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Steve Madden, known for his comfortable flats and hot wedges, is one of the most common footwear brands on the feet of Hollywood celebrities, especially in street snaps. Steve Madden, based in long island, New York, is a shoe company founded in 1990 that designs and sells popular footwear for women, men and children. Founder Steve madden, an American shoe mogul known as a shoemaker, revolutionized shoe manufacturing. Inspired by rock 'n' roll and his roots in New York, Steve madden combines years of experience with unique and creative design to provide on-trend women and men with an outlet to express their individuality. His flair for fashion trends and unparalleled willpower have earned the trust of millions of global customers, turning the Steve madden brand into a real lifestyle. Currently, Steve madden shoes, handbags and accessories are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. Steve Madden is a store with a lot of returned customers and a renowned reputation. Since its establishment, Steve Madden has always adhered to the brand concept of "serving for customers", and has applied practicality and professionalism to every detail of product production. Through years of experience accumulation. Steve Madden has been able to create a personalized experience for each customer, truly achieving great value for money! Great products are directly purchased from manufacturers, with unique styles and complete sizes. There must be one suitable for you! Find and use the best Steve Madden Coupons, Promo Codes at HotDeals when you place an order.

Steve Madden Customer Service Phone Numbers

Sometimes you have to reach out to Steve Madden Customer Service in face of tricky issues about your order, account, shipping at Steve Madden. Customer service will accompany you all day. Therefore, you can be in touch with customer service at any time to place an order or ask a question through the following ways. Due to the large number of inquiries, the customer service may not reply in time, please wait patiently. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to know more details about our products, please feel free to call for more details. Our customer service number is as follows:

  • Toll-Free Number
    (888) 762-3336
  • Official Website
  • Customer Service
    (888) 526-2881
    (703) 637-0022
    (800) 426-0282
  • Mailing Address
    52-16 Barnett Ave, Long Island City, New York 11104, United States
  • Social Media Contacts

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Steve Madden FAQ

How can I get in touch with Steve Madden customer service to solve my problems?

There are a couple of ways you can contact Steve Madden customer service. You can find the contact information on this page and either call or email the support team. It won't take long before you can get through.

What problems can be resolved if I contact Steve Madden customer service?

You can solve a lot of questions by contacting Steve Madden customer service, including placing an order, asking for discounts, and anything else that is related to your order at this store.

What should I do if my call to customer service is not successful?

Don't worry if your call with Steve Madden was unsuccessful. First of all, you need to review what happened during the call. It can give you information about when to call back. Or you can use live chat or consider sending an email to the online support team.

How to return an item at stevemadden.com?

To start with, take a look at the return policy on the store website or you can contact the customer support team to discuss your return. You will need to provide them with your order number or the serial number of the product you would like to return.

If I want to cancel my order, what should I do?

To cancel an order efficiently, you can get in touch with the customer service team first to make sure your order can be canceled within a certain time frame. You can keep a record of your communication with the store in case there are any issues that need to be resolved later.

Steve Madden Reviews & Rating

Jatin Arora

Never Order Online from Steve Madden…

Ordered shoes online from Steve Madden website, which were supposed to be delivered in 3-7 business days. After 2 weeks of no email or delivery, when followed up, received an email that your size is out of stock and we will refund money in 3 days. On their website item still shows to be available. Amazing job on customer service 👏🏼


All the other reviews are right.

I ordered a size up and the shoes were WAY too small. The return policy is a joke and the support is not helpful at all.


DO NOT USE cannot get a refund had to…

DO NOT USE cannot get a refund had to refer to Paypal. never reply to emails

Sheryl Hollyoake

I could not be more disappointed with…

I could not be more disappointed with their return/replacement policy. I purchased a pair of boots in September of 2022, only 10 months ago, which have split in both heals making them unwearable.

Jo Merry

Poor Customer Service

I received a Steve Madden Purse for my birthday in January 2023 which began to fall to bits after about four months. I was late emailing the company but thought as it was faulty there wouldn't be an issue. This was the reply I received:


I won't order from Steve madden again

I won't order from Steve madden again. I pre-ordered and paid for a handbag in march. I yesterday received and email saying Unfortunately, it appears that the order is out of stock. Therefore, they aren't able to ship my parcel. Claiming due to a technical issue, the product was still available on there webshop. My order has therefore been cancelled. The email then went on to say "We hope to offer you a better customer experience in the future". WOW!!!


Do not use this site

Do not use this site. I ordered a gift for someone and it hasn’t arrived, now their birthday has been and gone! I’ve tried to contact customer service multiple times, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to speak to a human!

Stephanie Amos

I ordered a purse from the Steve Madden…

I ordered a purse from the Steve Madden Website in April, and my order still hasn’t shipped. I contacted Steve Madden, and they said they had a high volume of orders ,but going on two months to wait for a purse to ship is ridiculous. I wouldn’t order from them again.


I purchased the Rockaway white/black…

I purchased the Rockaway white/black sneakers, the shoelaces were two different lengths. One I could barely tie the other I could not tie. I called and they said I could return them and then they would see about sending another pair. I asked if they could just send me a new pair of shoelaces. That was not an option. After reading all the negative reviews I guess this will be my last purchase

Katherine Hernandez


I purchased Madden Girl boots from my local Famous Footwear on October 23rd. They both split down the middle two months in. Tried to return or exchange the shoes with a bank statement (I didn't have a receipt) and was turned away and told to call Famous Footwear. I did and had my shoes returned by the company because they were "worn" and told to contact Steve Madden. How the hell was I supposed to find a factory defect without wearing them? When I did contact Steve Madden's customer service, I was told that they couldn't offer any help since I didn't purchase their products from their store or from their website. I'm so flabbergasted and disgusted with this entire ordeal. Truly horrible. $60.04 WASTED!


Made a purchase for $120.00

Made a purchase for $120.00. Boots were not as expected. Tried to return, said they were listed final sale. I have no communication with Steve Madden stating my purchase was final sale. They are currently on sale for $79.00. Very disappointed. Really liked their shoes, but I will no longer be a supporter…Final purchase and a hard to swallow lesson🥺🥺


Negative Stars All Around

Absolutely abysmal customer experience. Ordered a pair of boots for my partner with enough time to arrive before the holidays (I paid for expedited shipping). Not only did they not arrive in time, but they arrived used. These were clearly a beaten up floor model. Not only will Steve Madden not compensate me in any way for this experience, but they want me to go out of my way to send the shoes back them at a drop-off point 20 minutes from my house in order for them to send me a new pair. They just lost a longtime customer, absolutely pathetic.

Meleah Barrow

Shoes actually arrived day of new years…

Shoes actually arrived day of new years which was perfect timing... Until they came damaged. I am still waiting for a reply back, hopefully I can get a refund back. I love Steve madden shoes , so this was quite a bummer.


“Great service!”

On December 22 I went to buy a pair of shoes my daughter wanted for Christmas but the Brea store didn't have her size. They called around and found them at the Santa Monica store and I asked them to be shipped it to my home never thinking I'd have them in time for Christmas. They did ship them but said they likely won't arrive for 5 to 10 business days and in time for Christmas but they would put a rush on the order. The shoes arrived at my home the very next day! And with free delivery! I was amazed they could get them to me so quickly and before Christmas. I really want to thank the person at the Brea store who found them and the Santa Monica store for mailing them out so quickly and for expediting delivery! Great service!

Viera F. Garcia

Awful experience shopping online

Awful experience shopping online. I had no idea they did not give any refunds if you bought something on Cyber Monday! Go figure! It's such a trap, and the delivery took over six days when the website said if was taking 3 days! DO NOT BUY ONLINE from them, is a horrible customer service experience. You are better off buying from a place that is not afraid of giving refunds when the box has not even been opened! Just Awful.

Arlethia Boykin

Sham, Scam, overseas employees The company has overseas employees who…

The company has overseas employees who very politely tell you via email and phone that they can not help you make any corrections , changes, updates to any aspect of your order whether you need to change the size, color, address etc. It's giving sham vibes. Do not support this company!!!

Angela s

- stars

If I could give - stars I would


Fast delivery. Efficient return service

Fast delivery Good quality products Fantastic and super fast return service Great choice of products

Lela Z.

“Fast & good customer service”

I bought wrong size of Revert ROSE GOLD as I present was advised by customer service return, got an return slip from them & quick refund. All I had to then do is buy new pair. Happy all around. Good quality of shoes thank you



Worst customer service experience, do not recommend at all!

Monica Holyoak

Received shoes fairly quickly they were…

Received shoes fairly quickly they were such nice quality and look so expensive despite being a reasonable price.

Pasha Brewer

Love his shoes and boots

Love his shoes and boots. But i wish he would consider boots for big calf.

Pug Lover

Very poorly made products

Purchased boots for around $130 and they fell apart after wearing them about 10 times. Very poorly made. Customer service didn't care at all. Apparently their products falling apart is so common that they can't afford to do anything about it.

Lucy Chiang

AVOID if possible...

I fess and own up to the fact that I DID purchase shoes that were non-refundable AND non-exchangeable, however, based on SM's awful price adjustment policy, they could not honor a promotion/discount code on my purchase. This is because apparently I contacted them too late on this and now I am stuck with brand new shoes that do not fit me. I believe the least they can do is just honor this exception ONE TIME so I could at least afford to resell it and take a small loss, but their rules seem pretty rigid. On a somewhat of a plus note, their reps do respond fairly quickly via email, but nobody answers the phone line... unless you absolutely know exactly what size and style of product you want, I would stay away from Steve Madden at all costs. They have cute stuff but almost everything is overpriced and aren't all that comfortable anyway. I am very disappointed as I expected a bit more leniency from a large shoe retailer.

Abigail Nurser

This is a test review.

Date of experience: April 27, 2021

Sophia C.

“Excelente shoes”

The shoes are great quality I have had mine for about 1 year and a half and they look brand new one of the best shoes I have


great customer service!

I had a problem with my order never being delivered and emailed the company right away. They got back to me right away and refunded me!!! Their customer service was excellent! I love their shoes and definitely will keep buying their products!


Steve Madden shoes: poorly made, using inferior materials.

Steve Madden shoes are stylish, and look good. It stops there. You can pay $100 and more. The materials used are cheap and inferior. Soles and heels wear off very quickly, and then you must make an expensive repair or discard the shoes. Mine lasted 3 months. Public info: Steve did prison time for his role in securities fraud. His standards are still very low, though legal: make stylish but low quality shoes of inferior materials and workmanship, and sell at higher prices. This is Steve Madden.

Nicole M.

“The only place I buy my shoes”

This company is without a doubt my favorite shoe company. Have never ordered anything online because each shoe fits a little different, so would recommend going to the store and trying on before purchasing. Love love love every pair of shoes that I have purchased. I purchase all my nice heels and sandals from this company. Extremely comfortable, at least the ones I bought, and great quality. Love this brand!

“Perfect Shoes”

Firstly I brought a Pair of Steve Madden slip on Trainers for around £70 from John Lewis and not SteveMadden.com. Online they are cheaper but there is NO SHIPPING OPTIONS TO THE UK, which is a real disappointment as they can be brought for less. (This is why one star has been deducted.) The shoes feel heavy and good quality, at first they were really stiff and hard to break into which was annoying. They are a more stylish version of "normal" trainers which I love. Overall I am really pleased with them and they are comfortable and appear to be hard wearing and are OK for the money but better value online. The shoes overall are perfect, highly recommend the brand.

Bee L.


I ordered the "Stecyy" heel on Wednesday (before 1pm) and paid for 2 day shipping but it got to my front door the next day! Shipping was great but the shoes are very expensive and sitewide coupons have a lot of exclusions

4.0 (347)

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