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Here for the making beginning around 1919. Food might take care of the body, however making takes care of the spirit. Also, that takes care of them. It is the reason they make everything from cutlery, to espresso creators, to cooktops. A universe of items with a solitary reason, to ensure you benefit from a making. So whether you cook, heat, mix, or mix, anything you believe that should do in the kitchen, you can do with KitchenAid. Their items can be tracked down in kitchens (and stores) from one side of the planet to the other. Utilize the rundown on their website page to visit the KitchenAid webpage for your nation or district. KitchenAid holds the belief that most people stick to one purpose which is to buy anything from the professional ones, because only professional merchants can do a good job of their expertise and bring customers professional services. KitchenAid is committed to this belief and living up to the expectations of the above-mentioned people with professional and high-quality service, massive sale experience, rich industry knowledge, and pursuit of the latest fashion. To undergo better consumption experience, customers can utilize these recently updated KitchenAid Promo Codes and Coupons to deduct your budget down and have the great KitchenAid goods under their belt!

KitchenAid Customer Service Phone Numbers

Round-the-clock online customer service is available at KitchenAid. Therefore, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide you with a satisfying answer as soon as possible. Once connected with our service, please give a brief description of your problem. You may receive auto-replies related to your issue. If the problem is still not resolved, you should get in touch with an manual customer service and proceed with your issue. Due to the large number of inquiries, the reply may not be timely. We will strengthen customer service training to avoid similar situations in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Toll-Free Number
    (800) 422-1230
  • Official Website
  • Customer Service
    (800) 643-0961
    (800) 807-6777
    (800) 584-4315
  • Mailing Address
    553 Benson Rd., Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022, United States
  • Social Media Contacts

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KitchenAid FAQ

I'm experiencing some issues with my order from KitchenAid and I need to contact their customer service. What is the best way to do this?

To contact KitchenAid customer service, you can use the information provided on this page in the upper section. You can either call or email them directly. Or you can send them an email by using the email address.

What are the steps to take if my call to customer service is not successful?

Don't worry if your call with KitchenAid was unsuccessful. First of all, you need to review what happened during the call. It can give you information about when to call back. Or you can use live chat or consider sending an email to the online support team.

What to do if I want to return an item at KitchenAid?

Go to the website first to read the return policy and make sure you are eligible for a return. For your information, it's better to know the return policy before you make an online purchase. Then you can follow the instructions to process your return.

What are the tips for contacting KitchenAid customer service?

To start with, you need to consider if you really need to make a call. Maybe you can find an answer without calling and waiting. Check the website and look for the FAQ or a forum. You can use the live chat window. In this way, you can gather your thoughts in advance and address your issue clearly.

What is the process for tracking an order at kitchenaid.com?

To track your order at kitchenaid.com, you need to log in to your account first. Click on the 'My orders' tab and you can see the status of your order and track its process.

KitchenAid Reviews & Rating


Terrible Customer Service-still waiting for product I paid for

I bought a Kitchenaid pasta roller. The plastic underneath had two sharp knife-like pieces that cut me (defective product/should be smooth).

Jeff S.

Don't buy KitchenAid appliances

Don't buy KitchenAid appliances. We had a dishwasher that needed the motor replaced after 2 years. Our KitchenAid oven fan makes a terrible noise when baking. After 5 years we had to replace the electronic control kit, evaporator cover and defrost heat assembly on our high-end French door refrigerator. Complete garbage!

Michael Fazio

Do not buy...breaks and terrible customer support

Own an under-counter refrigerator unit that broke within 3 years needing $700+ in repairs. Terrible customer service in which the only option is to buy a new unit with a nominal discount...what a joke...like I would buy another KitchenAid product. Lots of other options out there...do not buy a KitchenAid product.


Overpriced products with no customer service

I bought kitchenaid sauce pan that costs me over $300 and it's impossible to clean the inner rim of the cover as dirt continues to accumulate. I've reached out to kitchenaid twice, asked how would they recommend cleaning the cover and did not get any response at all. Horrible customer service for overpriced products. Never again!

Carla Cavallo

Kitchen Aid

I ordered an appliance package from lowes. FYI it's not Lowes it's Kitchen Aid. The fridge came 1.6 years late. I get the supply chain issue. I had it for 3 month and then the compressor went out and lost the content of the fridge and freezer. they gave me a $75 gift card to buy a dorm fridge (they cost $150+ and the lady said take it or leave it) it took 3-4 months but then had problems with the water and ice maker. They have been out 4 time in the 1.6 years i have owned the fridge. They take no responsibility for the issues and putting me out. No compensation, they just dont care, horrible customer service and they don't stand behind their product. DO NOT BUY Kitchen Aid

Ellen Rentas Torres

The anti-human trafficking agency I run…

The anti-human trafficking agency I run was gifted a kitchenaid pot and pan set. After boiling noodles, the entire rim of the pot melted and pieces of plastic were peeling off. I tried pot number 2 just to see if the 1 pot was faulty, but pot number 2 was just as bad. I taste tested some noodles and am thoroughly disgusted at the thought of eating plastic.

beatrice dupont

Stay away from KitchenAid dishwasher …

5 years old kitchen aid dishwasher not cleaning properly :Model 104 ESS


Only buy KitchenAid if you have NO ALTERNATIVE!

I had to spend more than $10,000 for a KitchenAid refrigerator/freezer because it was the only appliance anywhere that would fit into my built-in space. They have some nerve charging for such shoddy crap, which I would give no stars if that were an option. The plastic shelving cracked almost immediately, the ice maker needed to be fixed twice, changing the filter required lying down on the floor (yes...it's at the very bottom of the unit), and their customer service is rock bottom. I didn't think it was worth ploughing more money into a 30-year+ SubZero (which had some minor glitches), so I bought a KitchenAid lemon instead. Fair warning to those who are in the market: Stay away from this brand!


I bought the Kitchenaid multi-door…

I bought the Kitchenaid multi-door model which costs around $4050 and a few years later it started not cooling. When the weather warms up, it stops working. I would avoid Kitchenaid or Whirlpool in general, next time I am getting an Electrolux.

Vanessa Taylor

KItchenaid - Shocking Customer Service Experience

Kitchenaid have been woeful in terms of my order and the customer service following the receipt of my damaged mixer. I wanted to have a quality mixer that would stand the test of time, with excellent customer service should I need it. So opted for an expensive brand - Kitchenaid - in the hope this would be the case. I could not have made a worse decision! Mixer ordered on 28th June as my birthday present from my husband. The item was received a few days later however the accessories on the white mixer I had chosen, were damaged. I called Kitcheaid and was told that because of Brexit, I could not return the damaged accessories, but had to return the whole thing! Reluctantly this was organised for the following Wednesday. This was arranged on 2 occasions and now I am waiting for a third collection as the DHL service had not been organised correctly. On the 4th call I made today, I was told my previous request for replacement accessories COULD have been done and also the complaint I made


DO NOT buy a KitchenAid refrigerator

DO NOT buy a KitchenAid refrigerator. Ours was purchased as part of entire kitchen package in March of 2020. First problem with fridge was the LED lights went out. Had those replaced. Then, evaporator fan motor went out. Had that replaced. Luckily I purchased an extended warranty so only had to pay for service calls. As "luck" would have it, the warranty expired this May. It has other problems now, as the unit thinks the doors are open and sets off door alarms. Lights go on and off. Appliance repair company thinks that one or more of the circuits boards are bad. This fridge is 3 YEARS OLD. Called KitchenAid directly and sat on hold for nearly 30 minutes before I got to talk to a living person. They weren't very sympathetic. Now, am waiting for days to get an appliance repair company out here to diagnose issue. This fridge has had SIX service calls in it's 3-year span. To say I am not pleased is putting it mildly.


Purchased an over the range convection…

Purchased an over the range convection microwave directly from Kitchen Aid in April 2023. The first week of June it stopped working entirely. It took Kitchen Aid an entire month to have a technician come to our home to look at it as they refused to accept a return of their garbage product. Parts were ordered in July and being told that they are on backorder with no known ETA. Kitchen Aid said they have 22 days (excluding weekends) from parts order date before escalating to next step (look for parts elsewhere or replace) which takes us to mid August. If I would have bought from anywhere other than Kitchen Aid it would have been exchanged/replaced. Never again will we buy Whirlpool or Kitchen Aid trash products.


I got a blender with a broken jar

I got a blender with a broken jar. They could not just send me a new jar but wanted the whole blender back. OK. 2 weeks - nothing from them but vague emails. Finally the have sent it but to the wrong address despite the fact that i explicitly told them in writing by email and even on the piece of paper that I put in the blender´s box that I have moved to a new adress! And they have sent it to the old adress. Moreover according to the postnord app it is a home delivery and they can just leave it outside the door if nobody is home!


No to very poor service from Kitchen…

Very poor service from Kitchen Aid. They do not stand behind their products nor honor their warranties very well. I bought two, a refrigerator and a stove. One is a complete lemon and the other they won't find a resolution to five it. I would recommend that you think twice about these high-priced appliances before you purchase them. There is very little support! Wait times to reach them are extremely long.

Tracy Boucher

Bought a new 5 drawer overpriced…

Bought a new 5 drawer overpriced Kitchen aid fridge last September. The thing started making annoying sounds within the first month I was told when I called this is common in New appliances sometimes last awhile. It's been 9 months it hasn't stopped its gotten louder and more frequent. I had a warranty call scheduled for last Friday they didn't show up nobody called wasted a whole day. I've rescheduled for tomorrow. When I asked what the issue was for Friday's no show they couldn't give me a reason.

Terri Koster

3 year old dishwasher leaking from…

3 year old dishwasher leaking from multiple places. Customer service refuses to honor manufacturer warranty or help in any way…and we made multiple calls It will cost us more to fix than replace, so we’re buying a new unit. I will not be purchasing KitchenAid anything again. This is not the same company it used to be.


Warranty False Advertising

*** Update Jun 1 2023. *** Updated Rating 4 Stars


Fantastic customer service

I am very happy with my replacement dough hook that kitchenAid kindly replaced.

Amy Ruhl

Great, Helpful Customer Service

I really appreciated both the customer service for their large appliance and their mixers. I has some issues and they were so polite and helpful. They stood by their products in and out of warranty to help me get resolutions. So refreshing.

Alison Pollard

Good customer service

Bought the KitchenAid stand mixer and it came broken. Some of the wires had burned out and it did not turn on. However, when I called them they profusely apologised, sent me a return label and I was able to send the mixer for servicing. They sent it back (tracked) and now my mixer is working. Of course I would have liked to have a working mixer to begin with but the customer service has been very good.

Mr. Lee smith

Kitchen Heaven

Being fairly new in the kitchen at the age of 36.I personally find the very few kitchen aid products I have, absolutely phenomenal.Sleek design and easy to use.They really are a fantastic asset to any kitchen.I personally only own the mini chopper as an appliance and some storage tubs and cheese grater and tea towels, but every single product I own is amazing and gorgeous looking.I cannot wait to get more kitchen aid products.Worth every penny


I have always considered baking as my…

I have always considered baking as my greatest skill. Thus, it brings nothing but happiness to my family. Kitchen Aid has always been my partner in doing so. Like most my baking tools, I got from them

John Davis

Really pleased with the quality

Really pleased with the quality of the stand mixer. It looks and functions great with loads of optional accessories

Shakila Razack

Our loyal friend in my kitchen has always been Kitchen Aid

When we built our home some 25 + years ago , we choose all Kitchen Aid Appliance . I did my due diligence & My kitchen Aid Appliances have certainly stood the test of time . We had only changed our old refrigerator to a brand new Kitchen Aid Stailless Steel 48” Refrigerator 🥰Why mess with a proven good thing ?🤷‍♀️5 ⭐️ In my humble opinion

Daren Hen

I needed a rubber foot for my mixer

I needed a rubber foot for my mixer Contacted via fb messenger, they were fantastic from start to finish Very friendly and quick at responding

Jimmy Pigg

This company is amazing

This company is amazing. When our order was messed up the people in customer service were so kind and resolved our issue quickly

Paul Maslo

Super fast delivery to Ireland and…

Super fast delivery to Ireland and price was good

E;izabeth Kwong

Not just a simple service, it's a satisfying service

I got a KitchenAid dishwasher with the house. After two years of continuous usage the upper rack misaligned and can't get adjusted to accomodate larger plates for the lower rack. I contacted KitchenAid service here in Montreal and got greeted by the most thoughtful service. She then connected me with a service guy Stephane. She also mentioned I needed to pay for the visit but afterwards it will just be the parts. All was completed according to what was agreed and service was completed and parts changed within 5 mins. Stephane was polite and very efficient. Even in the midst of the pandemic the parts came after 1 mo wait and service completed as soon as the parts arrived. You can't ask for anything better. Thank you KitchenAid. You really is an Aid for appliance owner.

E;izabeth Kwong

Not just a simple service, it's a satisfying service

I got a KitchenAid dishwasher with the house. After two years of continuous usage the upper rack misaligned and can't get adjusted to accomodate larger plates for the lower rack. I contacted KitchenAid service here in Montreal and got greeted by the most thoughtful service. She then connected me with a service guy Stephane. She also mentioned I needed to pay for the visit but afterwards it will just be the parts. All was completed according to what was agreed and service was completed and parts changed within 5 mins. Stephane was polite and very efficient. Even in the midst of the pandemic the parts came after 1 mo wait and service completed as soon as the parts arrived. You can't ask for anything better. Thank you KitchenAid. You really is an Aid for appliance owner.

nancy pauken

Really great warranty service

Normally I haven't purchased my Kitchen Aid products directly from them but after my last experience, I believe I might. A friend purchased a stand mixer that came with a glass bowl in addition to the stainless bowl for the same price as anywhere.I purchased a small chopper and plugged it in to see if it would work and it was fine. I tried again a couple months later and nothing helped. I had registered it so when I called their warranty center, they asked no questions, gave me a choice of colors and sent it out right away. It actually came a day earlier than promised. My only complaint is that no one is available on weekends and it can be a bit of a wait with really terrible (though I've heard worse) hold music, but when they finally answer they are friendly and helpful. I like their products and while they can be pricey, they are worth it and the warranty is really great

Brenda W.

“Love appliances”

I own only kitchen aid appliances and tools. Will stock my kitchen with kitchen aid appliances as I go along.

Karen Luton Yeager

KitchenAid dishwasher model #…

KitchenAid dishwasher model # KDTM404KPS: We are thrilled with it, and I have stopped eating breakfast to write this review... We lived for years with the original crappy DW that came with the house and when it was time to upgrade I bought the most expensive DW available, which was an Electrolux. No improvement. I was still washing dishes by hand and merely running them through the DW for high heat sanitizing. Yes, multiple plumbers couldn't find anything wrong with the plumbing, so I resigned myself to washing dishes by hand and just using the DW for sanitizing. Years pass and after the ELux leaked and ruined our wood floor, it was time again for another DW. I remembered I was raised with a KitchenAid in the 60s and 70s, so we bought this KitchenAid KDTM404KPS from Lowe's. With a sense of hopefulness and throwing caution to the wind, my husband and I put DIRTY dishes in and ran it overnight. This morning, it was like a miracle. EVERYTHING WAS SPARKLING. (Except for some dri

Jeanette H.

“Great company”

My order took a while as the item wasn't in stock. But they told me this upfront. Dealing with customer service was also a great experience. They were helpful & friendly. Received my package & everything is in good order.


I bought a kitchen aid food processor… and it doesn't work

I bought a kitchen aid food processor attachment and when I plug it in the shaft doesn't turn it looks like the shaft is do small too short what is going on yeah man I bought it from he said it fits all KitchenAid but the bolt it does not turn like the bolt is too short what is going on now I'm stuck with a $300 and it doesn't work


I bought a kitchen aid food processor… and it doesn't work

I bought a kitchen aid food processor attachment and when I plug it in the shaft doesn't turn it looks like the shaft is do small too short what is going on yeah man I bought it from he said it fits all KitchenAid but the bolt it does not turn like the bolt is too short what is going on now I'm stuck with a $300 and it doesn't work

Rochelle Goodman

Manager that helped me was amazing and…

Manager that helped me was amazing and the person who answered the phone was amazing I am Rachel good man the person that helped me because my blender was broken and it wasn’t being shipped out because of the holiday I talk to a manager and she got it shipped out right away thank you so much for what you guys have done I love KitchenAid

Karen Hope

Great customer service

Great customer service! Thank you so much. I rang on Wednesday and spoke to a lovely lady- unfortunately I did not write down her name. She was extremely. My cook processor that I love and use every day had a cracked seal. Today a courier arrived at my door - yes two days later, with not only the seal but the complete lid, seal and measuring cup. Thank you SO much. Great great customer service. You have made my day.

Projecto Reviews

KitchenAid microwaves are of impressive…

KitchenAid microwaves are of impressive quality without any doubts.Please check BakingReview.com as well.

Happy Camper

Crestwood Appliance St Louis Mo is awesome

Crestwood Appliance St Louis Mo is awesome. Called them to bring mixer in to put drip ring back on. I had tried to put on myself. Living hours away they told me their little known secret. It's just simply lightly sanding inside lip of the ring, tap on it with rubber mallet. Took me all of 1 minute. They are awesome. Hats off to this factory service center.

Evelyn Griffits

A must for any kitchen

I have been wanting a KitchenAid since I was a kid. I Finally bought this beauty and it looks fantastic in my kitchen, not to mention it comes in handy when baking.

Judith Donn

UPDATE TO---Problems after 14 months of dishwasher life!

This was the cause for my one star review--read update, following, though. 14 months ago, we bought a KA dishwasher KDTE254ESS2. There are 2 of us so the dishwasher certainly isn't overworked. #1: The gasket around the soap dispenser lid/door came off. It is very easy to remove the soap dispenser lid, and would be simple to replace just the lid/door, were it available. That's #1 complaint--problems after 14 months of light use. #2--ripoff--Rather than selling me a new soap dispenser lid/door, KA requires that I buy a whole soap dispenser--much more expensive and probably requiring a service call. No rudeness was involved though.UPDATE--I texted KA about this problem and THEY CONTACTED ME! My dishwasher was out of warranty by about 2 months. They sent a repairman who assessed the problem and ordered the part. He then returned with the part and completed the repair--ALL FREE OF CHARGE EVEN THOUGH MY DISHWASHER WAS OUT OF WARRANTY!!! The repairman was very efficient, friendly, and reall

Jackie Mold

Well I seem to be the odd one out here

Well I seem to be the odd one out here, I had my artisan mixer for 4 years and used it around once a week, The worm gear (turning) stopped working last week and from calling the service centre in Belguim to receiving the machine back it was 4 days!! I did have to drop it off at a pickup point, but I have lots near me so that was easy. It was delivered back to me at the agreed time and I was kept informed all the way through.


Kitchenaid Repair

I purchased a Kitchenaid Artisan food mixer in 2015. Recently my wife dropped something in the mixer whilst in operation. I contacted Kitchenaid on line. They promptly arranged to collect the mixer and returned it 5 days later repaired and polished. Great service with no hassle.

Saurav C.

“I love KitchenAid Stand mixer”

I love KitchenAid stand mixer because it is durable, easy to clean and above all, easy to use. So no wonder many people...


This review might change, but so far so good.

This review might change, as I am currently still awaiting part of my shipment.So far my experience with the kitchen aid website has been good. I ordered a few items in the sale, and most were shipped immediately and arrived quickly, well packaged and as described. I did call to enquire about my final item, which the friendly customer service employee informed me was now on back order (which is disappointing, seeing as I ordered through their website and it states there + as part of their customer service voicemail that inventory online is fully reflective of current stock availability). Still, I understand that sometimes things change quickly, and I was glad to be assured that my order will not be cancelled despite lack of stock (that was my main fear: that they'd eventually cancel my order, why which time it'd be out of stock everywhere else).The customer service hours are not very convenient (what kind of large appliance company doesn't have customer support on the weekend?) but


KitchenAid made good after denying rebate

KitchenAid made good on the rebate after a second review

Marianna Chen

I recently replaced our 10year old…

I recently replaced our 10year old Maytag with a KitchenAid Built-In Dishwasher bought and installed from Best Buy. And so far I am amazed at how all the dishes and plastic are left clean and BONE DRY! So no more having to wipe down every dish before putting it away. I sincerely hope this quality lasts.


Cannot register warranty on their website.

Loses a star simply because the website is so awful. You are encouraged to register your warranty on the KitchenAid website with the lure of free goodies if you do. However, the warranty form - as noted by a previous reviewer - simply crashes out with an error at the end of the process. Bit of a waste of time and doesn't make a good impression. It appears this has been a problem for some time.


I couldn't realise something bad like…

I couldn't realise something bad like reviews from that people who bought refrigerator or mixer or something like that anyway totally and completely. How do you plan to keep it going? Can you do that please? I am happy with them.

Mr Michael Anonymous

Waterline connector for KitchenAid KSRT25CRSS01

We have had a kitchenAid KSRT25CRSS01 refrigerator for 14 years. Over that time we have had 3 repairs that were needed. None too expensive. Biggest problem was water filter assembly leak which needed a replacement. I want to describe the most recent problem which might be able to someone some money. One day we noticed a puddle of water in the front left side of the refrigerator. Found out at the bottom of the freezer door there was a waterline elbow that was leaking. I thought it would be easy to find the part online and replace it. But I soon found out that this part is not on any of the parts diagrams. I searched multiple sites and spoke with reps who could not find it. Finally, I was able to identify that it was a Westinghouse 5/16” elbow. Then I was able to start getting prices. Unbelievably, the part sold anywhere from $10-$30 plus shipping! Not willing to pay that amount I contacted local plumbing supply shops. None of them carried the part.To make a longer story short, I finally


Had to wrestle it

I was so excited to get the beautiful kitchen aid mixer with glass bowl. When I was mixing dough it made the glass bowl lock itself to the base. I tried googling how to remove from the base and it wouldn’t budge. On YouTube a reviewer said to place it on the floor and straddle it and turn the bowl. Lol!!!! I actually tried this and every possible other maneuver and it wouldn’t come off the base. Then I put it on the counter and tried removing it again the normal way and it fell off the counter and the glass bowl had broken. Sadly, I had to order a stainless bowl and I will never ever buy a glass bowl to be used with a mixer. It doesn’t seem safe anyway. Long story short the kitchen aid does have a great motor and design aesthetic however the glass bowl shouldn’t be used. The quality is great otherwise!


I had an issue with my Kitchen Aid and…

I had an issue with my Kitchen Aid and they resolved it quickly and fairly. I really love the product.

Mrs & Mrs F Hawkes

KitchenAid let down by poor service from DPD courier company

We bought an expensive KitchenAid kettle (Artisan range) via John Lewis.The kettle started to leak after about a year of ownership so we contacted John Lewis who agreed we could buy a replacement (up to £40 if I recall) whilst KitchenAid repaired or replaced ours.We packed the kettle extremely well and after being in touch with KitchenAid we waited for the DPD courier company to pick it up.This never happened as the company just left a blank card saying we hade been out when they called. In summary this was incorrect as we had stayed in all day waiting for them and towards the end of the day noticed their van driving away from the house. We called DPD right away and they advised they has "knocked on the door" but no one answered and the driver could not return (although by this time he was only about 7 minutes away). Apparently ringing the door bell is not their policy (This was advised to us after we called the local DPD depot to complain). After advising all details to Kitchenaid t

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