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Paychex are mainly a financial company, and they provide customers with financial issues such as funding and salary. So far they have a history of 48 years, so they have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in this industry. Paychex not only for the individuals to provide services, they also provide services for enterprises, offers a variety of payroll and human resources products and services continue to grow, and can help customers do what they do best. They have extensive business in financial terms - including payroll processing, retirement services, insurance and human resources outsourcing solutions to complete their customized according to customer requirements for some products, regardless of the size of the company's size, regardless of the customer's requirements mention simple or complex, they will make every effort to complete. The products from Paychex is known for being stable and reliable in quality, wide in the production line, durable in period of use, fashionable, avant-garde and innovative in style. Paychex adheres to the service tenet of "customer always comes first”. Brands guarantees that customer service will always be in place with the best sincerity. Additionally, Paychex takes high-quality products, high reputation, perfect after-sales service and reasonable prices as its business philosophy. Each customer will be highly valued at Paychex! To get the best price to buy best products, you can find Paychex Promo Codes and Coupon Codes on HotDeals.

Paychex Customer Service Phone Numbers

If you have any questions, please contact with Paychex customer service which will provide you with a satisfying answer patiently and in a timely manner. Paychex will carefully check the goods before each shipping. Additional, If you have some questions about the delivery, or the low reply from customer service, or the color difference problem, you can first check whether the Paychex FAQ can answer you on these issues. If you can not find the corresponding answer, the following are our various specific contact information and you can contact us at any time. We will try our best to serve you.

  • Toll-Free Number
    (800) 322-7292
  • Official Website
  • Customer Service
    (877) 456-6317
    (888) 570-9254
    (855) 263-1021
  • Mailing Address
    911 Panorama Trail South, Rochester, New York 14625, United States
  • Social Media Contacts

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Paychex FAQ

I need to contact Paychex customer service about a problem I'm having with my order. How can I do this?

There are a couple of ways you can contact Paychex customer service. You can find the contact information on this page and either call or email the support team. It won't take long before you can get through.

Why do people reach out to Paychex customer service?

People call Paychex customer service for a range of reasons. These include but are not limited to: asking questions about an item, reporting a problem with an order, to find out about shipping and delivery options, and so on.

If I want to cancel my order, what should I do?

You can start by connecting with the customer service team and make sure the cancellation is possible within the designated time frame. If it can not be canceled, ask if you can return the items once you receive them for a refund.

What are the tips for contacting Paychex customer service?

If you want to get help from customer service quickly, you should have all the information you need first. Then you should know the best times to call. It's better to call early to minimize the delay. The representative may have extra time for you if you pick the right time.

What should I do if I want to make a complaint at Paychex?

If you are not pleased with your experience at the store, contact customer service and let them know what the issue is. The store has a team that can look into it and helps get it resolved. Also, you can go through the store's complaint resolution process to file your complaint.

Paychex Reviews & Rating


Very deceptive company

They are very deceptive and a very dishonest company.

Sharon Browning

Paychex Worst company to work for

Worst company to work for. I was a temp in office for a month and not one person on my team said a word to me.

Roberto Ortiz

This company likes to clone your small…

This company likes to clone your small business EIN and in sync with your company payroll they will double charging you for taxes like they've been doing to our company. This company cant be trusted. We recently caught them, bought it to their attention and they did their in house so called investigation and then profussly apologized, promised to return the money illegally taken out our business account. we have them on numerous recordings admitted wrong doing and promissing to return the money illegally taken. now we are more then a month later as of this review and nothing. we were forced to contact the NC states attorneys office and investigative media. if you are doing busniss with Paychecks have your accounts go over your business accounts statements... Stay tuned because this situation will be in the media soon. we gave them more then enough changes to correct what they did, and after several promisses from them that they will, they've done nothing... This is not a payroll compan


Horrible Customer Service

We have been using Paychex since 2017 and it used to have one of the best customer service departments over any other provider. It has gone so far downhill that we have moved the majority of our companies to another provider. It takes at least 5 emails to solve a basic problem, and if you leave a voicemail no one ever calls you back. Sometimes if you're lucky you can get through to a person that can help you, but more often than not, the problem doesn't get solved. Most recently, we were told by our assigned specialist to just talk to someone else and listed an email address, and all they needed to do was void and reissue a check for us. If your payroll goes on hold for any reason after processing , it will never be reviewed and processed so prepare for that. We are so frustrated and fed up that we are going to be looking for a better provider for our biggest company. I'm giving Paychex an opportunity to correct themselves, but so far it's not looking good.


I would give them 0 stars if I could

I would give them 0 stars if I could. I am using the Paychex PEO formerly Oasis and it has been the biggest disaster I have ever experienced. They constantly sneak money for fees that are over and above what was agreed to. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. I am working on getting away from them but they have done things behind the scenes to effect me getting health insurance for my company. Stay away from them they will destroy your business.


Borderline gang-methods when trying to end services

While onboarding my small company Paychex was great and helpful (payroll and 401k service).


Paychex 401(K)

Paychex customer service is polite but incompetent. I received an email which offered paper 401 (K) statements if I called a phone number. I called and the after 20 plus minute on hold i was told that 401 (K) statement were only available on line. I then requested to speak with a supervisors. After another 20 plus minute wait i was told that I needed to log in. I was then unable to log in as it was 4 years since I had previously and my password had expired. After another 30 minutes the website would not let me create a new password.

Ahmed Mady

Irresponsible company

Irresponsible company


We have used Paychex for several years

We have used Paychex for several years, wish we did not. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. It is almost impossible to get our rep on the phone or to even get back to us through email. Can't tell you how many times they have screwed up payroll, which is supposed to be automatic. These people are grossly incompetent, stay away.


Stay 1million miles

Stay away… I’ve used Paychex once and always had issues… I ran one payroll in the amount of $1000 and then they locked me out and they sent it to collections and their collection company wants to try and sue me for $4800 with no explaining. They scam small businesses…


RUN!!! Find an alternative to Paychex!

I have no idea how this company is still in business. We used them for payroll services and every single thing about the process was painful. Then, after those employees departed and we no longer required Paychex's services, they kept not cancelling the account even after requested, they put us into collections, and getting anyone to unravel services we no longer needed was almost impossible. I recommend staying FAR, FAR away. Seek another provider.

tan tan

Stay far away from

Stay far away from. Lie after lie just to get you to sign up and then once you do, your representative who says they will always be a phone call away no longer answers their phone or returns messages. They messed up my taxes, charged me ridiculous fees, didn't pay my workers comp so it was cancelled three different times and only discovered because I brought it up to them. Cancelled 3 months ago and still having to deal with their crap.


I am a longtime paychex customer

I am a longtime paychex customer . Do not use them ever to apply for the Payroll Retention program . They applied for us in January and took over 7,000 up front out of our Account . It is June and we still have not seen a penny of the money they said we were to receive. When I called last month they said we cant help you just wait Additionally just today I received a letter from he IRS stating signed paperwork from us was not included when they applied in January. I wish I would have known not to use them which is why I am writing this review

Valerie Groom

I an a NJ company that has been using…

I an a NJ company that has been using Paychex for over15 years. We employ people who live in NY as we are located near the boarder of NY State. Although we followed the protocol to get a State withholding tax # and submitted to Paychex, they did not properly remit these taxes. Once I discovered it, they say they escalated it, filed properly, etc.. Well guess what 6 months later NY State sends demands for payments. I have notified them of this and all I get is a "we've sent" this to some department, not call, no follow up. There are other payroll companies out there, I have 401K, HR with them and I am disgusted with their handling of this


Paychex is an embarrassment

Paychex is an embarrassment. Good luck speaking to anyone over the phone. I've had multiple customer 'reps' in months. They filed my taxes late with the department of revenue and now I'm stuck with the bill. Really just an awful experience throughout, will take my business elsewhere. NOTHING good I can say. What the heck am I paying t

Johnny’s Transport

Stat far away from this company

Stat far away from this company. I signed up for a free 30 day trial that somehow turned into a $300 collections charge because someone forgot to end my trial and they proceeded to try and charge my account for service. After MONTHS of trying to get it sorted out, with no results. Paychex is a circus act.


Stole money from my 401K

I had my 401K plan with the company and was laid off. Was told I can leave my funds there until I'm ready to rollover to another plan but my former employer closed the company and terminated the plan so paychex used my assets to cover the billing fee for the plan that was already closed. ( their exact wording). So in other words they stole my hard earned money to cover their expenses without ever notifying me. I asked the rep to reverse billing and return the account to the balance it had but she said it's not possible.

Brian Metcalf

Trash, absolute garbage

Trash, absolute trash. Implementation team screwed up payroll initially, then when my account transferred to the regular team in charge of processing payroll, the blunders only got worse. Now we're a week out from the latest botched payroll & they've yet to find a solution and are woefully slow in responding. I've been stuck with some abysmal service providers but Paychex is unequivocally the worse.

Donald Gordon

So far so good

So far so good. One thing I’m sure of that ADP is terrible. Who knows maybe my expectations are just very low but I think Paychex so far has been a needed change.

Eric Hsu

Not great but not horrible

Began using this week about 3 weeks ago.

Albert Heirich

Not a Good Match for Small, New Companies

This might be a good company for a large corporation or highly knowledgeable, experienced clients but if you are just starting out, this is not the company to deal with. The process for signing up is disorganized and scattered. A simple checklist with what is required would be greatl Looking for a new company that understands new small businesses and will help walk us through all of this.


Jasmine Stout - Customer Service

I spoke to Jasmine Stout on Customer Service Chat and boy did she help me. She was professional, dealt with all my questions, and just did such an amazing job. She taught me a lot about the system and how to work it. She is such a life saver. I feel like I just graduated Paychex school!


31st of Jan and still no w2

Today is the 31st of Jan 2023 and they still have not got me my w2 for tax filing. They've done my employer's payroll for years. Get paid no problem. The pay stubs run late but I got use to that long ago. This is the first time they violated federal law and didn't get us* our w2 forms by the gov mandated deadline. (*I've checked with fellow employees and they no have either) 3 stars because pay deposits are always on time. Not sure if they deserve it though. They are probably the only payroll company that didn't get w2 forms out on time.EDIT: These guys were really on it. Their response was to my review was no joke and I emailed them as they requested. The secretary at my employer's office got a hold of me to let me know they were reaching out to her to solve my issue as an employee. I think we had 8 emails total. 4 from me and 4 from them. Their last email was asking if everything was resolved to my satisfaction and I replied, "Yes. I have received my W2 in the mail today on Fe

Jessica asana

"Great place to learn the ropes"

I worked at Paychex full-time (Less than a year)

Jessica asana

"Great place to learn the ropes"

I worked at Paychex full-time (Less than a year)Prosflexibility to work on projects, tool wise and time wise. no micro management. great products to clients.Conspolitics even in a small team of 5, for promotion or everything else. narrow path to growth if you want to stay long.Advice to Managementn/a. they are well established, won't listen, won't change.

Anthony E.

“I will agree with the other reviewer who commented...”

I will agree with the other reviewer who commented that there are many hidden charges for paychex. ADP is cheaper. I do like how if you pay an extremely high amount for paychex you do get an account manager. I think it depends on how much you want to pay for the service and the size of your company. They do a good job of hand holding you through the entire process and they do have decent customer service but you pay for the extra service. 401K fees are not cheap and you should make sure you know what those are before committing.

4.0 (287)

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Paychex Hints and Tips

Whether you're a savvy shopper or just looking to save, these tips will help you find the best deals online at Paychex.

  • To start with, you can check Paychex's website. It often has information about current promotions and discounts, so you can check there to see if there are any deals available.
  • Besides, you can consider signing up for the membership program. It provides members with access to exclusive products, services, and experiences.
  • No matter you care about shipping fees or not, shipping costs can become an important part of shopping online. You'd better know about the free shipping policy before you pay the bill.