speeds. In fact I have used probably every prepaid phone service out there- Virgin, Net10, Tracfone, Straight Talk, T-mobile, Cricket, Republic- and this is the longest I have ever been with the same carrier. I don't know what else to add other than they're fantastic, and no I do not work for them.

Alice Owerka


After calling three times about my problem with my phone I finally got this lovely girl her name is Cierra. She was very polite and knowledgeable. I only wish I got her the first time when I called. Just wanted to let you know how great she was.

Robert George Kramer

Best Cell Phone Company ever

I never thought I would love a cell phone company. That changed when I discovered Consumer Cellular. My wife was with greatcall the promoters of the Jitterbug now known as Lively. Greatcall had pushed her monthly rate over $120.00 per month for a stupid phone. She just started with the Consumer Cellular Link II phone for less than $14.00 per month with the introductory promotion. That is for unlimited talk and text. What I love even more than the low cost is the incredible customer support. I never have to wait more than three minutes to speak to a warm body. The agents are so polite and helpful. 100% of the time they knew exactly what to do to resolve my issue and they got it done on the spot. How could you not love a company like this?

Dorothy Fowler

Satisfied customer ??☝️

I live in Middleton rl,the store manager and staff are the most reliable people I've ever done business with, they are fast effective and customer service is beyond amazing,any phone problems you have they take every measure they possible can to try and resolve it you never gone into that shop and left feeling like you're not an important customer. First Time I bought a cell phone, I had a little problem with it the day after, and the manager took the time to drive to my job to replace it with didn't even know exactly where he was going, will never ever forget that, I don't take that simple, was very appreciative and grateful. I take great pleasure in recommending their Service to people I know and even those I don't know in person. Never gets a bad review from those I recommended always satisfied with the service they received.

Roger Dodson

Positive experience with company, support and rates

I do not have anything negative to say about Consumer Cellular. Their customer service is great. Professional, prompt, friendly and patient. The service is very good and their rates cannot be beaten Do not understand why anyone would use another provider. Consumer Cellular rates are the lowest.


I've had consumer Cellular for quite…

I've had consumer Cellular for quite some time I added the roadside assistance and I'm glad I did on Saturday jan 22 my vehicle needed a jumpstart and after 1 phone call to consumer they had a company close to me come and jumpstart me for free. The roadside assistance really came thru for my family. Glad I decided to add this to my account.

Andrea Tangredi

I was shocked to see negative reviews

I was shocked to see negative reviews! I had Consumer Cellular a few years ago and left them for Walmart Family Mobile. What a horror show! I switched back to Consumer Cellular in the past week and I love them! I got my new phone in 2 days, customer service helped me switch because I was certain Walmart would make a mistake and I am on a roll. I set my new phone to alert me when I am near my data limit so I don't go over and get charged extra ( read the fine print). Also, I checked their service map and T-Mobile wasn't listed as the strongest of signals in my area but, I set my new phone for 3g service in settings. It came pre-set on auto which can range as low as 2g. I couldn't get reception in my bedroom, kitchen or bathroom with Walmart now I can. Consumer Cellular allows you to use WIFi calling which my sister in Boston said Verizon does not when you order their cheap plan. Last but not least my new Cellphone was $100 less at Consumer Cellular than anywhere else on the internet. This is a great company. For all the negative reviewers try Walmart Family Mobile and you will be tearing your hair out the first time you call customer service.

Judy Autry

I bought a phone that I was unhappy…

I bought a phone that I was unhappy with. I spoke to Desiree, and she arranged an exchange for me with a more suitable phone. All done within 10 minutes. Very happy with customer service.

John Sinkiewicz

I've had a Samung Galaxy J7 for about…

I've had a Samung Galaxy J7 for about 14 months now and added my wife several months after I got on with CC. I had a few issues with my phone and experienced LONG wait times for customer tech support. I had this same problem with the J7 a few months ago had had to wait over an hour to have the problem resolved, a relatively easy fix. Today the same problem arose when my phone just died. I called CC from home and expected a long wait but the prompt said about a 5 minute wait. A tech got on with me in 3 minutes and she walked me through a fix. Great service !! Sorry I didn't write the lady's name down. Call was at 5:00 PM EDT , 10/7/20. I think they got too big too fast and were understaffed but have the situation solved. I have renewed faith in this carrier and hope customers can hang in their. Good job and progress in your service.


I am so thrilled I switched to Consumer…

I am so thrilled I switched to Consumer Cellular, the cost is amazingly low from my other providers. You get unlimited talk and text and the data you want. I have 2 iphones and my monthly bill is only $50.00 per month. Great connection, no phone call drops, fast service, their customer service is very helpful regarding choosing the data you would need or use. The service is the same as the other providers where I was paying a little over $112.00 a month, so this is a huge savings with excellent service with Consumer Cellular !

Angela Battles

So glad I switched!!

I'm saving more than 50% by switching to Consumer Cellular from Verizon. My reception is as good or better in rural Alabama.

Janet Young

Customer Service

I had been a Tracfone customer for quite a few years until they told me that my network we=was no longer going to be available. so being a loyal Tracfone customer I bought another one. but when i got it home it was such a hassle to set up. so I decided to go to AT&T not knowing how ever that they both used the same customer service line. so I had the same situations. So after taking the AT&T phone back and purchasing a Consumer Cellular phone I was more than Oh no here we go again. When the phone arrived and set it up it only took less than 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish with no hassles. Way to go Consumer Cellular.You have just gained a loyal customer.and my sister has a Tracfone and when he is ready to buy a new phone it is going to be a Consumer Cellular.

tariq Butt

I was thinking of switching 4 lines…

I was thinking of switching 4 lines from VZW to Consumer Cellular and read the reviews here. They were mostly negative so I was a bit put off and decided to get a test number/SIM to try out. Everything went well, the connection was excellent and so I switched over all 4 lines. Not only am I paying about half of what I was paying with VZW, but I get more data. Customer service is excellent. They are all in US, and very pleasant and helpful. Holding time was 1 hour, 20 minutes, 0 minutes, 2 minutes on the 4 occasions I had to call to get my number ported over. Best decision I made!!!!

Susan Eiffert

I Love CC

I Love CC! My very expensive Verizon was spotty in my home and my area and then stopped working at my own home entirely. I often had to conduct business in the upstairs bathroom or up the road to get any reception with verizon and all that for $74/mo. A friend recommended CC and I love it. The rep who signed me up for it knew what he was doing and was friendly and efficient. For less than half the price of Verizon, I can get service all over my house, take pix whenever I want. And I easily get a real live human rep. who speaks English when I need help, which is seldom.. Their website is easy to navigate. Their plans are easy to understand, and they just upgrade you to an equally affordable plan (an extra $5 - I can cover that!) if you go over the usage. I love CC! .

Teresa Allen

Switching from V company pay to…

Switching from V company pay to consumer cellular was enjoysble experience Customer service lady and target young man very helpful and nice service is great doesnt take 3 days to get pictures and messages I was paying 200+ for V services and dropped to 42 dollars a month Will update review after having 1month

Dimitra Lavrakas

I have no complaints

We travel too and have never had any problem with getting coverage. I think all the people here are employees from other phone companies.


Horrible company....kept trying to take…

Horrible company....kept trying to take extra payments and decide to change companies. I even paid off my phone so we could get away from them. They locked our phones for 72 hours before releasing them ,never in a million years any phone company has ever done that. If your service sucks why stay with it. Customer service is horrible and you get no help. Nothing is their fault it is either customers fault of banks fault I paid off my phone and I shouldn't have to wait 72 hours to change companies. Will never recommend this company to anyone It's not even a real phone service and they have you coming and going. Very unprofessional and they hate it when they are told they are wrong and hang up on you. Worthless company.

Lori Davis Johns

Been with them for 7 years...5 ⭐️ ‘s

Been with them for 7 years! Never had a dropped call, never had any problems and our bill is a third of the previous cell phone company! Great customer service.

C. McCullough

Never a dropped call!

Been with this service going on ten years. Never a dropped call or bad reception. Customer service has always been top notch and they even reached out to me one time when I was approaching my minute limit to uptick my number of minutes. You can change your service for time limits or options as many times as you need to without conflict. They have a great website to take care of all questions with a click. And if you ever need to speak to someone, they're ace! This company is a keeper.

Lyla Pearce

Tech support at the…

The in person tech support at the Target store in Midwest City was excellent. He solved our issue with the phone efficiently.

Patrick Madigan

Beware of the other "gripe" reviews

I don't understand all of these negative reviews. This appears to be a "Gripe" website, so please take that into account when going through these. I switch from Verizon to Consumer Cellular and my experience was nothing short of amazing. The transition was easy, the call quality is fine, and in fact, the audio quality is way better than it was on Verizon (I don't know why that is, and it was certainly unexpected). My monthly bill is about 40% less than it was with Verizon. I haven't needed much interaction with their support people, but they have been very professional and friendly. It was a five-star experience all the way around. My only regret is that I didn't make the switch to Consumer Cellular sooner.

Reed Weichel

WiFi router

It would be nice for consumer cellular to have a Wi-Fi service available for all customers if needed thank you

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