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Founded in the year 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the level of gracious living by providing the exceptional products and services for their valuable customers’ homes and their lifestyles. Believe better business and a better world go hand-in-hand. Whether that is beautiful kitchen and bath products, innovative engines and generators, memorable hospitality offerings or developing clean water, sanitation, and community development solutions around the world.The store KOHLER - strives to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through design, craftsmanship and innovation and is also fuelled by the passion of more than 36,000 associates worldwide. KOHLER holds the belief that most people stick to one purpose which is to buy anything from the professional ones, because only professional merchants can do a good job of their expertise and bring customers professional services. KOHLER is committed to this belief and living up to the expectations of the above-mentioned people with professional and high-quality service, massive sale experience, rich industry knowledge, and pursuit of the latest fashion. To undergo better consumption experience, customers can utilize these recently updated KOHLER Coupons and Discount Codes to deduct your budget down and have the great KOHLER goods under their belt!

KOHLER Customer Service Phone Numbers

Many consumers are unable to pose their problems on the ground due to geographic restrictions, therefore, currently the best approach for them is KOHLER online customer service. KOHLER online customer service is designed to help customers ease concerns in their mind to the full extent, running from color differences, quality problem and delivery, so that customers can experience the perfect consumption. If there are any questions related to these issues or any other issues, KOHLER is dedicated to easing your misgivings all day long! Feel free to ask any questions! Contact information is as follows:

  • Toll-Free Number
    (800) 456-4537
  • Official Website
  • Customer Service
    (920) 457-4441
  • Mailing Address
    444 Highland Drive, Kohler, Wisconsin 53044, United States
  • Social Media Contacts

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What should I do if I have an unsuccessful call with KOHLER customer service?

If you are not pleased with the outcome of your call, you may attempt to contact the customer service department again. You may be able to speak to a better-trained representative. Additionally, you may also explore options like live chat or social media platforms.

How do I return an item at the online store of KOHLER?

To start with, take a look at the return policy on the store website or you can contact the customer support team to discuss your return. You will need to provide them with your order number or the serial number of the product you would like to return.

How do I exchange an item at kohler.com?

Firstly, determine if the item is exchangeable. You can contact customer service or review the return and exchange policy on the website. Ensure that you are aware of any deadlines or other requirements for exchanging the item.

What is the process for filing a complaint at kohler.com?

If you are not content with your order, you can get in touch with the support team and tell them what happened. There will be a team that can help with customer issues to get them resolved. It can also be helpful to keep a record of your interactions with the store.

What is the process for tracking an order at kohler.com?

If you want to check on the status of your order at kohler.com, start by logging in to your account. Once you're logged in, go to the 'Order History' tab to see your order's status and track its progress.

KOHLER Reviews & Rating



Have a Sterling sliding glass shower door installed in 2009. Have always bought Sterling as their products are stylish and seem to last thru use and maintenance. Had to replace tub and just needed some parts to recondition the slider shower doors (which were in excellent condition). Nightmare talking to customer service and receiving product. Had to order parts thru Sterling AND Kohler. Took over 8 weeks and multiple phone calls to receive parts. At one point, a part number had changed to another number, and for 6 WEEKS, NO ONE bothered to adjust the order for that change in part number. Loved Sterling but will not order a Sterling product again when parts cannot be obtained without wasting my life away dealing with customer service. THX STERLING!!! :-(

Luis Deschamps

Better order your products somewhere…

Better order your products somewhere else. #Kohler doesn't provide return shipping labels making the buyer pay and deal with all related to this and lose money a time, fast shipping's price is crazy high. Products lack of proper description, it's almost impossible to distinguish between different versions or editions of the same model name. They suck bad, is that simple.

amy czarnowski

Sterling Store+ 30 in x 60 in bath kit

I bought a Sterling Store+ 30 in x 60 in.single threshold left hand shower base w/ shower walls 10 piece accessory kit. There is pitting on the shower base finish. Plumber had to install because I needed it for operation as I am disabled. Just got off phone with Kohler and they said they can not repair, only replace. I could cry. The is not an option because I already had to pay plumber. So disappointed. Would not recommend this company. It is a shame, because I really liked the unit except for the finish flaw.

Chris t

Brand new toilet...2 weeks already not…

Brand new toilet...2 weeks already not flushing...had to pay a plumber as much as it cost new to replace defective parts....called kohler...gave me the too bad oh well its your problem.....never ever again will I buy anything from this scam company.

emanuel Socaciu

We purchased kohler shower fixtures for…our shower

We purchased kohler shower fixtures for a entire home remodel. Some of the shower fixtures failed. We called kohler customer service and they said that they no longer carry the trim for our shower fixtures which was fairly new. They offer to send us new fixtures which we pay for. Our plumber tells us that the fixtures do not work.


I am living hell on earth getting my…

I am living hell on earth getting my tub installed! What was suppost to be two days Instalation it's now over 12 days! The project manager keeps gas lighting me. Sales person disappeared. It's even better. Because if there is a person who does not have a clue about her job. This is her. She decided to pay engineer. Moved all plumbing and draining! Now my shower is coming from a paper thing wall from my walking closet. Can you smell the mold in the air?Construction crew is nice BUT the reviews from the company are very scary West Shore Homes. This company wants me to be here for the city inspection. Have never seen this in my whole life. The company MUST be here for the city inspection. Anyways. City came. I failed both eletric and plumbing inspection because I had a leak that I told the project manager about it

Lisa Warner

Poor response from part replacement and website.

Ordering a part to fix the kitchen sink. Looked up part on their website. Their PDF gave the wrong part number, bought the wrong part. This was during the holiday when they were closed for days. Contacted live person at customer support. Was offered free part but with unknown delivery time. “We need time to manufacture the part.” This is a very common part, the sprayer hose, that starts leaking after about 5 years. Also very popular sink faucet. Not sure why they have to make each hose? Really? A week later they are still “processing” the order. Others say it can take a month to get a part. The website asks for feedback but the form will not work. No place to enter responses and sometimes it never loads. Not sure how Kohler can have such poor customer service.


Avoid this website - Use Amazon instead

Avoid this website, order products directly on Amazon. They do not provide return shipping labels (effectively meaning you only get back 50-80% of the price, plus dealing with shipping), they take way longer, and if you want fast shipping it's incredibly expensive. They don't describe the products very well either, it's impossible or tricky to distinguish between versions of the same model name. I think the most annoying thing is how slow the site is and awkwardly designed. I don't need to see graphics, I just need to find stuff.

Tina E.

“Kohler Generators”

I scheduled an estimate for a power generator. Kohler sent ine of their contactors out to my home. The contractor came but never sent an estimate so I could gave the work done. I contacted Kohler and complained about their contactor but nothing was ever done. They are unreliable and unprofessional!

Kim Filippone

Horrific Customer Service

Will never, ever buy another Kohler product again. For all the hype around style and quality they DO NOT stand behind their products. When my $7k whole house generator died just out of warranty and with less than 300 hours on it not only would they not replace it, but their customer service rep literally hung up on me when I said I was going to contact my state attorney general office to see if the consumer protection department could help me. Not only that, but when my husband asked to speak with their repair team (it needed multiple repairs and part replacements while still under warranty) they refused him, saying he could only talk with the distributor who had ZERO details on what went wrong with the unit. Clearly there was something very wrong with it they were trying to hide. Horrible company.

Vincent Fiore

I would rather S%$T in a bucket than buy Kohler

I would rather S%$T in a bucket than buy another Kohler produce.

Robert Garner

£800 leaky tap… is 6 years an expected lifespan?

After paying over £800 for a Kohler Sensate, sensor kitchen tap 6 years ago.

Kevin Howard

Don't buy a Kennon Necoroc black matte kitchen sink.

Purchased a Kennon Necoroc black matte kitchen sink, installed it in August. It has tons of scratches showing up white. Kohler says that normal wear and tear and I should have purchased the sink racks and cleaner for the composite sink. Well, that would have been nice to know when I ordered it from Home Depot, say like on the box, not as a recommendation or suggestion but as NECESSARY to keep it looking good. It looks bad after three months and they say oh well, its normal wear and tear.

Johnny V

Kohler does not stand behind their products…

My slow closing Kohler "Catchet" toilet seat cracked in half. I am not a big person and I thought that it was strange. I went on the internet and found many complaints about this specific problem w/ "Catchet" toilet seats, when I called Kohler customer service and told them about the multitude of complaints. All I was offered was a replacement seat at 1/2 price of 45.00!!! I wont be buying anymore Kohler products in the future! Johnny Ventura 818 249 1269

James G.

“Great customer service”

I purchased two cimmaron toilets at Lowes a few weeks ago. I am renovating my home. My contractor tried to install the toilets but there was a problem with the base. My contractor called Kohler customer service and within a few hours they took care of everything. They arranged for me to pick up upgraded Toilets at Lowes the same day without returning the rather heavy ones I bought. They were great

Carl Maes

Toilets do not flush properly

Toilets do not flush properly. I switched to a different brand after 3 bad Kohler experiences. I contacted Kohler and they advised the last model I purchased had been taken off the market and replaced with a new design. However they did not offer any compensation.


Very disappointed in how the company…

Very disappointed in how the company changed. Their toilet seats aren't made the same, and when I ordered one, it came without any bolts or screws. Not the best product anymore.


Good products, GREAT customer service!

I have had various Kohler products over the years and always felt they were a quality brand.


Do not buy Kohler toilets

Do not buy Kohler toilets! You will find no replacement parts available (or a 1-2 month lead time to get a rebuild kit!) I was fortunate to find a local plumbing supply with 1 in stock. Kohler does great marketing but has terrible support for customers. Their parts are non-standard and will force you to hire a plumber for a simple fix. Shameful!

Jeannette J.

“Satisfied customer”

Just a quick note to thank one of your employees, Lora K*******. She was very helpful and was an asset to your company. We had a broken toilet seat and Lora went out of her way to help us locate a discontinued color. Please let her know that we sang her praises. Your satisfied customers, Al Jannotta and family from Fairfield ct. Case number ******* or *******z72

Charles J.

“Replacement Parts for Shower Enclosure”

Originally installed a Kohler Clear Coat shower enclosure in my last apartment. Bought a house and the upper and lower rails are now too short. I checked out the Kohler website and could not find the rails. I called the Customer Service Department and in 2 minutes had the rails ordered and paid for. Quick, neat service with no hassel. Intelligent service reps. Waiting for the parts now to install in my house.

4.0 (187)

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