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Starlink is presently conveying introductory beta administrations both locally and universally, also, will continue with advancement to move toward overall consideration of the populated world in 2021. During beta, clients can hope to see information speeds change from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and inertness from 20ms to 40ms in many areas throughout the following a while as they upgrade their framework. There will likewise be brief times of no availability by any means. As Starlink dispatch more satellites, introduce more ground stations and improve their systems administration programming, information speed, inertness and uptime will improve significantly. For additional insights regarding them, benevolently contact their middle number or better actually check their site page. Starlink always upholds that a merchant should always provide customers with the best quality products and the best service. This longstanding commitment to the customers which Starlink serves reflects its belief that the consumer is always at its core and the consumer is always the first. With this belief, Starlink decided to offer consumers the greatest discounts and lead consumers to buy the best products with the least money. Here on HotDeals, customers can see this idea come to life. Please search Starlink Promo Codes and Coupon Codes and you will have a perfect shopping experience!

Starlink Customer Service Phone Numbers

Many consumers are unable to pose their problems on the ground due to geographic restrictions, therefore, currently the best approach for them is Starlink online customer service. Starlink online customer service is designed to help customers ease concerns in their mind to the full extent, running from color differences, quality problem and delivery, so that customers can experience the perfect consumption. If there are any questions related to these issues or any other issues, Starlink is dedicated to easing your misgivings all day long! Feel free to ask any questions! Contact information is as follows:

  • Official Website
  • Mailing Address
    1 Rocket Road, Hawthorne, California 90250, United States

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Starlink FAQ

I need to contact Starlink customer service about a problem I'm having with my order. How can I do this?

There are a couple of ways you can contact Starlink customer service. You can find the contact information on this page and either call or email the support team. It won't take long before you can get through.

Why do people call Starlink customer service?

Starlink customer service is contacted for a bunch of reasons. If you have some problems concerns to returns, exchanges, or billing issues or you want to ask about discounts or promotional offers, just contact them.

How do I get a refund from Starlink?

First of all, you need to check out the refund policy on the website of Starlink to see if your item is eligible for a refund. If yes, you can get in touch with the support team by using the contact information to get detailed instructions.

Can I make an exchange for my order at Starlink?

To start off, verify if the item can be exchanged. You can contact the online store customer service department to inform them of your intent to exchange the item. They will provide you with the necessary information to process the exchange.

What are the tips for contacting Starlink customer service?

To get your problems solved effectively, you need to get prepared beforehand. Write down your problem and the resolution you want. Also, call them during non-rush hours. Remember to use the callback service if the store has it.

Starlink Reviews & Rating

Marshal Rockafellow

Overpriced Trash

This is advertised as satellite internet not like typical satellite internet. I am writing this to tell you it is exactly like all the other satellite internet out there. (Hughes Net, Dish, Etc.) it has moments where it is okay and even good but majority of the time it is spotty and bogged down under 3-5mbps speeds. All this for the “low” price of $135 to $150 a month. Only pro compared to other providers is the setup is easy.

Sheila Osborne

Just had Starlink never worked from the…

Just had Starlink never worked from the get go and when I returned it while it was under a 30 trial. I was refunded 224.00 when I paid 281. Dollars are you kidding me the modem plug and the plug to the dish wouldn’t talk it was crap and very expensive for their system money grab. Would never recommend was at a friends who had this streaming was crappy froze most of the time wasn’t very good in my opinion. Glad I sent it back.

Alexis Noriega

I have a dish, can't reconnect, no humans work there to help

I have a dish. We paused service last year since we would be out of town for the winter, at least 6 months. Now that we are back I have spent a week trying to restart it. My satellite/hardware is no longer associated with my account for some reason. I go to restart my internet and it won't let me. I turn on my satellite and it connects and says I need to restart billing. I tried to re-link my satellite and account only for it to say my sn is not valid (I quadruple checked, its the correct input). Honestly at the end of my rope. I don't want to buy a whole new dish when service is this aweful. I have gone through every decision tree I can to fix it. It won't work, and there is no way to file a ticket, email, or call someone for help.

Andrew Gorter

Constant unexplained delays, will bill you monthly even if you haven't received the hardware!

Constant unexplained delays. They will charge your account even when they haven't delivered any of the kit yet unless you explicitly ask them not too! Incredibly dodgy.

Shayle Duckworth

Disappointing Starlink experience...

Very excitedly ordered my Starlink package on the 31st of Jan 2023. Received an email to say my equipment had been shipped and I could expect to receive it by the end of June. Have since had a number of (generic) emails, each time delaying my order by another month with no indication or guarantee that I will ever actually receive it. Am SO disappointed. I live and work in an extremely remote part of Mozambique (in wildlife conservation) and I recommended this product to a number of friends (ALL of whom purchased their Starlink kits and have since received theirs). Have emailed Starlink and their response was pretty generic as well. Very disappointing experience. Still no sign of my kit, so I guess all one can do is wait?


A recent complaint I sent.

A recent complaint I sent.

Jon Speller-Fisher

Worst Customer service I have ever experienced!

Trying to order a new connection, been waiting 3 month and still be fobbed off with various excuses. Customer service is the worst I have experienced, it swings between being ignored, automated responses and teflon staff where nothing sticks and cannot apparently help.

Acquiesce Cardinpach

Have used them for almost a year now

Have used them for almost a year now. It does tend to drop out often as expected. The main issue is that customer service is abhorrent. We have had an issue for over a month now and have messaged support 8 times with no response.

Earl Blain

After buying starlink

After buying starlink, be aware of high monthly costs, you cannot pause the basic account, starts charging right away when you order starlink,bad customer service / no customer service / only received auto replies. I live in the country and cannot say that I have better service now. I have to upgrade the account now, pay even higher monthly costs in order to be able to pause the contract!



Disappointed. Router was SIXTEEN "software updates behind," by admission of their own customer service. A second router was sent. Then a third. Plus an extra cable. We spent hours... NEVER could connect! Not once!! (Who on Earth would even sell a router that's sixteen software updates behind)? I feel I've been ripped off. Initial cost $2,600. Steep monthly service fees. Customer service: friendly but slow. Numerous mis-deliveries. Help desk tickets closed with zero follow up. No technician to service or troubleshoot the system. Customers are on their own. This was supposed to be the answer to rural Internet. But clearly NOT the answer we were hoping for.

David W.

The customer service is ridiculously…

The customer service is ridiculously slow and unresponsive. I ordered a replacement for a damaged part and it took three weeks for it to get shipped and another week for it to arrive. Customer service reps don’t give a crap about you.

Melanie Pierce

Great for rural New Zealand

We live in a remote part of the South Island and have had poor internet coverage at best, 0.5 mbps download. With no landline and reliant on Wi-Fi calling having Starlink installed was life changing in a great way. We now have over 45 Mbps download speed which is appreciated with 2 teens at home and I feel much more comfortable having a good connection for Wi-Fi calling. The app is great and the equipment is now affordable. I would highly recommend this product/service to anyone living rural.

Giorgia beretta

Inexistent Customer Service

Customer service basically doesn't exist. To be honest, is absurd that such an expensive product from such a known reputable company doesn't offer proper customer support. We sent a request last week to be able to get some additional billing information and if possible to change the billing details on the invoice and no answer. We ordered a support arm 2 weeks ago which is most probably lost (since tracking is stuck for a week) and we are unable to file a claim with DHL. We'll have to reach out to customer service but who knows when they'll be answering? In the meantime, we're paying invoices for a product we are not even using yet...what a disappointment! With a Premium product like this, customers demand a premium service so please do something and hire more people to work in the support team because this is absolutely TERRIBLE!

Ken Zuerblis

Customer service is worst I have ever seen

Did installation on April 24 and could not get to work sent in service request and took almost a month for them “Fizz” on May 21 2023 to respond. After a frustrating two weeks I did get to work and it is better then other satellite providers. But if you can’t trouble shot on your own. I have a it background in IT, Then stick with the other providers. Customer service is non existent !!!!


I requested a deposit refund over a…

I requested a deposit refund over a month ago. It took 2 1/2 weeks for them to even respond to my initial inquiry. Once they did they said my bank "denied" the refund. I contact my bank and they stated there was never any attempt to refund my money. I responded to Starlink with this information and they said they would "check with their processing center" and I have yet to hear back from them. I've messaged them two more times, no response. TERRIBLE customer service. Thank God we decided not to use them. I can only imagine the customer service if you have internet issues.

Chad Horner

Don’t waste your money

The actual internet itself is fine, when functioning. The support on the other hand is an absolute joke. I have been without internet in my house for a month now due to the router failing. The support will take days, sometimes weeks to respond, and even then they aren’t that interested in helping. They don’t give a damn. I see why Starlink gets you to buy the equipment but I’m ready to cut my losses and move on from this overpriced Elon Musk experiment. Horrible company.

Jason Richardson

Best internet service

Best internet service! Thanks!!


Absolutely excellent ISP

Very good stable high-speed service immediately after installation.

jonnry h

Excellent performance

Excellent performance, easy to install and hardware posted in a couple of days. Getting 200mb in the mountains so can't complain. Generally great experience, I would say though that the router connection on the end of the antennae is a difficult shape to get through a hole in the wall so you need to make a 2x3 inch excavation, could be lower profile.

Blood z Wolf

A lot better that viasat

A lot better that viasat, starlink is $600 for the satellite and the $110 a month and no data cap with better connection during the winter and rain and not like be viasat costing $400 and contract for 24 months And you don’t get outages every day and no contract

Chris dcb

Fantastic service

When we moved to Portugal in 2018, the only Internet provider in Alamo was MEO. They took months to install the line and offered only a slow intermittent ADSL service. The customer service was appalling. Hours of dreadful music on hold.What a relief when our “dishy” arrived. Lightening fast speed - 150 to 200 Mbps - and uninterrupted service. We now watch streamed TV without interruption from the dreaded buffering symbol and browsing is as fast as we can click.The recent changes to pricing make Starlink the best option for rural Internet in Portugal.

Mathew Long

In the countryside where BT don’t go…

We live in the countryside where BT copper cables with 1-2mb download speeds are as good as it gets. We tried 4GEE routers from EE which were a step up to 30mb but as our neighbours also started adopting this speeds started to slow down and the mast seemed to be constantly under repair. Starlink was the next obvious choice at £89 a month it’s not cheap but it is decent, 100-200mb download speeds are commonly had with excellent upload speeds. Latency is not too bad, my 3 kids are avid gamers and don’t complain. I had to buy the extension cable which wasn’t cheap so I could get the optimal satellite position on the garage roof away from trees, setting up was super-easy surprisingly, I then have it going into my old BT Mesh system (4 discs spread the WiFi around my house beautifully). Again no issues. I see reviews about customer service being an issue. I haven’t experienced this myself. I used the chat option on their app to chase my extension cable I’d ordered, as it was late arriving,

Brooke K

Extremely grateful for this company

Extremely grateful for this company. We are a rural customer and have never had internet or have been able to make phone calls until this company. We haven't had any bill increases nor have we had any internet issues.

Rob Allen

Fantastic Product

I heard about Starlink from a You Tuber - Martijn Doolaard who only mentioned it in passing as he was looking for options for his slow internet. I never even heard of it. I immediately ordered online and got the dish next day. I am in an area where I will never get fast internet and my 4G backup was also very slow.Starlink is a game changer. I have had it for over 2 months and have found the speeds to be at least 10 times faster consistantly and it is extremely reliable. Elon you are a genius.


A bit pricy but worth it if there's no other options

A bit pricy but after having terrible ADSL of <20mbps and going to 180mbps with Starlink it's completely worth it.


A bit pricy but worth it if there's no other options

A bit pricy but after having terrible ADSL of <20mbps and going to 180mbps with Starlink it's completely worth it.As long as you have no obstructions like trees in the way the signal is fine and rarely have any issues at all. I have the round "dishy", the router wasn't great but I wanted to plug my own Mesh WiFi router in anyway, no config needed it worked straight away.

Ethan Reimann

Starlink so far has been pretty great

Starlink so far has been pretty great! We switch to them from Frontier and our internet is 100% better. Their support is amazing and the internet speeds are great!

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