U-verse TV Packages Comparison

AT&T U-verse supplies 8 TV packages – U-basic, U-family, U200, U200 Latino, U300, U300 Latino, U450 and U450 Latino. Since some of you find it difficult to tell the differences among these packages and have no idea which one is the best for yourselves, here we make a U-verse TV packages comparison to help you get your ideal one.

U-verse TV channel lineup comparison:

As it displays in the following form, visibly U450 series have the maximum channels including regular channels, HD channels and premium ones; only Latino series have Spanish language channels; U300 has The Movie Package, while U200, U-family and U-basic just include local and regular channels. In short, U300 or higher packages is a better choice for movie lovers; Latino series cuts out for Paquete Español fans; while U-family is a good choice for family and most people. Order U-verse TV online with discounts and activation fee credit.

U-basic U-family U200 U300 U450 U200 Latino U300 Latino U450 Latino
Channels (peak) Local Channels 130 280 360 440 330 410 480
Local and U-verse Information Channels
The Movie Package

HBO and Cinemax Packages

The Sports Package

HD Channels

Paquete Español

If you’re an existing U-verse customer and want to get access to more channels, you should add premium packages.

U-verse TV prices comparison:

In fact, U-verse offers discounts for new residential U-verse customers, so you will get your TV package at a promotional rate for half a year, while existing users can consider upgrading to a higher package at a cheap price. Actually, U200 Latino, U300, U300 Latino have relatively higher cost performance for they include some hot packages, and the prices are affordable.

U-basic U-family U200 U300 U450 U200 Latino U300 Latino U450 Latino
For New U-verse Customers (6 mo.) $19/mo. $29/mo. $44/mo. $59/mo. $91/mo. $54/mo. $99/mo. $131/mo.
Regular Price $19/mo. $62/mo. $77/mo. $92/mo. $124/mo. $84/mo. $99/mo. $131/mo.

About AT&T U-verse DVR:

U-verse Total Home DVR is included in all U-verse TV plans excluding U-basic. It makes TV watching more freely and relaxing than other traditional TV services for its advanced features: pause a live TV anytime and start or rewind it then on any connective TV in your home; record up to 4 programs (4 SD programs or 2 HD and 2 SD programs) simultaneously with storage of up to 233 hours SD recording, 65 hours HD recording, or any combination of the two, and you can arrange, classify or delete them at will.

AT&T U-verse TV Coupons:

As U-verse is available among select states in the United States, play it safe and check availability.

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